10. STEAM KETTLE DAYS -“If I Had A Hammer . . .”

How do you feel inside when you have a close encounter with a policeman?

“IF I  HAD A HAMMER . . . Hmmm – hmm -hm – hm – hm – hmmmmm – hm . . ..



“If I had a  ham-mer,    (and an FBI subpoena) –  I’d  hammer all my Black-berries . . .

“I’d make them all-lll . . .  just dis – sah –  apeerrr . . .”



She can just keep singing.     I believe the count is  she hammered away 13 Blackberries,  two laptops,  and  used an extremely expensive and complicated software practice called “bleaching”  to make  those 33,000 emails disappear too.  (Who paid for that software?  That’s not even common among government offices or hackers.)

If  you’re Important,  if you’re one of the Elite,  if you’re very, very Rich,  and if you’re above the law,  then you don’t worry about your “hammer.”

I usually manage to stay out of trouble.   Ha ha  —


That’s my blue car in the parking lot after class on Friday.

It was the police blocking me in:


A little disconcerting to come upon a police bike and people standing near your car, talking to  a policeman.  I was pretty sure I hadn’t done anything wrong,   and indeed it was two people who had a collision in the parking lot right next to my car.     I commiserated with the one of the drivers for a while, while I was being blocked in by the police bike.

I  thanked my “lucky stars”  that my car was undamaged – and that the policeman didn’t want to talk to me.   (I wasn’t there;  I couldn’t have been a witness…)

I respect the police;  I know they represent legitimate authority over us;   and I wouldn’t ever do anything knowingly to get into trouble.

In other words –   I DON’T   have  a hammer.      Like    H.er  R.oyal   C.lintoness has. 

And neither do you.

And nor should any American citizen who is under the SAME laws as all the rest of us.

Election 2016:   Law-abiding  versus Lawlessness.


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