This is a bit of an interlude – a time-out from my steaming mad posts . . .   Because there is evidence of effective push-backs and today,  three interesting areas.  Three related topics.

 Topic # 1  –    This post   –  – The Trump Family.

See this lady?


I don’t know her name (and an unexpected Microsoft update took away my notes.)   She lives around Mesa, Arizona.     Very, very hot day in the desert and her car broke down, in the middle of the road.  Traffic backed up behind her.   She is hot,  thirsty, and pretty upset.   She’s phoned for help.

The car right behind her was a big car,  on its way to some “important”  place;  and one of the men in it jumped out –  the other passengers saying “No!  No!”  —   but he jumped out anyway and spoke to the lady, and before you  knew it,  that man was helping to push her car out of the way, onto the side of the road.     Good thing he was wearing jeans.

Then the man, knowing that a wrecker would take a while to arrive,  went back to his car and took out ALL the bottles of drinking water from his car and gave them to her, because she was going to get pretty hot in the Arizona desert.

Much to the lady’s surprise,  the man turned out to be the son of  Donald Trump.     She said no one would believe her story,  so Mr. Trump   happily agreed to have some photos taken with her.

It’s nothing unusual to the Trump family ethics.    Born with a “silver spoon in his mouth”?    Maybe.    But neither he nor his father were treated that way.

Because of recently being in the spotlight and having his personal activities reported on, we are finding out story after story of Donald Trump giving out large amounts of money to individuals in need whom he comes across, randomly.   He doesn’t seek them out;  he doesn’t seek public knowledge of these personal donations.

Donald Trump has a “star” in Hollywood,  you know the kind that celebrities get.  He became a celebrity as America counts celebrity.  I’ve never watched his television show, but I think he might have gotten his star for that.

And to answer my friends who truly believe the entertainment-news media opinion that “Trump followers cause violence,”  I wonder if you’ve been told that an angry, arrogant Hillary supporter  defaced the Star of Donald Trump.    Some people tried to protect it from further damage,  but only one lady stayed for a long time.  Turns out she was a homeless woman.     She was attacked and beaten up by . . .    Hillary supporters.

She was missing for  a little while,  then found, treated and released, as they say,  but last I heard she went “under the radar;  and finally the ones who beat her up were arrested.

That’s NOT the end of the story.   Donald Trump is offering a substantial reward of some kind TO the homeless woman.   As his friends know,  he likes to take people who are having a hard time and personally give them help of a kind that he is able to deliver.  Not always cash money.

The help offered usually greatly benefits the person, except in the case of one young lady who was being used by the Leftists to make a case against Trump –  a certain, what, Miss Universe?  who had trouble with her weight . . .   and Trump offered her help in this area     . . .    Well, the facts have been so muddied and distorted now  —

We all should offer our help,  but there’s no guarantee that your help will be received in the way it was  intended –  and third parties watching on can really become your enemies.

The spontaneous stories that are told by people who know Donald Trump describe him as generous, kind,  he listens to people,  sometimes taking their advice,  he’s “a perfect gentleman,”  I’ve seen more than once . . .

And oddly –   he doesn’t smoke, do drugs, or drink alcohol.

(Contrast this to the Poor Sick Woman who is known to be frequently drunk in the daytime, with plenty of accompanying photos through the past years,  and whose aides wonder how soon they ought to get her “sobered up”  for the next event,  and who today —  Sunday!  —  directed her campaign from a Florida bar –  a serving-alcohol  type of bar.)

I don’t want my president having to work her way out of a hangover when that Red Telephone rings.   I don’t want my president having to be “sobered up”  before she meets some world leader.      I’ve had only one hangover in  my life, a very long time ago, when my new husband wanted me to be more like his friends and  gave me something I didn’t know what it was.

I couldn’t manage my own household the next day, let alone my own country!

I suspect there are a lot of good secrets we haven’t been told about Donald Trump.  He himself is like the rest of us:    He pushes back against the trouble he sees.    He learns,  he absorbs information from situations around him,  he evolves,  he improves, he changes his mind carefully.      We do this too;  we want to be better now than we were before.

He’s from New York.   He “talks”  differently from the rest of us.    Blunt.  Plain.  To the point.   Rudely, it seems to the rest of us.    Because he thinks being politically correct is phony.

I think so too.



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