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October 31, 2016

Name that one clean uncorrupted department in government .  .  .


Simmering, simmering, simmering . . .

Honestly,  I woke up this morning and wrote FOUR angry posts . . .   but  it’s always good to cool down before you hit that “Publish”  button.

So I turned down the heat to Simmer, and went on off to my Monday class —  where I learned a thing or two from my people there.    Good class,  guys;  good questions.  Now I’m the one with homework to do!

bear-claw-70 And it’s hard to remain at full boil when the Bears played so well tonight.  Mr. “Arm Like A Cannon”   Cutler finally got back into the game  –  and he did well!

Go Bears!      Go    Chi – –

Chicago.      City of my childhood.    The weekly “weekend report”  tells us  “17 dead from gunshots,  40 wounded.”    You don’t think it’s “poor people”  doing it to each other, do you?     Poor people aren’t automatically immoral and murderous.    Poor people struggle with their poverty, they don’t naturally turn on each other.

All these gunshots in a city which has the strictest, most restricting gun laws in the nation.

What’s doing it?    Al Capone and Frank Nitti are gone.    The Italian families don’t have the power to tone things down anymore.   The Irish gangs are gone.  The Jewish gangs are gone.   The Puerto Ricans are gone.    Mayor Daley and the traditional Democrats are gone.

Welcome to the New Chicago reality.    The Alinsky-ites have been steadily moving in and now, decades later, we have some obvious results.    Just draw a direct line from the actual   Marxists infiltrating the University of Chicago,   1910-1950,  changing the culture there   forever.   You get no promotions, no positions, no power unless you’re one of them.

You don’t even get to publish your ideas if you don’t toe the party line.

“The end justifies the means.”    “Lying is good for the Cause.”    “Create a social crisis and then use that crisis to  insert your (marxist)  goals.”  Remember:  “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

Lie, lie, lie to the people;  as  R.oyal  C.lintoness has said in a recently exposed email,   they’ve  got to get those   “F*-ing  young people on their side.”   So much for  respect for the Millennials.   She, a top disciple of Saul Alinsky.  He had plans  to hire  her  for a big position in Chicago politics.

She was on to something bigger, in her mind.   A bigger pond to scum up.

Read Rules for Radicals.     If you do not,  you won’t have any way to understand what’s going on, because these Alinsky-ites who created the Chicago Pond Scum that overflows into Washington DC  have learned how to get the upper hand, now, and they have corrupted everything everywhere they have seeped into.   Draw the straight line.  And watch American values being consumed by the Scum.

“Create a crisis . . .”      Break up Americans into separate demographic groups and pit them against each other.    Make up new ones and pigeonhole people into new categories.  Enlist the aid of the (also) Leftist entertainment-news media and make it seem as though Americans are fighting Americans.   It’s good entertainment.  Our emotions are aroused.  We’re  “open”  to marxist solutions.

And then . . .   then . . .  when  your fellow-Alinsky-ites get power in our nation’s capital,   then use all the agencies,  the departments,  the regulatory boards to advance the noble  marxist, globalist Cause.

Name  ONE department in our nation’s capital which they have not corrupted or put corrupt officials into, or are beginning to corrupt by promises, quid pro quos,  pressure, and intimidations, and the flow of money.     Name ONE.   I can’t find one yet.  I couldn’t find anywhere where the governing hands that we rely on are not corrupted by the presence of these people.

Go back to Chicago.   Who do you thing is doing all this shooting?    Oh,  some bad guys.  Some  “poor people” who have been radicalized and have been taught that the “system” is against them so they have to shoot out at people.

But, no.  There’s another source –  (and because of the new regulations coming down on Internet users, I’m going to choose not to link to these sources or post photos or quotations. )

Just simply,  to summarize,  you can research this yourself,  there is the deliberately encouraged proliferation of gangs from south of the border into our urban areas, including Chicago, but also including some of the “mildest”  cities you can think of,  like  Lincoln, NE, for instance which I have to drive through occasionally.   It’s not the Bloods and the Crips.     It’s some of the most vicious drug cartels you can’t even ever imagine.    They leave a trail of mutilated corpses behind,  burned, dismembered,  half-eaten (yes,  eaten!),    not just killed but tortured in horrific  ways – and they make their progress across territories . . .

Can’t we stop them?    It’s an invasion into our peaceful country.  Can’t we stop them?

steam-kettle   Here’s where the steam kettle starts boiling again.    Our deeply corrupted Agency that’s  supposed to Enforce our Drug laws and protect Americans from the stream of drugs into our country has made deals with the drug cartels – according to various reports, and according to one inner-Agency whistleblower who just reported out this past weekend (so multiple sources);  deals by which we will allow the a majority of drug activity to continue, including the transport of heroin and cocaine INTO our country – we will allow this –  and they will permit our Agency to stop and arrest a very much smaller percentage of what we actually catch.

How’s that for CAUSING a crisis?   In Chicago these are drug turf wars;  cartel enforcers;   drugs, drugs, drugs,  and drugs from foreign countries.

A trillion dollars worth of poppy crops grown in Afghanistan, for instance,  according to international auditors.       A trillion dollars?

Do the Afghani people seem like rich people to you?

Election 2016:    Continued Corruption of the Elite Establishment?


An  outsider,  non-politician,  who has outlined a very  possibly personally dangerous  course promising to confront  this whole problem.

(For the cynics:  he has a track record of appointing the  best,  most experienced people to get a job done.     Experienced drug enforcement agents and border people –  experienced,  though handcuffed and dismayed for the past several years.  They’re  ready to do their job!)

If America elects the Continued Corruption of the Elite,    it won’t not change anything.    The problem  grows and it will spread everywhere.













October 31, 2016

This is Topic #3 of my “Interlude”  in my angry countdown of days until the election results are in;  and though it’s  a happy interlude,  it has some bearing on our upcoming election.

Today is one of my favorite days in the entire Liturgical calendar  –


It’s  the day the Church celebrates Christ the King !!     

I write often about our “Rulers,” meaning those unelected powerful people who make the important decisions about our nation,  our government, and our very lives.   They are super rich, super powerful, and they pull the strings of most of the officials that (we think) we elect.   They give some elected officials so much money and so much protection that these office holders sometimes seem to be above the Law.

But they themselves,  those “Rulers,”  are merely players in this world’s human drama and they  act only with the authorities and abilities given to them by our Creator and only for His purposes.

It happens like this:   The Creator, a Living Being Whom we know is of Love,  existed, always.    And since “Love is diffusive of itself,”  the Creator  created.      He “thought things   up”  and then He loved the idea of those things  and then He made them to be.

He is outside the created material world;  outside of it and independent of it.   You’re here because He first loved you, and then you were made to be.     It’s complicated, at least for us.

Things are as they are because He is the Designer and Creator and Presider, or Ruler, over everything that is.   And then, when His own creation defies Him,  He is the Savior of His own creation.    No matter how it appears to us in time,  it will all be His in the end.

Thus,  ultimately,   He is the  Ruler of all the Rulers;  He is their King, and that makes Him King of all the kings of the world.

No one has the ability to affirm this or deny this.     No one was there at the beginning.

No one but Christ,  the “Son” of God;   Christ the Right Hand of God;   Christ the King.



October 30, 2016

(Happy Interlude Topic #2)

You’ve seen the photos during the past few decades:


Devil’s Night !!

It’s a not-so-fun night of mayhem and madness – and arson, first held in Detroit on the night before Halloween, and then spreading to other “inner urban”  city arenas.   I don’t know whose brilliant idea it was to start the tradition,  but it has resulted in the loss of many businesses and homes, and when you add the gunshots,  loss of life too.

Every October 31st we’d wait to hear the news of just how bad it was during the night before.

Well,  this year I woke up to the Detroit radio station having a discussion  about something new.  “Angel’s Night.”    This is a grass roots type of activity started by some Detroit citizens who were tired of having their hometown trashed in reality and by reputation;  so  a group of them met together and made a plan.

For the past few years,  and this year,  this group forms citizen patrols, in coordination with the Detroit City police,  and they inform residents of safety tips for October 30th, including keeping outdoor house lights on all night.

Whatever all the things are that they do,  it’s been working.   Crime is down on October 30th, and little or no arsons committed.

That’s all.     Good citizens rising up to fight against crime in their local area.

