(They say this election is a choice between our national sovereignty or  Globalism.   American laws?  Or international laws.   Choose Global Rulers  or   choose an American who will put the interests of America  first. )


Be a child again!!

Every boy wanted one for Christmas  (once upon a time)! —


This is a post about patriotism, and how we express it.

There was a time when every English boy wanted a set of toy soldiers for Christmas!    He could spend  hours and hours and hours arranging the troops on a “field”  in his own playroom.


Now,  why?     Because although a civilized society tries to protect its children from adult realities and uncertainties,   children overhear;    somehow children perceive that there are serious adult issues all around him.     And so he hears his country could be at war,  is at war,  is trying to defend itself . .  .   whatever.  These are adult issues,  but the child, by nature,    supports his family,  his village,  his nation.   

This is a healthy impulse –  loyalty and  patriotism.    You can be proud of the good things that your country stands for.   

Before the cynical promotion of self-hatred,  self-shame, and auto-destruction came about  as a tool for the Global Socialists,   before we were taught to hate ourselves,   patriotism was a happy,  shared sentiment of all people who loved their own country.

There are so many examples today.    So many happy,  uplifting examples around the world!   I could give you a picture for each one,  but perhaps mental pictures have more impact.    So —

Imagine the French people getting together at their “football”  games after one of the deadly attacks on their own people by the Islamic Extremists recently –  the football fans spontaneously begin to sing the  Marseillaise!     How wonderful to see solidarity in their love for their country!

Imagine seeing Russian athletes on the podium after winning medals –  and there are tears in their eyes as they hear their wonderfully moving national anthem.

Imagine a tiny child on the Fourth of July knowing enough to stand up straight and saluting  when the parade goes by and the marching band is playing the National Anthem of America!

Here’s one:    think about the national pride of  Precious Ramotswe as she talked about her beautiful country of Botswana!    She makes me want to visit her there.  (I know, I know, this is a fictional character –  but Botswana is real,  and I can well imagine its citizens love their country.)

Patirotism is natural!   It is natural to human beings to love the land of their origin.   Their nation.    Their country. 

And it is natural to want to maintain laws and practices and customs that preserve the best of one’s own nation!

Except –   national pride,  nationalism, patriotism  is very much an obstacle to the goals of our Rulers, who need a system of Global Socialism with NO BORDERS.     The Poor Sick Lady,  R.oyal  C.lintoness,   says she loves America  (“Boy, do I  love the Constitution!”   she says to the public);   but to her private aides she has been recorded as saying she wants a borderless economic unit in the entire western hemisphere.  She envisions a reality of a one-world, or one-hemisphere system from “Canada to the tip of South America,”  as she says.  

A Public Persona and a Private Persona,  again,  as she says.

Sentimental patriotism is okay for us as long as it doesn’t get in the way of these Global Dreams.

It’s been said that this election is not a choice between one candidate and another,  not their personalities,  not their private moral lives.   This election, rather,   is a choice between   national sovereignty  and globalism.

It’s no longer time for “Republican”  versus “Democrat”.  At least not for just this one time.   There is so much more at stake in a couple weeks than “how your family has always voted.”

The United States of America?     Or Global Socialism?

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