Name that one clean uncorrupted department in government .  .  .


Simmering, simmering, simmering . . .

Honestly,  I woke up this morning and wrote FOUR angry posts . . .   but  it’s always good to cool down before you hit that “Publish”  button.

So I turned down the heat to Simmer, and went on off to my Monday class —  where I learned a thing or two from my people there.    Good class,  guys;  good questions.  Now I’m the one with homework to do!

bear-claw-70 And it’s hard to remain at full boil when the Bears played so well tonight.  Mr. “Arm Like A Cannon”   Cutler finally got back into the game  –  and he did well!

Go Bears!      Go    Chi – –

Chicago.      City of my childhood.    The weekly “weekend report”  tells us  “17 dead from gunshots,  40 wounded.”    You don’t think it’s “poor people”  doing it to each other, do you?     Poor people aren’t automatically immoral and murderous.    Poor people struggle with their poverty, they don’t naturally turn on each other.

All these gunshots in a city which has the strictest, most restricting gun laws in the nation.

What’s doing it?    Al Capone and Frank Nitti are gone.    The Italian families don’t have the power to tone things down anymore.   The Irish gangs are gone.  The Jewish gangs are gone.   The Puerto Ricans are gone.    Mayor Daley and the traditional Democrats are gone.

Welcome to the New Chicago reality.    The Alinsky-ites have been steadily moving in and now, decades later, we have some obvious results.    Just draw a direct line from the actual   Marxists infiltrating the University of Chicago,   1910-1950,  changing the culture there   forever.   You get no promotions, no positions, no power unless you’re one of them.

You don’t even get to publish your ideas if you don’t toe the party line.

“The end justifies the means.”    “Lying is good for the Cause.”    “Create a social crisis and then use that crisis to  insert your (marxist)  goals.”  Remember:  “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

Lie, lie, lie to the people;  as   H.er  R.oyal  C.lintoness has said in a recently exposed email,   they’ve  got to get those   “F*-ing  young people on their side.”   So much for  respect for the Millennials.   She, a top disciple of Saul Alinsky.  He had plans  to hire  her  for a big position in Chicago politics.

She was on to something bigger, in her mind.   A bigger pond to scum up.

Read Rules for Radicals.     If you do not,  you won’t have any way to understand what’s going on, because these Alinsky-ites who created the Chicago Pond Scum that overflows into Washington DC  have learned how to get the upper hand, now, and they have corrupted everything everywhere they have seeped into.   Draw the straight line.  And watch American values being consumed by the Scum.

“Create a crisis . . .”      Break up Americans into separate demographic groups and pit them against each other.    Make up new ones and pigeonhole people into new categories.  Enlist the aid of the (also) Leftist entertainment-news media and make it seem as though Americans are fighting Americans.   It’s good entertainment.  Our emotions are aroused.  We’re  “open”  to marxist solutions.

And then . . .   then . . .  when  your fellow-Alinsky-ites get power in our nation’s capital,   then use all the agencies,  the departments,  the regulatory boards to advance the noble  marxist, globalist Cause.

Name  ONE department in our nation’s capital which they have not corrupted or put corrupt officials into, or are beginning to corrupt by promises, quid pro quos,  pressure, and intimidations, and the flow of money.     Name ONE.   I can’t find one yet.  I couldn’t find anywhere where the governing hands that we rely on are not corrupted by the presence of these people.

Go back to Chicago.   Who do you thing is doing all this shooting?    Oh,  some bad guys.  Some  “poor people” who have been radicalized and have been taught that the “system” is against them so they have to shoot out at people.

But, no.  There’s another source –  (and because of the new regulations coming down on Internet users, I’m going to choose not to link to these sources or post photos or quotations. )

Just simply,  to summarize,  you can research this yourself,  there is the deliberately encouraged proliferation of gangs from south of the border into our urban areas, including Chicago, but also including some of the “mildest”  cities you can think of,  like  Lincoln, NE, for instance which I have to drive through occasionally.   It’s not the Bloods and the Crips.     It’s some of the most vicious drug cartels you can’t even ever imagine.    They leave a trail of mutilated corpses behind,  burned, dismembered,  half-eaten (yes,  eaten!),    not just killed but tortured in horrific  ways – and they make their progress across territories . . .

Can’t we stop them?    It’s an invasion into our peaceful country.  Can’t we stop them?

steam-kettle   Here’s where the steam kettle starts boiling again.    Our deeply corrupted Agency that’s  supposed to Enforce our Drug laws and protect Americans from the stream of drugs into our country has made deals with the drug cartels – according to various reports, and according to one inner-Agency whistleblower who just reported out this past weekend (so multiple sources);  deals by which we will allow the a majority of drug activity to continue, including the transport of heroin and cocaine INTO our country – we will allow this –  and they will permit our Agency to stop and arrest a very much smaller percentage of what we actually catch.

How’s that for CAUSING a crisis?   In Chicago these are drug turf wars;  cartel enforcers;   drugs, drugs, drugs,  and drugs from foreign countries.

A trillion dollars worth of poppy crops grown in Afghanistan, for instance,  according to international auditors.       A trillion dollars?

Do the Afghani people seem like rich people to you?

Election 2016:    Continued Corruption of the Elite Establishment?


An  outsider,  non-politician,  who has outlined a very  possibly personally dangerous  course promising to confront  this whole problem.

(For the cynics:  he has a track record of appointing the  best,  most experienced people to get a job done.     Experienced drug enforcement agents and border people –  experienced,  though handcuffed and dismayed for the past several years.  They’re  ready to do their job!)

If America elects the Continued Corruption of the Elite,    it won’t not change anything.    The problem  grows and it will spread everywhere.











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