Push-back.        They pushed back against the criminals.

And it’s working.


We can do it!!


October 30, 2016

This is a bit of an interlude – a time-out from my steaming mad posts . . .   Because there is evidence of effective push-backs and today,  three interesting areas.  Three related topics.

 Topic # 1  –    This post   –  – The Trump Family.

See this lady?


I don’t know her name (and an unexpected Microsoft update took away my notes.)   She lives around Mesa, Arizona.     Very, very hot day in the desert and her car broke down, in the middle of the road.  Traffic backed up behind her.   She is hot,  thirsty, and pretty upset.   She’s phoned for help.

The car right behind her was a big car,  on its way to some “important”  place;  and one of the men in it jumped out –  the other passengers saying “No!  No!”  —   but he jumped out anyway and spoke to the lady, and before you  knew it,  that man was helping to push her car out of the way, onto the side of the road.     Good thing he was wearing jeans.

Then the man, knowing that a wrecker would take a while to arrive,  went back to his car and took out ALL the bottles of drinking water from his car and gave them to her, because she was going to get pretty hot in the Arizona desert.

Much to the lady’s surprise,  the man turned out to be the son of  Donald Trump.     She said no one would believe her story,  so Mr. Trump   happily agreed to have some photos taken with her.

It’s nothing unusual to the Trump family ethics.    Born with a “silver spoon in his mouth”?    Maybe.    But neither he nor his father were treated that way.

Because of recently being in the spotlight and having his personal activities reported on, we are finding out story after story of Donald Trump giving out large amounts of money to individuals in need whom he comes across, randomly.   He doesn’t seek them out;  he doesn’t seek public knowledge of these personal donations.

Donald Trump has a “star” in Hollywood,  you know the kind that celebrities get.  He became a celebrity as America counts celebrity.  I’ve never watched his television show, but I think he might have gotten his star for that.

And to answer my friends who truly believe the entertainment-news media opinion that “Trump followers cause violence,”  I wonder if you’ve been told that an angry, arrogant Hillary supporter  defaced the Star of Donald Trump.    Some people tried to protect it from further damage,  but only one lady stayed for a long time.  Turns out she was a homeless woman.     She was attacked and beaten up by . . .    Hillary supporters.

She was missing for  a little while,  then found, treated and released, as they say,  but last I heard she went “under the radar;  and finally the ones who beat her up were arrested.

That’s NOT the end of the story.   Donald Trump is offering a substantial reward of some kind TO the homeless woman.   As his friends know,  he likes to take people who are having a hard time and personally give them help of a kind that he is able to deliver.  Not always cash money.

The help offered usually greatly benefits the person, except in the case of one young lady who was being used by the Leftists to make a case against Trump –  a certain, what, Miss Universe?  who had trouble with her weight . . .   and Trump offered her help in this area     . . .    Well, the facts have been so muddied and distorted now  —

We all should offer our help,  but there’s no guarantee that your help will be received in the way it was  intended –  and third parties watching on can really become your enemies.

The spontaneous stories that are told by people who know Donald Trump describe him as generous, kind,  he listens to people,  sometimes taking their advice,  he’s “a perfect gentleman,”  I’ve seen more than once . . .

And oddly –   he doesn’t smoke, do drugs, or drink alcohol.

(Contrast this to the Poor Sick Woman who is known to be frequently drunk in the daytime, with plenty of accompanying photos through the past years,  and whose aides wonder how soon they ought to get her “sobered up”  for the next event,  and who today —  Sunday!  —  directed her campaign from a Florida bar –  a serving-alcohol  type of bar.)

I don’t want my president having to work her way out of a hangover when that Red Telephone rings.   I don’t want my president having to be “sobered up”  before she meets some world leader.      I’ve had only one hangover in  my life, a very long time ago, when my new husband wanted me to be more like his friends and  gave me something I didn’t know what it was.

I couldn’t manage my own household the next day, let alone my own country!

I suspect there are a lot of good secrets we haven’t been told about Donald Trump.  He himself is like the rest of us:    He pushes back against the trouble he sees.    He learns,  he absorbs information from situations around him,  he evolves,  he improves, he changes his mind carefully.      We do this too;  we want to be better now than we were before.

He’s from New York.   He “talks”  differently from the rest of us.    Blunt.  Plain.  To the point.   Rudely, it seems to the rest of us.    Because he thinks being politically correct is phony.

I think so too.



10. STEAM KETTLE DAYS -“If I Had A Hammer . . .”

October 29, 2016

How do you feel inside when you have a close encounter with a policeman?

“IF I  HAD A HAMMER . . . Hmmm – hmm -hm – hm – hm – hmmmmm – hm . . ..



“If I had a  ham-mer,    (and an FBI subpoena) –  I’d  hammer all my Black-berries . . .

“I’d make them all-lll . . .  just dis – sah –  apeerrr . . .”



She can just keep singing.     I believe the count is  she hammered away 13 Blackberries,  two laptops,  and  used an extremely expensive and complicated software practice called “bleaching”  to make  those 33,000 emails disappear too.  (Who paid for that software?  That’s not even common among government offices or hackers.)

If  you’re Important,  if you’re one of the Elite,  if you’re very, very Rich,  and if you’re above the law,  then you don’t worry about your “hammer.”

I usually manage to stay out of trouble.   Ha ha  —


That’s my blue car in the parking lot after class on Friday.

It was the police blocking me in:


A little disconcerting to come upon a police bike and people standing near your car, talking to  a policeman.  I was pretty sure I hadn’t done anything wrong,   and indeed it was two people who had a collision in the parking lot right next to my car.     I commiserated with the one of the drivers for a while, while I was being blocked in by the police bike.

I  thanked my “lucky stars”  that my car was undamaged – and that the policeman didn’t want to talk to me.   (I wasn’t there;  I couldn’t have been a witness…)

I respect the police;  I know they represent legitimate authority over us;   and I wouldn’t ever do anything knowingly to get into trouble.

In other words –   I DON’T   have  a hammer.      Like  R.oyal   C.lintoness has. 

And neither do you.

And nor should any American citizen who is under the SAME laws as all the rest of us.

Election 2016:   Law-abiding  versus Lawlessness.


10. STEAM KETTLE DAYS – Merely Symbolic?

October 29, 2016

steam-kettle “Woe unto those who  call evil good and good evil. . . .”

  We have so little time left . . .  and the ones I love are going to fall under that  rapidly approaching time of woe.



What I had thought . . .


. . .  was that these flies landing on her . . . without her even noticing


. . .  were supposed to be symbolic:    –


Beelzebub,  Lord of the Flies,  ancient Philistine god, is just a symbol of the Ruler of other gods.      (Psalm 95:5 – “All the gods of the pagans are demons.“)

Just merely symbolic.

 But what do I know.

There will be a final show-down, a Final Battle, and it’s called the Time of Woe.      If there are not enough people pushing back against corruption and evil and indifference to God,  my loved ones will be caught up in this Time of Woe.

And that makes me really steam-kettle mad. 


(It can’t just be her really thick camera make-up because these flies land elsewhere.  But I cannot even show all the sickening photos of flies landing on the face of the Barack Hussein person.   Too icky.)

10. STEAM KETTLE DAYS – Humatics

October 29, 2016



I’m steam kettle mad –  steam blowing out my ears mad –  because TODAY should be a purely wonderful exciting peak-of-the-season  FOOTBALL  day!!!

Just about every state in the union has that major Fall college football rivalry day when the two main rival teams of the state meet for the Match of the Year.

scanner   Today’s the day.  Our streets tonight,  midnight or so now,   are already crowded with students.  I am listening to the police scanner, and they are busy!    In the background I can hear crowds of students, partying and . . .   well,  needing a police presence for one reason or another.

I’ll watch the game tomorrow.   Of course.   But also on my mind this year will be the shock of knowing that some people in my immediate vicinity will be voting to continue and further strengthen the absolutely evil corruption that has embedded itself into our federal government.

Won’t be pure, unadulterated football fun.



I wrote about corruption in the last post.  Let me give one detail in this post.    It’s the corruption of what I will name “Humatics.”    The process by which a corrupt person is protected,  coddled,  aided and abetted, so that the whole corrupt system can continue.

