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I’ve never  NOT voted, in my whole life.

I don’t know what those Democrats did to my parents in Chicago in 1952 to make them and the rest of my family never want to vote again —  but I always  vote.     I told their story here.

But increasingly,  I see that  good ol’  Mayor Daley’s  Machine has spread throughout this whole country (the Chicago Pond Scum overflow), and now I wonder what am I doing anyway in that voting booth, since I’m not one of Mayor Daley’s . . .  you know . . .   one of his . . . uh . .  . obedient supporters.

Are we going to see MORE New Black Panthers with their billy sticks at the entrance to polling places?

Why don’t I want to vote this year?   Because THIS woman is voting.  She’s on the voting list of registered voters for this year.


Someone looked her up.

She died the same year that Hubbie did.

Hubbie’s  not voting this year.

She is, and she will cancel out the vote I cast.

And this man gets to vote too:


He died the year after Hubbie died.   He’s still on the voter rolls.

I wonder if my own Dad will vote this year in Florida.   May he R.I.P.  I wonder because another FLorida family received a letter addressed to their dead father,  congratulating him for registering to vote in this election . . . .

Here is a quote from an election attorney who is beginning to look into the problem:  “Dead people are voting and it’s something that this administration isn’t doing anything about.”

He also said there are FOUR MILLION DEAD  (and otherwise ineligible)   VOTERS on U.S.  voter rolls.

My odds are now 4,000,000 to 1.

There are other ways to  “rig”  the vote, as we learned in the last election.   106% of people in certain Pennsylvania precincts voted for the Barack Hussein person?  102%?     100%?      All – or more than all – of the votes were cast for the Democrat party?

A federal judge just made a ruling that certain Ohio precincts had counted the votes wrong, and their precinct should have been reported as Republican.     A few years too late.

How is MY vote going to get counted?     ” It isn’t how many people vote,  it’s who counts the vote.”     The Extreme Leftists have known this since the last century.

Is voting the way to get your voice heard anymore?

And remember all those many bags of military voting ballots that were found floating in the bay of Tampa Bay, FL   a few elections ago?    They were found – they were reported to have been found –  a couple weeks after the election.   Florida is a hotly contested state.  Those in the military are known to vote mostly for Republicans.     Their votes did NOT get counted that year.  How many?  Not a few votes,   a few BAGS of votes!   Many thousands.

Today?      They’ve got a new scheme:     New Jersey.   Mostly Democrat,  but a few Republican areas.    Some people in those mostly Republican areas voted early and mailed in their ballots.

Much to their surprise,  those ballots were “returned to sender.”     So new ballots will be mailed out –   in time for the election?     Government takes time to process those things.

I’ve got so many more reasons that make me believe my vote will not count – not against fraud of this magnitude.       The news stories seem endless.

I think I ‘m voting anyway.

But I don’t know why.


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