10. STEAM KETTLE DAYS – Humatics



I’m steam kettle mad –  steam blowing out my ears mad –  because TODAY should be a purely wonderful exciting peak-of-the-season  FOOTBALL  day!!!

Just about every state in the union has that major Fall college football rivalry day when the two main rival teams of the state meet for the Match of the Year.

scanner   Today’s the day.  Our streets tonight,  midnight or so now,   are already crowded with students.  I am listening to the police scanner, and they are busy!    In the background I can hear crowds of students, partying and . . .   well,  needing a police presence for one reason or another.

I’ll watch the game tomorrow.   Of course.   But also on my mind this year will be the shock of knowing that some people in my immediate vicinity will be voting to continue and further strengthen the absolutely evil corruption that has embedded itself into our federal government.

Won’t be pure, unadulterated football fun.



I wrote about corruption in the last post.  Let me give one detail in this post.    It’s the corruption of what I will name “Humatics.”    The process by which a corrupt person is protected,  coddled,  aided and abetted, so that the whole corrupt system can continue.

Start with the husband and his cell phone.   Texting naked pictures of himself.  Texting sexual images to an underage young lady, with photos that “make a point,”  so to speak.  With his infant son by his side.    (Now,  why is he allowed to continue on? )    This Corruption of a Minor continues because of the indifference of  a corrupt justice system.

So what?   Well,  the wife uses her own cell phone, and has at times in the recent past used the husband’s cell phone.   Her wife has received texts and emails containing  Confidential and Top Secret information – on her cell phone and several times on his!

(Against federal law, if you’re paying attention.)

These emails are sent back and forth from his cell phone to hers,  but all the confidential information originates from   H.er   R.oyal    C.lintoness,  the Poor Sick Woman.      It can happen because this wife states that she was 19 years old when she  met HRC — and has never left her side since!      She is trusted.

Huma is her name,  and “closest aide” is her game.   She is a Muslim woman,  associated with the Muslim Brotherhood,  an internationally recognized Terrorist Group.   She and her family are allied with a named terrorist group!

Huma’s father, Syed Z. Abedin ,  got  his PhD at the University of Pennsylvania,   where in his doctoral dissertation put forth the thesis that Thomas Jefferson was WRONG.   President Jefferson should not have opposed the Barbary pirates ( a chief concern among nations in those days,  cutting into trade and economic health of non-Muslim nations.)  Barbary pirates are, of course,  devoted Muslims,  and  “Dr.”  Abedin states that the United States of America should have paid the JIZRAH (tax)   demanded of them to the Barbary pirates –  the United States of America should have accepted their dhimmitude,  way back in Jefferson’s day.  I guess we’re a couple hundred years late on that.

Doesn’t sound like the attitude of the Moslems have changed much since those times.   America is at fault, according to them.    (More about this in later steam-kettle posts.)

And Huma (Abedin)  is one of them.   Closest Aide to HRC,  never far from her side.   Aiding her.  Protecting her.  Managing her.  Keeping her going.   She is the one who asked other assistants:  “Hillary has a meeting this evening.  It’s 3:30.  Should we start sobering her up now?”

Huma,  hiding habitual daytime drunkenness.

Here are some more worrisome words from Huma, protecting HRC:    Top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin said in 2015, after the campaign began, that Clinton will “stick a little closer to her notes this time because she  is still not perfect in her head.”       Thereby acknowledging the disease or disability that caused the frequent falls and the resulting bad concussion or two; lingering brain injury.

Not too long ago it was reported that Huma often has to assist Hillary on the telephone, reminding Hillary who she is talking to and what the issues are.     Thanks.

While we appreciate the Humatics involved in keeping Hillary apparently “on her feet,”  it is legitimate to wonder what other kinds of influences Huma has on her.


It isn’t that Huma is ambitious for herself.   Huma is ambitious for her religion.   Huma is Hillary’s  “closest aide.”

The Muslim Brotherhood is a movement that promotes Islamists and Islamism  around the world,   sure.   But it’s  also a useful and effective tool used by the Global Socialists to cause enough disorder and unrest in Western nations to allow for the implementation of Global Governance.

I’m steaming mad that so many people don’t know about all this, and when they learn,  will vote to continue this kind of corruption.

Election 2016:   Globalists versus   the United States of America.



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