Start with the husband and his cell phone.   Texting naked pictures of himself.  Texting sexual images to an underage young lady, with photos that “make a point,”  so to speak.  With his infant son by his side.    (Now,  why is he allowed to continue on? )    This Corruption of a Minor continues because of the indifference of  a corrupt justice system.

So what?   Well,  the wife uses her own cell phone, and has at times in the recent past used the husband’s cell phone.   Her wife has received texts and emails containing  Confidential and Top Secret information – on her cell phone and several times on his!

(Against federal law, if you’re paying attention.)

These emails are sent back and forth from his cell phone to hers,  but all the confidential information originates from   R.oyal    C.lintoness,  the Poor Sick Woman.      It can happen because this wife states that she was 19 years old when she  met HRC — and has never left her side since!      She is trusted.

Huma is her name,  and “closest aide” is her game.   She is a Muslim woman,  associated with the Muslim Brotherhood,  an internationally recognized Terrorist Group.   She and her family are allied with a named terrorist group!

Huma’s father, Syed Z. Abedin ,  got  his PhD at the University of Pennsylvania,   where in his doctoral dissertation put forth the thesis that Thomas Jefferson was WRONG.   President Jefferson should not have opposed the Barbary pirates ( a chief concern among nations in those days,  cutting into trade and economic health of non-Muslim nations.)  Barbary pirates are, of course,  devoted Muslims,  and  “Dr.”  Abedin states that the United States of America should have paid the JIZRAH (tax)   demanded of them to the Barbary pirates –  the United States of America should have accepted their dhimmitude,  way back in Jefferson’s day.  I guess we’re a couple hundred years late on that.

Doesn’t sound like the attitude of the Moslems have changed much since those times.   America is at fault, according to them.    (More about this in later steam-kettle posts.)

And Huma (Abedin)  is one of them.   Closest Aide to HRC,  never far from her side.   Aiding her.  Protecting her.  Managing her.  Keeping her going.   She is the one who asked other assistants:  “Hillary has a meeting this evening.  It’s 3:30.  Should we start sobering her up now?”

Huma,  hiding habitual daytime drunkenness.

Here are some more worrisome words from Huma, protecting HRC:    Top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin said in 2015, after the campaign began, that Clinton will “stick a little closer to her notes this time because she  is still not perfect in her head.”       Thereby acknowledging the disease or disability that caused the frequent falls and the resulting bad concussion or two; lingering brain injury.

Not too long ago it was reported that Huma often has to assist Hillary on the telephone, reminding Hillary who she is talking to and what the issues are.     Thanks.

While we appreciate the Humatics involved in keeping Hillary apparently “on her feet,”  it is legitimate to wonder what other kinds of influences Huma has on her.


It isn’t that Huma is ambitious for herself.   Huma is ambitious for her religion.   Huma is Hillary’s  “closest aide.”

The Muslim Brotherhood is a movement that promotes Islamists and Islamism  around the world,   sure.   But it’s  also a useful and effective tool used by the Global Socialists to cause enough disorder and unrest in Western nations to allow for the implementation of Global Governance.

I’m steaming mad that so many people don’t know about all this, and when they learn,  will vote to continue this kind of corruption.

Election 2016:   Globalists versus   the United States of America.



11. STEAM KETLE DAYS – Corruption

October 28, 2016

Corruptis optime pessima.   Pessima!  

Remember that.    If you’ve been adequately educated in line with Western Civilization,  you’ll recognize that statement.


These are  my “steam kettle days.”     Not that pretty steam kettle.   The anger is just steaming out both my ears.


I ally myself with the eternal God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob,  and the Christian Church (as it is traditionally known).   He said:    ” I know the thoughts that I think toward you,   thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you hope and a future.”     (Jeremiah 29:11)    Some of you will hear Readings in your churches on Sunday that tell you that God didn’t make anything that He hates –  He loves all the things He created.    He doesn’t want us to live in evil.

Not “thoughts of evil,”    but to give us hope and a future.   He teaches us thoughts like love,  justice, peace,  kindness,  honesty,  duty,  piety,  responsibility,  hope for a better future,  high moral standards,   modesty and chastity,   health,   dedication,  reliability . . .

These are the optimal,   “best”  qualities that human beings have always esteemed.

Now,   Corruptis optime   —  corruption of the best.    Take all the things we need for a nation which relies upon self-government,  government of the people,  by the people, and for the people —  WE   tell US  the best way to govern OURSELVES —  Americans like to think this is the best way to be governed.

But our Founding Fathers warned us we can govern ourselves only if we are a people of the BEST qualities.

Corrupt those qualities,  corrupt the people in government so that they no longer represent the best qualities — and what do you get?      Pessima.

“Corruption of the best is the worst.”

The WORST thing we can do to ourselves is to ELECT those evil, corrupt politicians who have embedded themselves into our highest offices, and surrounded themselves with a strong shield of bureaucrats who will protect them against all opposition.



The Poor Sick Woman has so corrupted the system  that she is almost invincible.     Government bureaucrats and officeholders are so beholden to her that they will protect her.   The entertainment-news media promotes and protects her;  97% of them vote for her and donate lots of money to her.

(97+%  of people who live around Washington DC donate to her and will vote for her.)

The Justice Dept.  is so intimidated by her protectors that their own reputations have been tarnished.      This woman can commit a list of offenses against US laws and statutes,  while in office,  and the Justice Department is unable to bring her to justice.    That’s the corruption of the Justice system.

Foreign  governments,  foreign officials,  and foreign and domestic corporations know just how much to “donate”  to her in order to get access and approval for their needs.

The growing dictatorial world government knows they can count on her – to work for them and to cover up their designs.

Her people, her kind of corrupt political people,  are in most places of authority and influence now.  Only if you are in agreement with her can you receive the freedoms and  benefits that are supposed to be afforded to ALL citizens.    Half the citizens of this country have discovered that they are the kind that are EXCLUDED.

Anyone who is not on board with her power trip, including past good presidents, are deeply maligned.    Character assassination.   Politics of Personal Destruction.    Why do I even mention this point?   Because someone recently told me to my face that it is her political opponents who set out to destroy the character of everyone in her party,  not her party’s practice itself.   And this was spoken as though genuinely believed.    They disregard the origin of that political principle that originated a little more than 20 years ago by that Woman’s party.

And I’m steaming mad because factual evidence to the contrary is ineffective.

We are talking to people who have been politically made deaf.  Their hearing is corrupted.  “Itching ears,”  the Bible says – they’ll hear only what they want to hear.

These are good people.   But:    Corruptis optime pessima.

It’s true every time.

It is honesty and decency,  a commitment to truth and justice and fairness,  all those “best”  qualities that could keep our nation strong – and keep us safe.

Vote to continue this corruption.   Or vote to try to try to try to end  it.

11. STEAM KETTLE DAYS — 1st a Foundation

October 28, 2016

(Of  Jude, Simon,  Evaristus, and Frumentius)

I’m writing these next blog postings for ME !    I want to remember in the years to come just why I am so spittin’ steamin’  angry.    MAD.     Like a “mad dog”  mad.


Whoa.   That’s a way too pretty steam kettle for how I feel.

I’m writing against a whole lot of kinds of people –   I’ll get to the rest of you –  but right now against all you weak, panty-waist, effeminate, sold-out,  uneducated (and I mean that one!),  social justice warrior catholics and catholic-type priests who are getting money, prestige, attention, and privileges because you  write in your sermons and newspaper articles and internet comm boxes words that do not nor never have represented the Church that you hide your marxist, anti-american,  anti-humanity, global governance-dictatorship opinions  behind.

Don’t you dare ever  throw into my face your Gentle Jesus Loves Peace and No Conflict So No One Should Oppose You   attempt   to shut up actual, thinking people!!!!

The real Jesus has a word or two for you:  “Depart from me,  I NEVER knew you!”   These priests and religious leaders are GOATS and they’re going where goats go.  How’s that for a Gentle Jesus Submit to the Leftists type of Judgment Day?


So here’s my foundation.  Here’s where I stand.   People have died for this stand.

I am IN a 2,000 year old Church.   The one represented by that fishing boat that Jesus got into whenever He wanted to preach offshore or whenever He wanted to cross the Sea to do His works of mercy on the other side.   Of all the fishermen available,  He jumped into Peter’s  boat.   Undeniable.

Jesus chose to stay in Peter’s house when He set up headquarters on the shoreside village of Capernaum.      Peter’s house.

