(trumpscary – trumpscary – trumpscary – trumpscary – trumpscary . . .where’d that come from?)


My grocery lists never look neat and tidy like this:grocery-list

I like to call my grocery lists:  “Living Lists.”  They’re stuck up on the side of my refrigerator,  continuously  added to,  and finally thrust into my  purse on the days that I have errands to do.   Usually I come home from errands without having gone to the grocery store, so I search for that crumpled-up list,  tack it back up on the refrigerator, and then keep adding to it as the week goes on,  until it’s hard to find room for more words.

You  wouldn’t want to have on your list some of the things I’ve put on mine.  And vice versa,  I’m sure.

When I’m short of room,  sometimes not every needed item gets put on the list;  but if I’m planning to make a familiar recipe,   I’m always hoping that seeing   some  of the ingredients written down  will trigger my memory for whatever else will be needed.

Sort of like a Knee-Jerk   reaction –


Or a Word Association game.

Like trump and scary.    When several of my otherwise reasonably intelligent friends began putting those two words together,  I decided to ask why.   Batting my innocent blue-eyes at them, I asked:  “Really?  why?”   “How?”    “Why do you say that?”

Not one could explain why.  Although they’d take a deep breath and  begin a short emotional response,  it usually trailed off into  some different words making just  the same statement.   Not one had an actual reason.  It’s just something they had “heard.”

A while ago while I was still watching some entertainment-news media about politics,  I realized that I was actually being bombarded with a Political Grocery List, which I should bring to the ballot box:    “Everything I Need To Know About Trump.”    – According to .Royal C.linton-ess.    (HRC)

So I thought I’d write down a little of what I was hearing.  I’m sure someone is hoping I’d play Dog to Pavlov – you know,  every time Dr. Pavlov rang a bell, saliva and stuff was supposed to come out of the dog’s mouth?

Trump’s Grocery Word List:

Trump – Scary   (of course, you know that one.)

Trump – Racist  (remember,  not a shred of evidence is needed)

Trump – Bigot   (just use your emotions,  not your intellect)

Trump – Sexist    (all the politically correct sins)

Trump –  Unfit for office

Trump – Unstable

And the Ever-Popular:

Trump – Dangerous

Any more?   Not really.  Just recycle these  through EVERY story about him.    Attach one or more of these words to his name, each and every time you pronounce his name.

(Wasn’t that Goebbels, the National Socialist under Hitler,    who said “Tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it,  and the people will believe it.)   (woof woof)

You don’t have to know your history in order for it to be repeated onto you;  it’s a Leftist tactic that works on the public every time.

When I go to the grocery store,  I deliberately take my list with me.    It’s a little more subtle with the Political Grocery List.      Hmmmm,   just where do these ideas come from?



Woof woof, America.   

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