I’m in a reality mode.     Please, this is another post you shouldn’t read.   Just skip over it.


A glimpse of Reality:

There’s real things happening in the world — and then there’s what you’re being told to believe.   Time to take out the Old Green Broad of False History again:


(I think I’ll keep her around for a while.   Not all of us want to  be beaten down.)

There is in Syria a nun who is a wonderful worker among the Christians and Yazidis who are left  in Syria,  a place which used to be nearly 100 % Christian, but has through the centuries  been subject to ethnic and religious “cleansing” —  killing,  because they are not Muslim and do not wish to leave Christ.

Her name is Sister Hatune Dogan and she’s been doing her good work for 26 years, according to the article I read.      She was born in Turkey but her family moved to Germany, where she got her education and became a nun, an Orthodox nun.   She has moved back to the Middle East to help the people suffering at the hands of the Islamists.

She also goes back to Germany once in a while and tells them what’s going on,  warning them that the Islamist invaders they are allowing into their country in the name of “refugees” will go very badly for Germany, because what they are doing in the Middle East is what they’re intending to carry on in Germany – and Europe.

But the Europeans don’t listen to her.   She tells them details.   She tells them of  being told by survivors in the Middle East that their babies are dashed against a wall until “there is no more head left” —  and a German woman in her audience told her to Stop!   She didn’t want to hear any such thing.  She “knows”  that this is no less, no more than the German people have done in their past, and so Germans just have to learn how to live with foreigners . . . .

Stop!  I don’t want to hear it!   Don’t tell me the truth!!!!

The Old Broad in the Green Dress tells me I’m just as bad — so . . .   just, I don’t want to hear the Truth.

Sister Hatune Dogan has been living the Truth and working among the Truth and she and many others like her are trying to tell us that some day the Truth is going to arrive at our doorsteps and bash our heads against . . .  the Truth too.

It’s called “Settlement Jihad.”    Arriving at our doorsteps by the hundreds of thousands.   One American presidential candidate promises to continue and to increase the numbers.

Today is October 10th.   On October 10th,  732 A.D.   — the Year of Our Lord —  a history changing battle was fought and won by the Christians in France.    After continued onslaughts by Muslim invaders into Europe, somehow this battle was won, the Muslims withdrew, and Europe was saved from an Islamic takeover.

There are many politically correct false narratives popping up about this battle,  downplaying its significance,  but that is another deceitful intellectual fad —  but the real story is interesting and inspiring.   The actual  Truth will endure.     The Battle of Tours SAVED Europe from Islam,  for many, many centuries.

It’s October 10th again.

Pray for Sister Dogan.   Pray for Europe.    Pray for us.

This is a spiritual battle.

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