He told Peter to feed His lambs when He’s gone;   feed His sheep. . . .  The others are fed.

Who ran to the empty tomb first?   John.   Who stepped aside so Peter could be the first to enter?  John stepped aside.   Peter, their leader,  was the first to enter.

I’ll stop there,  I know all the rest of the times He chose Peter to lead, to be the spokesman for,  to make the statements and announcements.    It may not mean anything to a lot of people,  but it means a lot to me,  a historian (sort of historian).  I want the real thing.

Peter’s name means Rock.     Not his faith.    Him, himself.  Peter is the Rock  while Jesus is away.


There has been NO breach and NO break in the teachings since those early days 2,000 years ago.

Interesting that certain days on the calendar occurred this week –  I find them a  consolation and a confirmation.      So . . .  we just had the feast day today of Sts.  Jude and Simon.   Two relatives of the actual Jesus who became his disciples,  loved Him and came to understand Who He actually is.    They spent the rest of their lives telling other people about Jesus and setting up local churches that were associated with the chief of the Apostles –  Peter.

Undeniable and historical –  even to evangelicals.   These two saints died as martyrs  — probably in Persia   ( the fierce Iran of today).

Next came the feast day of Pope St.  Evaristus.   Ever heard of him?   He is the fifth leader of the Church in Rome.     Peter, then Linus, then Cletus,  then Clement,  and then Evaristus.   We KNOW their names and we KNOW what kinds of things they accomplished and we KNOW that each of these died as martyrs.      We KNOW from contemporary writings and descriptions…..

Every time we go to Mass we HEAR these names read out to us.  Oh, not the 200+  names,  but these names,  and after Clement the list skips over to some of the most important ones throughout history    We KNOW all the popes’ names.   So, every time, every Sunday, every Mass . .  .   This 2,000 year old Church has a history that doesn’t change and has teaching that don’t change,  and we are anchored in actual human history.

Saints Simon and Jude were in the mid-first century.   Pope Evaristus, with the same teachings,  same understanding of Jesus,   lived towards the end of the first century, beginning of the second century.

Believe me,  had the teachings changed from the time of Jesus in just one small IOTA,  I would not be in this Church.

Just after Evaristus we had the feast day of St.  Frumentus who together with his brother suffered a “hijacking” of the ship they were in by Ethiopian warriors.  All the adults on the ship were killed and Frumentius and his brother were taken into captivity and used as slaves to the Ethiopians.    The young boys,  Frumentius and his brother,    kept the faith associated with Peter!     How is this possible for young boys,  given what a mess we have made of our youth today,  treating them as “children”  without brains — or consciences?

They lived in the mid fourth century –  and they believed in the same things that had always been taught in the Christian Church, right from the beginning.   Continuity of doctrine1      Actually, the brothers had  an interesting life,  worth knowing,  and, of course, then, both were martyred.

This historic Church which has carried on the knowledge about Jesus,  the Gospel,  has now,  recently,  become  under the public influence of numerous people who have an interest in propounding a “new Gospel” — and “new message”  and certainly a different one from that which was given throughout history.
These are teachings of the new marxist theologians who look like this,  externally or internally:


Fried brains.

The new version of the Church which is everywhere, it seems, and is all over the news media,   has made a sharp LEFT turn into social justice leftist marxism,  and is subject to all the evils that marxism has brought to us.   And they are being richly rewarded for doing so.

And what of the “catholics” in this new version of the Church?    I’ve had these people tell me – to my face – that we must toss away the traditional teachings of the Church and get with the modern (leftist)  and murderous, dictatorial agenda.


Goats supporting those who wear the jackboots.

They plan to vote in this election to keep the  astonishingly corrupt, dictatorial, elite, politicians in office.       You know, the ones who will deny you your fundamental constitutional rights when it conflicts with their own self-interest and with the flow of money and power into their hands.

Know this.   The actual Catholic Church still exists.   There is a small number of Catholics who have not left the Church,  internally or externally.      You won’t find that out from a corrupt, compromised media which itself donates and votes for,  97% of them,  the corrupt political elite which has brought shame and embarrassment to our nation.

Push back this election?


Effective pushback against you leftist social justice priests who have disgraced your Church and let your people down?  (Vote for Hillary and her corrupt crew because she gives us lots of money for receiving our enemy-invaders called “migrants.”)     (Vote for Hillary because we can’t be one-issue people and save tens of thousands of lives of the people soon to be born.)      (Voter for Hillary because she will –  what?   Bring us Nuclear War with her threats against Russia and China  and enabling Iran to complete their nuclear weapon development?    the ones who promise to nuke us . . .)

Probably not possible.



October 27, 2016



Bananas.  We take them for granted.   Not everyone eats them regularly but few people really hate them.   I’ve read that they are so rich in nutrients that instead of “An apple a day . . .”  it should be  “A banana a day . . .”       Keep those doctors away with high nutrition-dense foods!


They say there used to be over a hundred varieties of bananas grown in equatorial regions — a rich “cornucopia”  of just bananas!       ( I love the little red bananas, myself.   Creamy, smooth fragrant sweetness!)


Bananas were grown in individually-owned little banana groves,  harvested,  hauled to steamers or boats,  and then shipped all over the world.

banan-bunch  When I was young,  the “bunches”  were put in large crates, transported in those crates, and then brought to our supermarkets.

Occasionally my mother would hear about or read in the newspaper about a housewife who had taken home a small bunch of bananas, only to have a tarantula-type spider crawl out of one of the bananas.   Apparently there are spiders who like to build nests in banana bunches.

To this day I am cautious about picking up a small bunch of bananas!!

(Even though I know it is nearly impossible for a spider to last today’s  packing and shipping treatments, as well as living through the chemical  fertilization and poisonous fumigations that crops have to go through today.)

Here’s where we begin to question a banana.    Banana,  what are you?   Are you descended from any bananas that used to grow in the real world?


You see, the corporate factory farms moved down to banana growing areas like Central America and discovered that if you could tinker with the DNA of a banana, you could create a very hardy and profitable banana-type fruit.   Oh, its a “banana,”   but the local people no longer own and run the banana groves, and there is no profitable reason why so many different varieties should be grown.

Questioning the corporations:

Two problems:    Today,  scientists fear that because there are so much fewer varieties of bananas in the world today,  that one bug, one virus,  one unfortunate circumstance could wipe out nearly all of our bananas – forever.    We are uncreating Creation.

Why no respect for the product you have created?

The second problem is that  very rich people associated themselves with the food corporations and then grew even richer.     Not many middle class farm owners or farm workers were left.      The rich got richer and the poor got poorer.

Of course, this was against the existing laws,  so . .  .  the laws got corrupted.  The justice system got corrupted.   The rich got richer and the poor got poorer –  and  were jailed if they protested – and tortured – and imprisoned – and killed.

Thus, a dictatorship was formed.  An oligarchy.   A tyranny.    A Banana Republic.     A Banana Republic with high rates of incarceration,  corruption and corrupt alliances between the big food and shipping corporations and  the  government figures.   The “common people”  became underpaid or unemployed,  which gave rise to increasing disease,  infant mortality,  a high death rate.

Why were the society and culture allowed to break down?   Who is left to care about the people?

No one;    no one in a position of authority.

That is a Banana Republic.   The rich make each other richer.  They are above the law.   They intimidate and persecute those who oppose them.   They break laws and no one takes them to court.   The Department of Justice is working with the corrupt officials.   The news media supports the corrupt Rulers and try to make them look good.

An election may have helped.   If the election system itself is not affected by a Banana Republic type of corruption.

Vote.   They could try to vote the corrupt people out of office.   While there’s still time.  It seems like they should have tried.




October 24, 2016

(They say this election is a choice between our national sovereignty or  Globalism.   American laws?  Or international laws.   Choose Global Rulers  or   choose an American who will put the interests of America  first. )


Be a child again!!

Every boy wanted one for Christmas  (once upon a time)! —


This is a post about patriotism, and how we express it.

There was a time when every English boy wanted a set of toy soldiers for Christmas!    He could spend  hours and hours and hours arranging the troops on a “field”  in his own playroom.


Now,  why?     Because although a civilized society tries to protect its children from adult realities and uncertainties,   children overhear;    somehow children perceive that there are serious adult issues all around him.     And so he hears his country could be at war,  is at war,  is trying to defend itself . .  .   whatever.  These are adult issues,  but the child, by nature,    supports his family,  his village,  his nation.   

