10. STEAM KETTLE DAYS – Merely Symbolic?

steam-kettle “Woe unto those who  call evil good and good evil. . . .”

  We have so little time left . . .  and the ones I love are going to fall under that  rapidly approaching time of woe.



What I had thought . . .


. . .  was that these flies landing on her . . . without her even noticing


. . .  were supposed to be symbolic:    –


Beelzebub,  Lord of the Flies,  ancient Philistine god, is just a symbol of the Ruler of other gods.      (Psalm 95:5 – “All the gods of the pagans are demons.“)

Just merely symbolic.

 But what do I know.

There will be a final show-down, a Final Battle, and it’s called the Time of Woe.      If there are not enough people pushing back against corruption and evil and indifference to God,  my loved ones will be caught up in this Time of Woe.

And that makes me really steam-kettle mad. 


(It can’t just be her really thick camera make-up because these flies land elsewhere.  But I cannot even show all the sickening photos of flies landing on the face of the Barack Hussein person.   Too icky.)

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2 Comments on “10. STEAM KETTLE DAYS – Merely Symbolic?”

  1. Jon Says:

    We all know what flies are attracted to, don’t we?

  2. I don’t even like to look at that . . . stuff!

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