HUSH! HUSH! Shhhhhh. . .



There is an interesting phenomena described by Psychology in which the impulses you have deep in your “subconscious”   are the same impulses that you ascribe to another person or group,  by a mechanism called Projection..

Often,  you inadvertently describe someone  with the kinds of thoughts and actions that you do yourself.      If you are mean or mendacious or greed is your motivation,  whatever it is,  you often assume other people act from the same impulses.    Conversely,  good people are at a disadvantage because they really can’t believe that other people would be “that bad.”   Nor would it even occur to them to suspect certain people of evil motives.

“Everybody’s doing it,”  is one type of   faceprojection that parents often hear from their (immature)  children.    Sometimes it works!   That’s why children do it – it silences their parents.

We don’t mature evenly as we grow older, so some “grown-ups”  are left with the secret desire to harm other people,  which they loudly then ascribe to their opponents.   Political gun control advocates can harbor secret desires to off their political opponents, as  VP Biden was video’d wishing a few years ago.  But publicly,  in  formal statements?    No.  And he’s not the only public figure recorded speaking out these same sentiments — not in the light joking of hyperbole to make a point among like-minded people,  but quite seriously.

A few days ago  (10/18/16),   the Washington Examiner reported that one of our Extreme Leftist Supreme Court Justices has said she had wanted to hit Justice Scalia with a baseball bat.      Showing no dignity nor  gravitas nor impartiality,  this under-educated Leftist Justice has often displayed her immaturity as well as her animus against those who don’t agree with her politics  –  and yet she has the power to silence the rest of us.   

(Unfortunately,  she is not alone on the Supreme Court,  which is another danger Americans face.)

So what’s going on with this presidential campaign?   What does the entertainment-news media show us from their Far Left point of view?


That was the German Rathaus, doubly damaged,    the first damage occurring as Hitler was gaining and consolidating power  by a bombing,  which Hitler and his National Socialists claimed was done by “the communists,”  the Marxist-type socialists,  which were beginning to gain more popularity than Hitler.

By bombing this government office building and using the media to blame his enemies,  the votes actually flowed in to Hitler – as was planned.    It scared enough German people,  (security over freedom!)   and the bombing silenced their opposition to Hitler.

This plan is called a False Flag.   It wasn’t the first successful political False Flag  (who lit the fire that burned ancient Rome?) ,  but it is fairly well-known to  people alive today.


It’s  actually a commonly-used successful tactic because (1) people still tend to believe the entertainment-news media and because (2) people still tend to project onto others the feelings they secretly (or subconsciously)  which they could act out.

knee-jerk    Remember that “Grocery List”  of words that you’re supposed to reflexively associate with Donald Trump?    (a few posts ago)     Well,   you can add another for “Trump Supporters”  –

I have some pretty intelligent, clear-thinking people in my classes,  but one of them shocked me a few weeks ago by calmly stating:  “Oh, those Trump people, they’re so violent.”

Huh?    Wouldn’t the entertainment-news media be showing us tons of  “proof” of this statement?    Wouldn’t they be eager to scour all the local newspapers to find evidence of “violence and hatred” from Trump supporters?    Sure they would.

Instead we get  revelations about the Clinton followers destroying (by violent substances)  Trump headquarters in Washington DC,  in Virginia,  in North Carolina, in Indiana –  and I’ve forgotten for sure the other states.  They have attacked the campaign offices of their political enemies?   No evidence that Trump people do that.

Once it becomes a police matter,  we hear about it – in a few places.


Clinton Supporters closed down  I-10 just outside of Phoenix AZ for a while,  for several hours.   Police were called in, so it made the news. Why Phoenix that day?  Because there was big rally being held in support of  Donald Trump.

We now have on videotape Democrat operatives discussing the use of Clinton Campaign money which was used for causing the damage and “unrest”  in Chicago,  Cleveland . . .    This is major mob violence against those who want to join with others in an exercise of their First Amendment rights.     This is government-protected brutality.

These Leftists are seen (on tape)  spitting at,  yelling invectives,  cursing,  impeding the movement of, and committing property damage against the people who want to support Donald Trump.

How is it my friend in class missed all the damage done to the cars which are parked outside of Trump rallies?



So many photos of spray-painted cars – but how about peanutbutter on your mirror?


Funny and juvenile –  but I can’t show the other parts  of  the cars  where dirty words and symbols were “painted” with the peanutbutter.     “Lovely”  blonde young woman arrested for that.

And the signs.  The Trump signs.   Commonly stolen or damaged.  Too many photos for that too.


Homeowners have taken to “booby-trapping”  their signs –  with funny video-taped results.  Sometimes the Hillary Sign Thieves work in daylight,  sometimes at night:



Amusing, until you add up the numbers.

Why are they trying to silence their political opponents?      It’s perfectly normal to disagree in matters of politics,  but  trying to silence your opponents by all these means is a violation of   what America stands for.

As a matter of fact,  when it’s government-connected people using their power (including their influence over the media)  to silence and intimidate others,  it is unconstitutional because the Constitution was written for the very purpose of LIMITING  the government and its desired control over us.

What other kinds of silencing tactics are there being used?

Or what other silencing tactics are going to be used?

Remember this?-


Well, more serious analysts are predicting . . .     something very serious.   I’m hoping not,  but I’m no expert.

If there are Trump supporters in America,  they don’t deserve this.    If Trump has spoken brashly, bluntly,  plainly like a New Yorker is known to speak,  his words do not incite violence any more than the words coming from  our government’s “protected”   ethnic groups, racial groups, and a certain religious group who do quite blatantly and plainly incite violence against whites,  conservatives, Catholics,  evangelicals,  or anyone else who is not on board with Global Socialism which prods them onward and protects them.

The All-Powerful Global Socialists.   Their quiver is full.


SILENCE that mole!!!

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