This is a healthy impulse –  loyalty and  patriotism.    You can be proud of the good things that your country stands for.   

Before the cynical promotion of self-hatred,  self-shame, and auto-destruction came about  as a tool for the Global Socialists,   before we were taught to hate ourselves,   patriotism was a happy,  shared sentiment of all people who loved their own country.

There are so many examples today.    So many happy,  uplifting examples around the world!   I could give you a picture for each one,  but perhaps mental pictures have more impact.    So —

Imagine the French people getting together at their “football”  games after one of the deadly attacks on their own people by the Islamic Extremists recently –  the football fans spontaneously begin to sing the  Marseillaise!     How wonderful to see solidarity in their love for their country!

Imagine seeing Russian athletes on the podium after winning medals –  and there are tears in their eyes as they hear their wonderfully moving national anthem.

Imagine a tiny child on the Fourth of July knowing enough to stand up straight and saluting  when the parade goes by and the marching band is playing the National Anthem of America!

Here’s one:    think about the national pride of  Precious Ramotswe as she talked about her beautiful country of Botswana!    She makes me want to visit her there.  (I know, I know, this is a fictional character –  but Botswana is real,  and I can well imagine its citizens love their country.)

Patirotism is natural!   It is natural to human beings to love the land of their origin.   Their nation.    Their country. 

And it is natural to want to maintain laws and practices and customs that preserve the best of one’s own nation!

Except –   national pride,  nationalism, patriotism  is very much an obstacle to the goals of our Rulers, who need a system of Global Socialism with NO BORDERS.     The Poor Sick Lady,  R.oyal  C.lintoness,   says she loves America  (“Boy, do I  love the Constitution!”   she says to the public);   but to her private aides she has been recorded as saying she wants a borderless economic unit in the entire western hemisphere.  She envisions a reality of a one-world, or one-hemisphere system from “Canada to the tip of South America,”  as she says.  

A Public Persona and a Private Persona,  again,  as she says.

Sentimental patriotism is okay for us as long as it doesn’t get in the way of these Global Dreams.

It’s been said that this election is not a choice between one candidate and another,  not their personalities,  not their private moral lives.   This election, rather,   is a choice between   national sovereignty  and globalism.

It’s no longer time for “Republican”  versus “Democrat”.  At least not for just this one time.   There is so much more at stake in a couple weeks than “how your family has always voted.”

The United States of America?     Or Global Socialism?

HUSH! HUSH! Shhhhhh. . .

October 23, 2016



There is an interesting phenomena described by Psychology in which the impulses you have deep in your “subconscious”   are the same impulses that you ascribe to another person or group,  by a mechanism called Projection..

Often,  you inadvertently describe someone  with the kinds of thoughts and actions that you do yourself.      If you are mean or mendacious or greed is your motivation,  whatever it is,  you often assume other people act from the same impulses.    Conversely,  good people are at a disadvantage because they really can’t believe that other people would be “that bad.”   Nor would it even occur to them to suspect certain people of evil motives.

“Everybody’s doing it,”  is one type of   faceprojection that parents often hear from their (immature)  children.    Sometimes it works!   That’s why children do it – it silences their parents.

We don’t mature evenly as we grow older, so some “grown-ups”  are left with the secret desire to harm other people,  which they loudly then ascribe to their opponents.   Political gun control advocates can harbor secret desires to off their political opponents, as  VP Biden was video’d wishing a few years ago.  But publicly,  in  formal statements?    No.  And he’s not the only public figure recorded speaking out these same sentiments — not in the light joking of hyperbole to make a point among like-minded people,  but quite seriously.

A few days ago  (10/18/16),   the Washington Examiner reported that one of our Extreme Leftist Supreme Court Justices has said she had wanted to hit Justice Scalia with a baseball bat.      Showing no dignity nor  gravitas nor impartiality,  this under-educated Leftist Justice has often displayed her immaturity as well as her animus against those who don’t agree with her politics  –  and yet she has the power to silence the rest of us.   

(Unfortunately,  she is not alone on the Supreme Court,  which is another danger Americans face.)

So what’s going on with this presidential campaign?   What does the entertainment-news media show us from their Far Left point of view?


That was the German Rathaus, doubly damaged,    the first damage occurring as Hitler was gaining and consolidating power  by a bombing,  which Hitler and his National Socialists claimed was done by “the communists,”  the Marxist-type socialists,  which were beginning to gain more popularity than Hitler.

By bombing this government office building and using the media to blame his enemies,  the votes actually flowed in to Hitler – as was planned.    It scared enough German people,  (security over freedom!)   and the bombing silenced their opposition to Hitler.

This plan is called a False Flag.   It wasn’t the first successful political False Flag  (who lit the fire that burned ancient Rome?) ,  but it is fairly well-known to  people alive today.


It’s  actually a commonly-used successful tactic because (1) people still tend to believe the entertainment-news media and because (2) people still tend to project onto others the feelings they secretly (or subconsciously)  which they could act out.

knee-jerk    Remember that “Grocery List”  of words that you’re supposed to reflexively associate with Donald Trump?    (a few posts ago)     Well,   you can add another for “Trump Supporters”  –

I have some pretty intelligent, clear-thinking people in my classes,  but one of them shocked me a few weeks ago by calmly stating:  “Oh, those Trump people, they’re so violent.”

Huh?    Wouldn’t the entertainment-news media be showing us tons of  “proof” of this statement?    Wouldn’t they be eager to scour all the local newspapers to find evidence of “violence and hatred” from Trump supporters?    Sure they would.

Instead we get  revelations about the Clinton followers destroying (by violent substances)  Trump headquarters in Washington DC,  in Virginia,  in North Carolina, in Indiana –  and I’ve forgotten for sure the other states.  They have attacked the campaign offices of their political enemies?   No evidence that Trump people do that.

Once it becomes a police matter,  we hear about it – in a few places.


Clinton Supporters closed down  I-10 just outside of Phoenix AZ for a while,  for several hours.   Police were called in, so it made the news. Why Phoenix that day?  Because there was big rally being held in support of  Donald Trump.

We now have on videotape Democrat operatives discussing the use of Clinton Campaign money which was used for causing the damage and “unrest”  in Chicago,  Cleveland . . .    This is major mob violence against those who want to join with others in an exercise of their First Amendment rights.     This is government-protected brutality.

These Leftists are seen (on tape)  spitting at,  yelling invectives,  cursing,  impeding the movement of, and committing property damage against the people who want to support Donald Trump.

How is it my friend in class missed all the damage done to the cars which are parked outside of Trump rallies?



So many photos of spray-painted cars – but how about peanutbutter on your mirror?


Funny and juvenile –  but I can’t show the other parts  of  the cars  where dirty words and symbols were “painted” with the peanutbutter.     “Lovely”  blonde young woman arrested for that.

And the signs.  The Trump signs.   Commonly stolen or damaged.  Too many photos for that too.


Homeowners have taken to “booby-trapping”  their signs –  with funny video-taped results.  Sometimes the Hillary Sign Thieves work in daylight,  sometimes at night:



Amusing, until you add up the numbers.

Why are they trying to silence their political opponents?      It’s perfectly normal to disagree in matters of politics,  but  trying to silence your opponents by all these means is a violation of   what America stands for.

As a matter of fact,  when it’s government-connected people using their power (including their influence over the media)  to silence and intimidate others,  it is unconstitutional because the Constitution was written for the very purpose of LIMITING  the government and its desired control over us.

What other kinds of silencing tactics are there being used?

Or what other silencing tactics are going to be used?

Remember this?-


Well, more serious analysts are predicting . . .     something very serious.   I’m hoping not,  but I’m no expert.

If there are Trump supporters in America,  they don’t deserve this.    If Trump has spoken brashly, bluntly,  plainly like a New Yorker is known to speak,  his words do not incite violence any more than the words coming from  our government’s “protected”   ethnic groups, racial groups, and a certain religious group who do quite blatantly and plainly incite violence against whites,  conservatives, Catholics,  evangelicals,  or anyone else who is not on board with Global Socialism which prods them onward and protects them.

The All-Powerful Global Socialists.   Their quiver is full.


SILENCE that mole!!!


