11. STEAM KETTLE DAYS — 1st a Foundation

(Of  Jude, Simon,  Evaristus, and Frumentius)

I’m writing these next blog postings for ME !    I want to remember in the years to come just why I am so spittin’ steamin’  angry.    MAD.     Like a “mad dog”  mad.


Whoa.   That’s a way too pretty steam kettle for how I feel.

I’m writing against a whole lot of kinds of people –   I’ll get to the rest of you –  but right now against all you weak, panty-waist, effeminate, sold-out,  uneducated (and I mean that one!),  social justice warrior catholics and catholic-type priests who are getting money, prestige, attention, and privileges because you  write in your sermons and newspaper articles and internet comm boxes words that do not nor never have represented the Church that you hide your marxist, anti-american,  anti-humanity, global governance-dictatorship opinions  behind.

Don’t you dare ever  throw into my face your Gentle Jesus Loves Peace and No Conflict So No One Should Oppose You   attempt   to shut up actual, thinking people!!!!

The real Jesus has a word or two for you:  “Depart from me,  I NEVER knew you!”   These priests and religious leaders are GOATS and they’re going where goats go.  How’s that for a Gentle Jesus Submit to the Leftists type of Judgment Day?


So here’s my foundation.  Here’s where I stand.   People have died for this stand.

I am IN a 2,000 year old Church.   The one represented by that fishing boat that Jesus got into whenever He wanted to preach offshore or whenever He wanted to cross the Sea to do His works of mercy on the other side.   Of all the fishermen available,  He jumped into Peter’s  boat.   Undeniable.

Jesus chose to stay in Peter’s house when He set up headquarters on the shoreside village of Capernaum.      Peter’s house.

He told Peter to feed His lambs when He’s gone;   feed His sheep. . . .  The others are fed.

Who ran to the empty tomb first?   John.   Who stepped aside so Peter could be the first to enter?  John stepped aside.   Peter, their leader,  was the first to enter.

I’ll stop there,  I know all the rest of the times He chose Peter to lead, to be the spokesman for,  to make the statements and announcements.    It may not mean anything to a lot of people,  but it means a lot to me,  a historian (sort of historian).  I want the real thing.

Peter’s name means Rock.     Not his faith.    Him, himself.  Peter is the Rock  while Jesus is away.


There has been NO breach and NO break in the teachings since those early days 2,000 years ago.

Interesting that certain days on the calendar occurred this week –  I find them a  consolation and a confirmation.      So . . .  we just had the feast day today of Sts.  Jude and Simon.   Two relatives of the actual Jesus who became his disciples,  loved Him and came to understand Who He actually is.    They spent the rest of their lives telling other people about Jesus and setting up local churches that were associated with the chief of the Apostles –  Peter.

Undeniable and historical –  even to evangelicals.   These two saints died as martyrs  — probably in Persia   ( the fierce Iran of today).

Next came the feast day of Pope St.  Evaristus.   Ever heard of him?   He is the fifth leader of the Church in Rome.     Peter, then Linus, then Cletus,  then Clement,  and then Evaristus.   We KNOW their names and we KNOW what kinds of things they accomplished and we KNOW that each of these died as martyrs.      We KNOW from contemporary writings and descriptions…..

Every time we go to Mass we HEAR these names read out to us.  Oh, not the 200+  names,  but these names,  and after Clement the list skips over to some of the most important ones throughout history    We KNOW all the popes’ names.   So, every time, every Sunday, every Mass . .  .   This 2,000 year old Church has a history that doesn’t change and has teaching that don’t change,  and we are anchored in actual human history.

Saints Simon and Jude were in the mid-first century.   Pope Evaristus, with the same teachings,  same understanding of Jesus,   lived towards the end of the first century, beginning of the second century.

Believe me,  had the teachings changed from the time of Jesus in just one small IOTA,  I would not be in this Church.

Just after Evaristus we had the feast day of St.  Frumentus who together with his brother suffered a “hijacking” of the ship they were in by Ethiopian warriors.  All the adults on the ship were killed and Frumentius and his brother were taken into captivity and used as slaves to the Ethiopians.    The young boys,  Frumentius and his brother,    kept the faith associated with Peter!     How is this possible for young boys,  given what a mess we have made of our youth today,  treating them as “children”  without brains — or consciences?

They lived in the mid fourth century –  and they believed in the same things that had always been taught in the Christian Church, right from the beginning.   Continuity of doctrine1      Actually, the brothers had  an interesting life,  worth knowing,  and, of course, then, both were martyred.

This historic Church which has carried on the knowledge about Jesus,  the Gospel,  has now,  recently,  become  under the public influence of numerous people who have an interest in propounding a “new Gospel” — and “new message”  and certainly a different one from that which was given throughout history.
These are teachings of the new marxist theologians who look like this,  externally or internally:


Fried brains.

The new version of the Church which is everywhere, it seems, and is all over the news media,   has made a sharp LEFT turn into social justice leftist marxism,  and is subject to all the evils that marxism has brought to us.   And they are being richly rewarded for doing so.

And what of the “catholics” in this new version of the Church?    I’ve had these people tell me – to my face – that we must toss away the traditional teachings of the Church and get with the modern (leftist)  and murderous, dictatorial agenda.


Goats supporting those who wear the jackboots.

They plan to vote in this election to keep the  astonishingly corrupt, dictatorial, elite, politicians in office.       You know, the ones who will deny you your fundamental constitutional rights when it conflicts with their own self-interest and with the flow of money and power into their hands.

Know this.   The actual Catholic Church still exists.   There is a small number of Catholics who have not left the Church,  internally or externally.      You won’t find that out from a corrupt, compromised media which itself donates and votes for,  97% of them,  the corrupt political elite which has brought shame and embarrassment to our nation.

Push back this election?


Effective pushback against you leftist social justice priests who have disgraced your Church and let your people down?  (Vote for Hillary and her corrupt crew because she gives us lots of money for receiving our enemy-invaders called “migrants.”)     (Vote for Hillary because we can’t be one-issue people and save tens of thousands of lives of the people soon to be born.)      (Voter for Hillary because she will –  what?   Bring us Nuclear War with her threats against Russia and China  and enabling Iran to complete their nuclear weapon development?    the ones who promise to nuke us . . .)

Probably not possible.


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