. *    (please!)


Well, the family visit was great.  The Birthday Party was great –  and so fun and wonderful to see  my dearest friends!          (photos coming)      Big explosion on the sun on my birthday too!!!   Solar storm arriving soon!

This was the birthday that I really needed a little support.    I’m not really vain about my age,  but this one . . .  well, this one portends a little more than just  “more wrinkles.”   I will have to admit to having used up more than half my life span.   Quite a bit more.

So,  what else?       ENIAC was born the same year I was.  It was  30′ by 50′  big!     So no wonder I like computers –  we both got our start in the same year.

MENSA was created when I was born.   Not “for” me – hah!     But . . .  I could . . .  I could look into it if I thought it was important.    (It’s not, really.)

The BBC began its regular television broadcasting.    See?  I’m not that old!   There was television!

Hmmm . . .  first use of the microwave oven.   But I don’t use one.

The bikini was invented and first worn in Europe.   Hmmm.   Don’t use those anymore either.    You can get into a little trouble with that one.      Hubbie wanted to keep me for himself.     And I agreed, then.

United Nations began and UNICEF established.   Hmmm.     With objectives diametrically opposed to decent people everywhere.    It’s  “for the children,” they said.      Oh, my;  they lie;  children die.   

Tupperware is marketed to Americans the year I was born!    It was created by Earl Tupper a few years before,  but Americans had to be taught how to use it.  Two years later they came up with the idea of having “Tupperware Parties.”   Cute.

The average home cost about $1500 and gasoline cost 15 cents per gallon!


My birth date has some interesting things too:     Kevin Mitnick was indicted on this date.  Maximum sentence could have been 200 years!!!    Nice they let him out sooner, and he’s now using his “skills”  for the good of society.    This isn’t the famous Captain Crunch, just so you know.   That man has a different name,  different “crime.”

St. Alphonsus Liguori was born on this day.      A helpful and holy man.

The Jesuits began on this day.   They were pretty good from the 16th to the 19th centuries.    Trustworthy,  faithful, very well-educated, dedicated . . .   Perhaps someone will return the Jesuits to their integrity some day in the future.

St Cosmos and St Damian were killed today.  Brothers and doctors.    Born in Arabia.   They did retain their integrity and faithfulness to Jesus Christ.   And died for it.  270 A.D.   Tied up and drowned.    I guess they’re still doing that to Christians over there, seventeen and a half centuries later.

Hah!   Lou Gehrig hit his first home run on this day in 1923.    He also hit his last home run on this day,  1938! 

“Queen Elizabeth launched on this day.”     That would be the ship . . . .

So fun!     Take time to find out what happened on your birth date too!   It’s a bit humbling.   YOU are not the most notable thing to happen on your birthday!!




But still,  don’t forget that you are the reason a Man died on the Cross.    He chose to do that, out of love for you personally.    You are pretty important.

And that makes life – and death –  worth it all.



.*      Please:


Unless we do something,   we lose the Internet as we know it, on October 1.

Contact your Congressional representatives, I guess.



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