October 21, 2016

I’ve been sitting on this story for a long time, and although there’s no reason to bring it up now, I just want to stop seeing these photos on my Desktop.


We all know that a totalitarian mentality  is rising, and rising faster and faster now.   In this country,  if you don’t agree with the political party of The Poor Sick Woman, HRC  ( R.oyal C.lintoness),  then you get shut down, mocked, marginalized,  attacked –  sometimes physically.     (see next  post)     The Extreme Leftists always need to shut down their opposition.

Ubiquitous surveillance.    Stifling over-regulation.    Enforcement of politically correct speech.    “Watch what your neighbor is doing – if you see something, say something.”

In 1917 the world was warned about “the errors of Russia”  being spread throughout the whole world.   It’s not the Russian people,  it was the system of  dictatorial atheistic materialism that was being set up in their country at the time.


Hard to believe these three old guys have such an influence on us today,  via Saul Alinsky and his disciples,  the Barack Hussein person in American and HRC who wants his power.

Impossible to believe at one time in America,  but then George Orwell wrote a description of the future based upon what he saw developing.   He was not just a writer,  his political position gave him an inside view of their plans.    His words:


He used the image of jackboots to tell us what living under a totalitarian system would be like.

How on earth could that ever  develop here?    My Grandmother believed it could.   It happened in her native country.     And in America, her generation and my father’s generation knew that we needed to be Vigilant, or it could happen here.


So, I’m being vigilant –  and I’m not going to submit to certain evidences of increasing totalitarianism, where we are slowly  being trained to comply with unreasonably intrusive and slave-like orders from a system which has been proven time and time again to be ineffective!

I’ve written elsewhere about the “naked-body”  viewing machines which you are encouraged to stand in and pose.  I’ve written before about how TSA agents have been caught downloading certain “interesting”  still shots of people’s bodies,  taking them to their home computers,  trading them with other agents,  selling them,  and even using them to humiliate their co-workers who have gone through the machines.    Caught.   Caught and prosecuted.     It happens.

Our naked bodies are NOT for the Authorities to view –  like we were on some sort of Roman slave block:


I used to be a teacher –  of elementary schoolchildren.  One thing we all taught the children was something called Stranger Danger.   Don’t let a stranger Touch you – Don’t let a stranger Touch you in your private parts . . .


So . . .   now what?   Don’t let a stranger touch you in your private places – except when our Rulers want to?     What body part is that woman with a blue glove feeling for?  I’m furious when I read the numerous stories of children separated from their parents,  frightened to death by what they know is Wrong Touches,   children video’d by onlookers or their outraged parents as their children are sexually touched at airports –

And  their fathers and other good, decent men have to “stand still”  while they’re groped.


And the mothers, sisters,  daughters,  and good decent, modest women have to endure –  anything.


I know.  I’ve experienced “pat down”  groping sessions at airports.     My body can still feel those  intrusive personal gropings,  worse than pictured here,  and it still registers  a disgusted shuddering when I remember, and then remember  especially the look of Complete Power in the eyes of one of those . . .  females.   I was in grave danger there, had I protested.

But this challenge to our personal dignity is a deliberate conditioning of citizens to submit   to outrages from Authority figures everywhere.     This was taken by someone shaken up before a football game:


Where did all the Americans go?     The land of the free and the home of the brave?      What kind of men allow this to happen to themselves, and especially to their wives?  Their sisters?  Their own mothers!

As a society we have no perspective on this because   it doesn’t happen to everyone and it doesn’t happen all the time.     It crept up on us slowly, and we were deliberately distracted by  a manufactured hysteria over future “attacks.”    Submit!!   Submit and be Safe!!!

Could another attack happen?    Of course.      Do we bend over and let the jackboots kick away our dignity?

Um . . .   ask George Orwell.     Ask any Extreme Leftist who must be in complete control of the population.   Ask anyone who tried to oppose the rising totalitarian mentality.

I’m doing my part – I’m avoiding submission to illegitimate Authority.   I will travel by car  until they put up checkpoints at state lines.

This coming election is more serious than we realize.

Vote.     But read 1984 first.        Or we will sell our souls to the jackboots.

WHY I DON’T WANT TO BLOG . . . um . . .

October 21, 2016

ldy-writing  Um.    I don’t even know how to finish that sentence in the title.

“Why I don’t want to blog . . .”   anymore?     No, that doesn’t feel right.

Why I don’t want to blog . . . ”  about current events?  Well, that would sure make things easier.

“Why I don’t want to blog . . .”   like this?    Yes,  that covers a lot;  and  it’s closer to how I’m feeling right now.

It’s truly unsettling.

Blogging can be fun sometimes,  it can be hard work,  it can be a joy and a sorrow, and it can change a person, make him more introspective –  and above all, more self-critical.

An incident today . . .


. . .  motivated me . . .


. . . to begin saving all the Spruce Tunnel archives – offline and off my computer.

Those are maps of the two DDoS’s today, affecting quite a few people in the red areas.    They say there are about a half million “devices”  connected to the Internet that can be or were used to produce this massive Denial of Service,  without the owners of those devices being aware.   So many lost Internet access to many important places.    Temporarily.

We WILL lose our Internet someday.   I WILL lose all my archives.  No one will save them for me but me myself.

We couldn’t stop the Barack Hussein person from signing over our watchful care of our Internet to foreign powers who are not so friendly to us.   That was the October 1st deadline I wrote about but that very few people knew about.


It’s the beginning of the end of Internet things as we’ve known them.   The world will become a much more digitally dangerous place, although it will take  a while to become apparent and truly irreversibly troublesome.

More immediate is the various take-downs like today for whatever the reasons were.  And so I was forced by circumstances to hurry up and save all those archives.

And that’s what made me be thinking all day:  To blog or not to blog.    I read those blogs of the first few years and was truly unsettled.

First,  I had to relive some of those years.   Years when Suzy was still alive.  Years when Hubbie was still alive.    When I didn’t know what it would be like to experience their deaths.      I had to go through the death of my father and then of my mother.   I recorded happy days in between,  but they seem very feeble next to the . . . losses.

Second,  it is truly unsettling to see many of the same issues in our current events showing up so many years ago,  worrying about where things were headed, and knowing now that I was right but “didn’t know the half of it,”  as they say;  I didn’t know how truly far away from American values and principles our society would get.      I thought . . .   I thought, I think I thought that there were enough people watching things develop seven  or eight years ago and collectively we all wouldn’t let them get this far.      Grown-ups would come along;  experts would come along,  even the collective common sense of the average American citizen would rise up and figure out a way to stop the destructive trends.

Third,  the most difficult of all that I got out of reading old archives is that I can see my failures as a writer.   I know, initially,   this is a place to record my “random thoughts”  and impressions, as they come to me.     I think that worked.

But sometimes I tried to make a point, or draw a lesson.    I know what I was thinking then,  but after all these years, I can see that the point was not really explicitly made.  I am either too clunky or too subtle.     I am confronted with evidence that I’m not a good writer.   And if a person writes,  he ought to write well.

But that’s not true, is it?    GK Chesterton once wrote:  “anything worth doing is worth doing badly.”     What a great “point”!      Demanding perfection can be a tyranny that keeps us in our seats, discourages us from doing anything.

You get better at something by trying to do better at what you’re doing!    You’ve got to be doing it in order to get better at what you’re doing!

Okay.   Shut up,  me.   Maybe I really do like to just blog without worrying about some literary quality that I don’t yet possess.

Fourth –  I’ve got a “fourth” reason blogging was unsettling!  —   I found out that I’m still the same person now that I was eight years ago.     And that feels like  a good thing.    I never did become some better “other” person;  there’s no new me.    But I am more experienced,  I feel more capable of meeting challenges.  As I read my old archives, I can see that I’ve learned a thing or two.  The gift of Faith is with me still – because I’ve nurtured it,  and God is drawing closer than ever.

I  didn’t  want to continue blogging,   because it makes me confront myself.

But I think I will continue blogging –  because it makes me confront myself.



It’s okay.


October 18, 2016

(and othe

I’ve never  NOT voted, in my whole life.

I don’t know what those Democrats did to my parents in Chicago in 1952 to make them and the rest of my family never want to vote again —  but I always  vote.     I told their story here.

