The Barrier Islands are being evacuated today.


The east coast of Florida has these long, long narrow islands that hug the mainland,  and on one of those islands is my beautiful home-away-from-home.

You have to cross a bridge to get there, one like this:


Fun.   When you travel a lot to the same destination, you develop your favorite spots,   and on the ocean side of that barrier island is “my”  beautiful hotel room.


Yep,  I’m  advertising for them.

This is my “Florida Past.”   Beautiful, pretty pastels,  clean, friendly,  affordable in the off-season,  walking distance to beachfront stores and restaurants,  and your own private door opens out onto the sandy ocean beach.

Here’s looking through my living room window:


This is  my shoe and my skirt pointing out to the surf one relaxing evening.


The last time I was there was a sad trip, though.   I  arrived to visit my mother just one day before she died.    Took me by surprise, and I spent a little time grieving on the beach.


Storm Clouds

This storm came in from the west and  hung low over the beach.

Florida Present:

Hurricane Matthew is going to come in from the southeast, and it will be a lot worse.

Now, with the weather update,  I find both my sisters are in harm’s way;  both are under a hurricane warning, one just a few miles from the beach,  the other inland a bit more.

One sister writes that she “doesn’t like the look of this storm.”   If she talks like our Dad used to talk,  that’s a magnificent understatement.

Millions of people are worried about this storm too.

I just remember “my” beautiful hotel on that Barrier Island:


I hope it’s still standing after this week.

It feels “personal.”     There are a lot of “real” people involved with this storm.    A lot of souls, as we used to say.     S.O.S. – Save Our Souls.

I hope my sister’s home is still standing.

I have lots to write about here in the Tunnel,  lots of topics, lots of ideas,  but I don’t want to write about anything else right now — not until the storm is over and I find out “what happened.”

Hope it will be a good Florida Future.  

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