11. STEAM KETLE DAYS – Corruption

Corruptis optime pessima.   Pessima!  

Remember that.    If you’ve been adequately educated in line with Western Civilization,  you’ll recognize that statement.


These are  my “steam kettle days.”     Not that pretty steam kettle.   The anger is just steaming out both my ears.


I ally myself with the eternal God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob,  and the Christian Church (as it is traditionally known).   He said:    ” I know the thoughts that I think toward you,   thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you hope and a future.”     (Jeremiah 29:11)    Some of you will hear Readings in your churches on Sunday that tell you that God didn’t make anything that He hates –  He loves all the things He created.    He doesn’t want us to live in evil.

Not “thoughts of evil,”    but to give us hope and a future.   He teaches us thoughts like love,  justice, peace,  kindness,  honesty,  duty,  piety,  responsibility,  hope for a better future,  high moral standards,   modesty and chastity,   health,   dedication,  reliability . . .

These are the optimal,   “best”  qualities that human beings have always esteemed.

Now,   Corruptis optime   —  corruption of the best.    Take all the things we need for a nation which relies upon self-government,  government of the people,  by the people, and for the people —  WE   tell US  the best way to govern OURSELVES —  Americans like to think this is the best way to be governed.

But our Founding Fathers warned us we can govern ourselves only if we are a people of the BEST qualities.

Corrupt those qualities,  corrupt the people in government so that they no longer represent the best qualities — and what do you get?      Pessima.

“Corruption of the best is the worst.”

The WORST thing we can do to ourselves is to ELECT those evil, corrupt politicians who have embedded themselves into our highest offices, and surrounded themselves with a strong shield of bureaucrats who will protect them against all opposition.



The Poor Sick Woman has so corrupted the system  that she is almost invincible.     Government bureaucrats and officeholders are so beholden to her that they will protect her.   The entertainment-news media promotes and protects her;  97% of them vote for her and donate lots of money to her.

(97+%  of people who live around Washington DC donate to her and will vote for her.)

The Justice Dept.  is so intimidated by her protectors that their own reputations have been tarnished.      This woman can commit a list of offenses against US laws and statutes,  while in office,  and the Justice Department is unable to bring her to justice.    That’s the corruption of the Justice system.

Foreign  governments,  foreign officials,  and foreign and domestic corporations know just how much to “donate”  to her in order to get access and approval for their needs.

The growing dictatorial world government knows they can count on her – to work for them and to cover up their designs.

Her people, her kind of corrupt political people,  are in most places of authority and influence now.  Only if you are in agreement with her can you receive the freedoms and  benefits that are supposed to be afforded to ALL citizens.    Half the citizens of this country have discovered that they are the kind that are EXCLUDED.

Anyone who is not on board with her power trip, including past good presidents, are deeply maligned.    Character assassination.   Politics of Personal Destruction.    Why do I even mention this point?   Because someone recently told me to my face that it is her political opponents who set out to destroy the character of everyone in her party,  not her party’s practice itself.   And this was spoken as though genuinely believed.    They disregard the origin of that political principle that originated a little more than 20 years ago by that Woman’s party.

And I’m steaming mad because factual evidence to the contrary is ineffective.

We are talking to people who have been politically made deaf.  Their hearing is corrupted.  “Itching ears,”  the Bible says – they’ll hear only what they want to hear.

These are good people.   But:    Corruptis optime pessima.

It’s true every time.

It is honesty and decency,  a commitment to truth and justice and fairness,  all those “best”  qualities that could keep our nation strong – and keep us safe.

Vote to continue this corruption.   Or vote to try to try to try to end  it.

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