But increasingly,  I see that  good ol’  Mayor Daley’s  Machine has spread throughout this whole country (the Chicago Pond Scum overflow), and now I wonder what am I doing anyway in that voting booth, since I’m not one of Mayor Daley’s . . .  you know . . .   one of his . . . uh . .  . obedient supporters.

Are we going to see MORE New Black Panthers with their billy sticks at the entrance to polling places?

Why don’t I want to vote this year?   Because THIS woman is voting.  She’s on the voting list of registered voters for this year.


Someone looked her up.

She died the same year that Hubbie did.

Hubbie’s  not voting this year.

She is, and she will cancel out the vote I cast.

And this man gets to vote too:


He died the year after Hubbie died.   He’s still on the voter rolls.

I wonder if my own Dad will vote this year in Florida.   May he R.I.P.  I wonder because another FLorida family received a letter addressed to their dead father,  congratulating him for registering to vote in this election . . . .

Here is a quote from an election attorney who is beginning to look into the problem:  “Dead people are voting and it’s something that this administration isn’t doing anything about.”

He also said there are FOUR MILLION DEAD  (and otherwise ineligible)   VOTERS on U.S.  voter rolls.

My odds are now 4,000,000 to 1.

There are other ways to  “rig”  the vote, as we learned in the last election.   106% of people in certain Pennsylvania precincts voted for the Barack Hussein person?  102%?     100%?      All – or more than all – of the votes were cast for the Democrat party?

A federal judge just made a ruling that certain Ohio precincts had counted the votes wrong, and their precinct should have been reported as Republican.     A few years too late.

How is MY vote going to get counted?     ” It isn’t how many people vote,  it’s who counts the vote.”     The Extreme Leftists have known this since the last century.

Is voting the way to get your voice heard anymore?

And remember all those many bags of military voting ballots that were found floating in the bay of Tampa Bay, FL   a few elections ago?    They were found – they were reported to have been found –  a couple weeks after the election.   Florida is a hotly contested state.  Those in the military are known to vote mostly for Republicans.     Their votes did NOT get counted that year.  How many?  Not a few votes,   a few BAGS of votes!   Many thousands.

Today?      They’ve got a new scheme:     New Jersey.   Mostly Democrat,  but a few Republican areas.    Some people in those mostly Republican areas voted early and mailed in their ballots.

Much to their surprise,  those ballots were “returned to sender.”     So new ballots will be mailed out –   in time for the election?     Government takes time to process those things.

I’ve got so many more reasons that make me believe my vote will not count – not against fraud of this magnitude.       The news stories seem endless.

I think I ‘m voting anyway.

But I don’t know why.



October 18, 2016

(An interesting sequel to my last post about that foul basement experience.)


A HAZMAT unit had to be called into service in  a little city in Georgia, it was reported this week.

Just use your imagination.

The Poor Sick Lady travels around with  campaign buses and then, of course, her van, equipped with a hospital bed.

One of the buses was caught dumping Human Waste into the city’s storm drains.   A convenient solution for  R.oyal   C.lintoness’s servants.

“What they don’t know won’t hurt them.” 


Can’t help thinking about all the sewage that will be  dumped on  Georgia if these people win the election.

Political rot, corruption, and sewage is a dangerous Health Hazard.


October 18, 2016

Yes, I know it’s supposed to be Bias to Normalcy.   No matter how busy and distracted we are,  we still feel things are fundamentally “normal,”  no matter what  the  evidence is  to the contrary.

But one can be blinded by “how good things are”  too.

So . . .   this is mostly personal today, not political.


I decided to mollify that Funk of Doom I’ve been in lately with a trip to the actual, real-life Spruce Tunnel.    Usually a lift of spirits and some perspective gained.     Here is the entrance.   I’m almost – not quite –  resigned to the evidence of over-regulation of every aspect of our lives as shown by all those intrusive signs there.    But –  I can get past that.


The  way was a familiar and happy one.

Pleasant curves,  gentle hills,  groomed pathways.


The deep,  rich greens were beginning to have an effect on me.   It felt like a good, healthy effect.   I tried to forget everything else and immerse my whole self into the little forest around me.

The world must still be “fundamentally” all right, if there can still be a place like this so close to my home.   Right?   A bias to beauty.   A Bias to Normalcy.  



The leaves hadn’t become all typically colorful yet, I had expected some oranges and reds,   but these really are early Fall colors.     A light and  happy shade of yellow-green.

“God’s in His Heaven, all’s right with the world!”  to quote a young poet from more than a hundred years ago.

Little did I know what was brewing at home.

The Spruce Tunnel is close to my home,  and the way home looks just as lovely!


I’m sure you have beautiful roads near your home too.   It’s good to open your eyes and drink it all in.

Then.     Not long after this trip to the park.     

I discovered that while my attention was on Beauty,  and I thought everything was wonderful and “normal,”  there was a silent, sneaky, rotten, activity going on, right under my nose.

 In my nose.

My nose led me to the basement where I was going anyway,  going to check on “what’s for dinner?”   Hoping my freezer would tell me.

The story it told me crashed my beautiful experience at the Tunnel.     Somehow,  the freezer had stopped working,  and probably several days ago!


I’m a meat-eater –  and . . .   I don’t have any meat left anymore.   Here’s the freezer as I was emptying it.     It doesn’t show you the foul-smelling rot of meat that had been decomposing while I was focusing on all that . . .  beauty during a normal day in the Tunnel.

(I know it’s an odd time to take a photo,  but — “when in doubt,  grab a camera.”   That’s just me.)

There was a six-inch layer of disgusting “soup” at the bottom . . .  I’ll spare you that photo.

I discovered the problem and learned a lesson.   That’s just me too;  I’m a teacher;  everything becomes a lesson.


One time, “several days ago”  I was carrying something really, really heavy down to the basement.   I struggled with its weight,  carefully going down the basement steps, one at a time,  balancing each foot on each step as my arms and shoulders were beginning to ache and lose control of my burden.   When I finally got the heavy thing to where I was going,  I had all I could do to toss it into the corner, where it (and I) could rest for a while. 

I staggered around for a while,  huffing and puffing,  but glad that task was over.    Bias to Normalcy!   I had done a hard job – and it was over!

Except that I had inadvertently knocked the heavy object against the cord- that attached    the freezer to its electricity.   I didn’t pay attention to that.   

Everything should have been normal – but it wasn’t.     I wasn’t vigilant.     

And now I’m right back into my election Funk.  Everything should be “normal”  in the United States.    Much of it is “beautiful,”  and much of it is all right.   But I fear for the rotting meat that we can detect;   I fear there is deep corruption in our political process;  I fear there is decomposition in our will to fight for our country.  

I fear our strengths and our values,  our “borders, language, and culture,”    our Justice system   –  our  whole Constitution –  will no longer be usable after this election.  



We have only just this one last chance.


October 17, 2016

(trumpscary – trumpscary – trumpscary – trumpscary – trumpscary . . .where’d that come from?)


My grocery lists never look neat and tidy like this:grocery-list

I like to call my grocery lists:  “Living Lists.”  They’re stuck up on the side of my refrigerator,  continuously  added to,  and finally thrust into my  purse on the days that I have errands to do.   Usually I come home from errands without having gone to the grocery store, so I search for that crumpled-up list,  tack it back up on the refrigerator, and then keep adding to it as the week goes on,  until it’s hard to find room for more words.

You  wouldn’t want to have on your list some of the things I’ve put on mine.  And vice versa,  I’m sure.

When I’m short of room,  sometimes not every needed item gets put on the list;  but if I’m planning to make a familiar recipe,   I’m always hoping that seeing   some  of the ingredients written down  will trigger my memory for whatever else will be needed.

Sort of like a Knee-Jerk   reaction –


Or a Word Association game.

Like trump and scary.    When several of my otherwise reasonably intelligent friends began putting those two words together,  I decided to ask why.   Batting my innocent blue-eyes at them, I asked:  “Really?  why?”   “How?”    “Why do you say that?”

Not one could explain why.  Although they’d take a deep breath and  begin a short emotional response,  it usually trailed off into  some different words making just  the same statement.   Not one had an actual reason.  It’s just something they had “heard.”

A while ago while I was still watching some entertainment-news media about politics,  I realized that I was actually being bombarded with a Political Grocery List, which I should bring to the ballot box:    “Everything I Need To Know About Trump.”    – According to .Royal C.linton-ess.    (HRC)

So I thought I’d write down a little of what I was hearing.  I’m sure someone is hoping I’d play Dog to Pavlov – you know,  every time Dr. Pavlov rang a bell, saliva and stuff was supposed to come out of the dog’s mouth?

