DARK FUNK (continues) – LIGHTS OUT!

Heavy rain, dark skies, thunder and lightning on our way to church this morning!     The man who was riding with me and I each remarked how it seemed as though the thunderclouds had come right down to ground level.

And when we got off the freeway, and we began dealing with a power outage — no traffic lights for the city streets —  we wondered what we’d face in our “underground”  chapel.


I took a surreptitious photo before Mass started.   Only candlelight lighting our way and a few flashlights.   Sometimes you had to just feel your way around in the darkness.

After a while, it became quite a nice experience.  The Mass proceeded.   Nothing was missing,  nothing had to be changed.    And I got to thinking:  there is light, and there is Light,  and the Light of Christ Jesus,  there on the altar,  was in no way diminished, and maybe even more clearly seen without the “lights of the ceiling.”

The insight  hit me with an almost physical feeling.

We recite after every Mass the first chapter of the Gospel of John in which we hear that “The Light came into the world, and the world comprehended it not.”

Well, of course not.  You can’t put something into a drawer that won’t open!    It is both solemn and true that  “God is a gentleman” and He won’t force His way into your life.    A person needs to be humble and receptive –  or else the Light cannot get in,  and you can’t even begin to comprehend the beauty and glory of God.


I began to feel a kind of kinship  with the saints that have come before us.   People worshiped in dark stone or wooden churches,  sometimes with  just slits for windows,  and candlelight.  Glass for windows was expensive and candles could get pretty expensive too.     No cushioned  seats or benches;  people stood or knelt when appropriate.

We   forget  that most ordinary Catholics worshiped God through the centuries in a diminished though soft natural light  rather than the brilliant glare of electric lighting.

And yet the Light of Christ was just as lively and penetrating to their souls as He could be to ours.   “There is light and there is Light.”

About three hundred years ago,  a very holy woman was praying in a candlelit chapel when suddenly all light was extinguished.   The candles went out and she was left in deep, dark blackness.    Eventually sensing a heavenly presence around her,    she soon asked what this darkness means.

She had been getting a few insights about a time in the future, a  warning and  direction for the terrible times that were to come (in the 20th century).     This time she was given a description of the extreme moral and spiritual darkness that would fall on this benighted century, and Five specific reasons why (our century)  was aptly represented by such deep darkness. *    It’s actually quite a chillingly accurate  description of us, and the unbelievable evil that would prevail caused her to lose consciousness.

Grave spiritual  darkness.


No one calls this a Light and Happy age,  where love and truth and beauty prevails.   This is a dark planet and the forces of darkness would like to get us darker.    We use artificial means to hold off the darkness,  don’t we?

Computer lights,  cell phone lights,  television lights —  anything so that we do not feel the peril of spiritual darkness.   Because we know that evil forces can attack in the darkness.  Wars can begin in the darkness.   Thieves come in the night.     Immorality is a friend of the night.

And forces of evil run for our highest office.   There is more at stake here than Candidate A or Candidate B.      And I still feel a a sense of Doom.



*  The Five Reasons given for the complete darkness:

1. “The first . . . is that at the end of the 19th century and into the 20th century various heresies will be propagated in this land which will be a free republic.    As these . . . dominate, the precious light of Faith will be extinguished in souls by the almost total corruption of customs. During this period there will be great physical and moral calamities   . . .”

2.   Sensuality will cover the earth, extinguishing many vocations; even injustice under the guise of “false charity” would enter Mariana’s own convent.

3.    Impurity like “a filthy ocean” will run with an “astonishing liberty.”     The delicate flower of virginity would be threatened by complete annihilation . . .

4. The crisis in the priesthood assisted by the growth of the Masonic sects which will infiltrate all levels of society, poisoning the hearts of children:     “During these unfortunate times, evil will invade childhood innocence. In this way, vocations to the priesthood will be lost, resulting in a true calamity.”

5.   The indifference of the wealthy and apathy of the people is the fifth cause of the Sanctuary Lamp going out. Our Lady told Mother  Mariana of the great loss of souls who would descend into Hell.

(These are taken from this website, although there are many more, and there are very good books which tell the story simply,  plainly, and effectively.)

If people alive today can’t wrap their heads around the idea of the supernatural world existing,  people can at least ponder the truth of these descriptions of an age that will be steeped in such evil  that the evil will come to seem quite normal.

God’s greatest punishment for lack of faith is –  that you don’t know that you lack faith.

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