(The day I became a target.)

The streets of Cleveland, with the Clinic about in the middle and my hotel way, way over there on the shore of Lake Erie:



I woke up this morning to the news story about the Moslem terrorist who flew a plane into a little city out there in Connecticut.    He was a “student pilot”   on a “student visa”  and his instructor was in the plane with him.   He took out three telephone poles and a white SUV with his crash.     The family in the SUV were shaken up but unharmed.

There had been a “scuffle”  inside the cockpit as the plane was going down.    The Muslim “student” was killed;  the badly burned pilot was able to say that the student had done it “deliberately.”    The police reported it that way . . . .

Until this evening.  All that was being reported by the end of the day  is that a plane had crashed into a residential street in Connecticut, and it was a possible suicide.    No description of the “student” pilot.   No reminder that Islamic Extremists were given the order to start doing these kinds of things in America.

So it got me thinking.     We saw in the morning video the short interview with the police officer.   That pilot and that police officer had told the on-the-scene truth in the morning, but we were not allowed to hear it by evening.


Last week there was another killing by a Muslim extremist in the city of Cleveland.  Hear about that one?   He crashed his car into . . . something and into some people.  I don’t even remember the details anymore,  but the police officers and some witnesses heard him yelling some Arabic phrase and by all  accounts the driver had done this deliberately.

The police were told by officials to CHANGE their reporting,  and do not report the description of the man, nor his motivation,  nor the words he was shouting.   Treat it like a traffic accident.   The POLICE refused!     They explained to reporters the whole thing, including their directives to hide the identity of the driver.

So that’s Reason #1 –  those Cleveland police have integrity!!    They are on the side of the American people!        (I’m telling the tale in very sketchy terms –  really, the news articles I read make it much clearer,  but if you try to look it up, you’ll find several other incidents like this – just in Cleveland in the past few months.)

Well, I’m sure you heard about this on the entertainment-news media?      (sarcasm, there)


Here’s a personal tale, an eyewitness account –  from me!


A few years ago I was spending time on my own in the city of Cleveland.  Once again Hubbie was in the famous hospital there,  and it was fairly late at night and time for me to go back to my hotel.      Hungry!      I thought I’d allow myself a pizza, a “treat,”   because though I couldn’t admit it,  the worry about Hubbie’s health was building up in me and I needed a little medicinal pizza.

So here is a dumb, naive, out-of-town woman all alone,  driving around some pretty mean streets by herself, looking for a pizza joint.

Hubbie and I had already had our experience with those streets:


One  night before we had to check in to the hospital,  Hubbie needed a milk shake “like the kind they have at McDonald’s.”     Oh, my goodness,  I’d search heaven and earth to get  him a milkshake in those days, so we asked, but the hotel clerk didn’t know where a close and “safe” McDonald’s was — there was one twelve blocks east of us, but  it  sounded like she didn’t recommend it.   We went anyway.

I was driving.   People were walking in the middle of those Cleveland dark, late-night  streets.    Hubbie did not grow up in a city like I had and I kept telling him:  DON’T MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH ANYONE OUT THERE!    But he was fascinated .  .  .  A few of those men kind of started walking towards our car,  one  hand in their pocket,  but I somehow dodged the pedestrians and kept driving.

So I should have known!   I wanted that pizza, somewhere between the Cleveland Clinic and my hotel.


I think it wasn’t this one,  but it looks a lot like it.    Nice parking lot outside,  just a couple other cars.   I went into the pizza place, placed my order with a puzzled looking man behind the counter, and then sat down to wait.   Now, I’m no dummy.    I parked in front of the window and locked my car doors.

As I waited I saw a police cruiser drive by in the parking lot.  Then I saw another.   Hmmmm.   Hope they’re not here because of nearby trouble.   One police car parked opposite my car, kept his headlights pointed at my car – and wouldn’t turn them off.

By the time I got my pizza and walked out to the car, I realized what the policeman was doing.   He was watching my car – and watching me.    He was watching over me!   He was there to make sure I got back out into my car safely.    He nodded as I drove away …  then he followed me around the side of the building where I saw  two men standing in the dark, talking on cell phones.    They weren’t together.  I assume they were each making their own deals.   Once I got onto the main street, the police car disappeared.

Reality set in and I drove back to the hotel a little shakily but with a big thanks in my heart to those Cleveland police who saw a “target”  just asking for trouble.

I made him a target too.   I caused him trouble and put his life in danger that night.

So that’s Reason #2  that I salute those Cleveland police – and policemen everywhere who do their duty when we don’t always realize it.

The next reason I don’t know too much about,  so  I’m only giving  it a “half”  but maybe it should be a whole reason.       Up to date, now, this year –


I don’t know how the Cleveland police and other officials did it,  but there were a lot of threats to the Republican National Convention,  and  the entertainment-news media were ginning up a lot of hysteria over it,  maybe hoping there’d be something awful to report on.

But there wasn’t.   The police arranged it so that the paid-for professional awful protestors were kept far away from the ordinary people.   They were (literally) spitting mad, shouting obscenities,  shaking fists and political signs – but they were kept from doing harm to anyone by those police.

I truly was surprised that none of the bad predictions had come true.

And that’s the third Reason.

Hats off to those Cleveland police!!!!

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