Trump’s Grocery Word List:

Trump – Scary   (of course, you know that one.)

Trump – Racist  (remember,  not a shred of evidence is needed)

Trump – Bigot   (just use your emotions,  not your intellect)

Trump – Sexist    (all the politically correct sins)

Trump –  Unfit for office

Trump – Unstable

And the Ever-Popular:

Trump – Dangerous

Any more?   Not really.  Just recycle these  through EVERY story about him.    Attach one or more of these words to his name, each and every time you pronounce his name.

(Wasn’t that Goebbels, the National Socialist under Hitler,    who said “Tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it,  and the people will believe it.)   (woof woof)

You don’t have to know your history in order for it to be repeated onto you;  it’s a Leftist tactic that works on the public every time.

When I go to the grocery store,  I deliberately take my list with me.    It’s a little more subtle with the Political Grocery List.      Hmmmm,   just where do these ideas come from?



Woof woof, America.   

DARK FUNK (continues) – LIGHTS OUT!

October 16, 2016

Heavy rain, dark skies, thunder and lightning on our way to church this morning!     The man who was riding with me and I each remarked how it seemed as though the thunderclouds had come right down to ground level.

And when we got off the freeway, and we began dealing with a power outage — no traffic lights for the city streets —  we wondered what we’d face in our “underground”  chapel.


I took a surreptitious photo before Mass started.   Only candlelight lighting our way and a few flashlights.   Sometimes you had to just feel your way around in the darkness.

After a while, it became quite a nice experience.  The Mass proceeded.   Nothing was missing,  nothing had to be changed.    And I got to thinking:  there is light, and there is Light,  and the Light of Christ Jesus,  there on the altar,  was in no way diminished, and maybe even more clearly seen without the “lights of the ceiling.”

The insight  hit me with an almost physical feeling.

We recite after every Mass the first chapter of the Gospel of John in which we hear that “The Light came into the world, and the world comprehended it not.”

Well, of course not.  You can’t put something into a drawer that won’t open!    It is both solemn and true that  “God is a gentleman” and He won’t force His way into your life.    A person needs to be humble and receptive –  or else the Light cannot get in,  and you can’t even begin to comprehend the beauty and glory of God.


I began to feel a kind of kinship  with the saints that have come before us.   People worshiped in dark stone or wooden churches,  sometimes with  just slits for windows,  and candlelight.  Glass for windows was expensive and candles could get pretty expensive too.     No cushioned  seats or benches;  people stood or knelt when appropriate.

We   forget  that most ordinary Catholics worshiped God through the centuries in a diminished though soft natural light  rather than the brilliant glare of electric lighting.

And yet the Light of Christ was just as lively and penetrating to their souls as He could be to ours.   “There is light and there is Light.”

About three hundred years ago,  a very holy woman was praying in a candlelit chapel when suddenly all light was extinguished.   The candles went out and she was left in deep, dark blackness.    Eventually sensing a heavenly presence around her,    she soon asked what this darkness means.

She had been getting a few insights about a time in the future, a  warning and  direction for the terrible times that were to come (in the 20th century).     This time she was given a description of the extreme moral and spiritual darkness that would fall on this benighted century, and Five specific reasons why (our century)  was aptly represented by such deep darkness. *    It’s actually quite a chillingly accurate  description of us, and the unbelievable evil that would prevail caused her to lose consciousness.

Grave spiritual  darkness.


No one calls this a Light and Happy age,  where love and truth and beauty prevails.   This is a dark planet and the forces of darkness would like to get us darker.    We use artificial means to hold off the darkness,  don’t we?

Computer lights,  cell phone lights,  television lights —  anything so that we do not feel the peril of spiritual darkness.   Because we know that evil forces can attack in the darkness.  Wars can begin in the darkness.   Thieves come in the night.     Immorality is a friend of the night.

And forces of evil run for our highest office.   There is more at stake here than Candidate A or Candidate B.      And I still feel a a sense of Doom.



*  The Five Reasons given for the complete darkness:

1. “The first . . . is that at the end of the 19th century and into the 20th century various heresies will be propagated in this land which will be a free republic.    As these . . . dominate, the precious light of Faith will be extinguished in souls by the almost total corruption of customs. During this period there will be great physical and moral calamities   . . .”

2.   Sensuality will cover the earth, extinguishing many vocations; even injustice under the guise of “false charity” would enter Mariana’s own convent.

3.    Impurity like “a filthy ocean” will run with an “astonishing liberty.”     The delicate flower of virginity would be threatened by complete annihilation . . .

4. The crisis in the priesthood assisted by the growth of the Masonic sects which will infiltrate all levels of society, poisoning the hearts of children:     “During these unfortunate times, evil will invade childhood innocence. In this way, vocations to the priesthood will be lost, resulting in a true calamity.”

5.   The indifference of the wealthy and apathy of the people is the fifth cause of the Sanctuary Lamp going out. Our Lady told Mother  Mariana of the great loss of souls who would descend into Hell.

(These are taken from this website, although there are many more, and there are very good books which tell the story simply,  plainly, and effectively.)

If people alive today can’t wrap their heads around the idea of the supernatural world existing,  people can at least ponder the truth of these descriptions of an age that will be steeped in such evil  that the evil will come to seem quite normal.

God’s greatest punishment for lack of faith is –  that you don’t know that you lack faith.


October 15, 2016

I can get into some pretty good funks once in a while.


When I write about them here, it’s usually with self-deprecating humor;  self mockery.  It’s actually kind of funny to be in that deep blue funk for a while, knowing that there’s really no good reason for it.      Just “enjoy” it while it lasts.

But this is different.   It’s been growing,  like a deep shadow just at the edge of your vision that becomes larger and larger until you can’t ignore what’s causing the shadow — and you have to confront it.

Things creeping up on you –


I wrote last time  “… you should see the expressions on the faces of the people I know ….”  Their expressions expressed what I was feeling about current affairs, about politics, about the future.   I had hoped that talking about things would make us feel better,  but no conversation can do that now.   Everyone seems very concerned.

I was with someone this week, having a conversation,  maybe hoping to get some perspective.   I was funking quite doomily for a while,  but I wasn’t getting any push-back, and I wasn’t being contradicted.    Turns out we probably have the same perspective.   Different experiences, same perspective on things.

It’s more than this:


Follow that red line,  curving downwards right now at the first section end.   That’s my “emotional”  charting.     Biorhythms.      They seem to follow reality.    So I’m right down scraping  bottom — but it’s not that.

This funk began a few weeks ago when I start fearing – actually fearing – this election.

As I also wrote in that last posting about October 13th,    our Hundred-Year Probation is on its last year.   This is it.   It begins this month and the likelihood of doom increases each month.    No more time to reform ourselves, I guess,  or for reforming our nation,  for steering our nation into a different, safer direction.

We’re going to get hit.

hrc-stern-70  The Poor Sick Lady promises to “shoot Russian planes down” if she gets elected.   I wonder what that will lead to.


The latest report on World Debt is that the total owed by the world is well over 152,000,000,000,000 — and that’s by deceptive accounting practices used by world banks.   Actual auditors estimate that the World Debt is quite a bit higher.  (If every country in the whole world sold everything of value and all the world’s value was added up together,  it would still not be enough to pay off the world’s debt.)

Why does Debt matter?     Because historically,  every time big bankers (or countries)  have gotten into impossible debt,  our Rulers have started a big war.


And now we know from Wikileaks and her emails that she tells Wall Street that she is squarely on their side,  she just has to do some “campaign rhetoric”  against them   You know,  she says,  a Public Persona for the people,  a Private Persona for us insiders.  She’ll do their bidding.

Our Rulers make back some money.    We die.    It’s called an oligarchy, and it’s never good for ordinary citizens.   It’s always good for the Establishment politicians.   The ones who know how to “win”  an election.

But my Funk of Doom tells me this has to be.     I can read Ezekiel 38 and Zechariah 14 as well as the next guy.    We all know this world system has to be brought to an end.       I’m expecting a bad, bad outcome to this election.

But, hey;  I’m no politician.

And it’s my funk, doesn’t have to be yours.