This is Topic #3 of my “Interlude”  in my angry countdown of days until the election results are in;  and though it’s  a happy interlude,  it has some bearing on our upcoming election.

Today is one of my favorite days in the entire Liturgical calendar  –


It’s  the day the Church celebrates Christ the King !!     

I write often about our “Rulers,” meaning those unelected powerful people who make the important decisions about our nation,  our government, and our very lives.   They are super rich, super powerful, and they pull the strings of most of the officials that (we think) we elect.   They give some elected officials so much money and so much protection that these office holders sometimes seem to be above the Law.

But they themselves,  those “Rulers,”  are merely players in this world’s human drama and they  act only with the authorities and abilities given to them by our Creator and only for His purposes.

It happens like this:   The Creator, a Living Being Whom we know is of Love,  existed, always.    And since “Love is diffusive of itself,”  the Creator  created.      He “thought things   up”  and then He loved the idea of those things  and then He made them to be.

He is outside the created material world;  outside of it and independent of it.   You’re here because He first loved you, and then you were made to be.     It’s complicated, at least for us.

Things are as they are because He is the Designer and Creator and Presider, or Ruler, over everything that is.   And then, when His own creation defies Him,  He is the Savior of His own creation.    No matter how it appears to us in time,  it will all be His in the end.

Thus,  ultimately,   He is the  Ruler of all the Rulers;  He is their King, and that makes Him King of all the kings of the world.

No one has the ability to affirm this or deny this.     No one was there at the beginning.

No one but Christ,  the “Son” of God;   Christ the Right Hand of God;   Christ the King.


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