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November 28, 2016

Yep.   “fake”  is a four-letter word.  *



We’re hearing a lot about “fake news” lately.  Of course,  the danger to us is:  Who decides for us  what is “fake” ?  


Fake (a definition) –   adjective▸made to look like something real in order to trick people

You fake something for a purpose.   What do you have to lose?  It might work.    What do you have to win?   Try it out;  see where it goes.

Whenever you suspect something might not be true or real,  ask yourself that age-old question:

                       Cui bono?

Fake news maybe?    Well,  cui bono?     Who benefits?   What does the source have to lose?   What is the source after?

So here are two examples,  one trivial (like gossip);  and one rather important,  touching on the content of our US Constitution.

First the “fun” one –  fun, as in ridiculous:

You might have seen this or heard this on some headline news story  —

“I  would spray him with mace” ?????    It’s a Fake,  but horrible if true –  and it could be true because it’s all over the social media and even in some print media,  right?

But it was fake, and the source was traced back  to a comedian making a bitter, mean-spirited “joke”  and he got it from a little fake quote printed in that box outlined in red.    And then it was repeated and repeated,  here and there,  repeated until it became a news story.


(Well, anything to discredit the Trump family.   Some people will believe anything.)

Now here’s a more important Fake with more serious, perhaps deadly consequences.


“Someone”  offered Jill Stein   (Green Party)    a lot of money – a lot,  a lot! – to push forward the idea that she could win the election if she initiated a recount vote in three states.

Never mind that she got only 1% of the vote – and that 99% of Americans voted NOT for her.     If she got the votes in all these three states,  she would . .  .  what?    Win?      No.

Since that doesn’t make sense,   she and her campaign are calling for the old fake news that it’s the “Russians”  who have  “hacked”  our election process to make sure Hillary didn’t win the election.      The “Russians”!      Although this has been disproven and no evidence has been found for Russian interference,   “the Russians”  is a vague enough bugaboo to cause many uninformed people to suspend further thinking.

And so – maybe the “Russians”  did do it.    Right?     Whatever.

She won’t be elected.    Something is wrong with this effort.   Cui bono?

What does she have to lose?

What does she have to win?       ( a better question)

Money.   Money, money, money.   A recount campaign costs a lot of money.   There are lots of people to be paid.   (Paid and encouraged. . . )    Last week we saw that every few days the “cost”  of doing these recounts increased by quite a bit.  Up, up, up in steps, to very high levels.

And – to respond to this financial need –  money poured into the Jill Stein campaign – Wow!    A great deal of funds came her way,  way beyond even what she said she needed.    She received MORE funds for this recount campaign than she received for her election campaign!     Who funded her?   Who all funded her?

What do they have to lose?

What do they have to win?

My readers can ferret this out.   Pay attention to what’s being said and not said . .  .   Oh, yes –  and note  Hillary getting on board with the Jill Stein  effort.   Does Hillary want Jill Stein to win?

Of course not.

(Do you think Jill Stein et al.  would like to have a recount in states like Illinois?  California?   . . .   (heh heh). 

(Do you think Jill Stein et al.  will start advocating for pictured voter I.D.? . . .  also a big “heh”)





Note the purple.   Is George  Soros’s  Purple Revolution really going to get going  —  any way it can?   Paying for fake recounts?  Paying for fake protestors?  Paying for fake news?  Promoting fake racism?  Fake sexism?  Fake identity politics?




. *  “Four letter word”  used to be a polite way of referring to curse words.   (“Hell!”   or  “Damn!”    —  only later,   after our culture fell,    did other four-letter words become more common in everyday discourse,   four letter words referring to  human bodily functions, especially reproduction.)     

But the new four-letter words also indicate a curse on our nation.  Fake news,  a kind of self-cursing, if we fall for it.









November 28, 2016

I should entitle this posting “Not-So Fun With Insomnia.”    Sometimes,  even though you do finally get enough sleep,  it takes a physical toll on your hoped-for activities.   Consequently,  I missed posting about the beginning of Advent.

But now I have another consideration to add to my Advent thoughts.


A dear friend,  a member of one of my classes who had become “elderly”  during all these years she had been a part of us,  has died,  on this first day of Advent.   I just found out a few hours ago.

Advent is a time of   anticipating the  long-promised coming of the Messiah, the Christ and the great promises that are given to us.


And so Advent is  a celebration of the actual  Incarnation of  the Second Person of the Trinity, True God,  mankind’s only Savior.      We “anticipate”  by making sure we are the kind of people, individually the kind of person,  we ought to be in order to worthily welcome His coming.

Advent is because all Promises from God finally do come to an end in their fulfillment.    Both the First Coming of the Messiah and  (soon?)  the Second Coming of the Messiah, our Savior.   And because our individual lives will also come to an end.

This could be very bad news.  Who wants to think about the reality of his own death?   Life is over.   Finis.    No more second chances;  no more do-overs;  no more  . . .  anything.    As with our friend today.

This could be very bad news –   but for the efficacious saving work of the Messiah on His Cross, pouring out Love and Compassion for us,  and offering the possibility of Life Everlasting.

Isn’t  Death  just a part of Life?     Well, not like that.     Life comes from the Living Creator of Life.      He gives us existence.  He gives us Life.

Wisdom   1: 13-15   
 God did not make death,
and he does not delight in the death of the living.
[14] For he created all things that they might exist,
and the generative forces of the world are wholesome,
and there is no destructive poison in them;
and the dominion of Hades is not on earth.
[15] For righteousness is immortal.

God did not make Death, according to the Bible,  and He’s not happy about it,   but He did conquer Death and defeat its power and “sting.”

Our friend knew this.    From our point of view, she is dead.    But she has Life now:   Life from Life.   Her Life from His.

My goodness!!      On this Advent,  this beginning of a whole new Liturgical Year,  our friend passed from this life into a whole new LIfe!!

Let’s go back to the Bible, to the book of Wisdom again:

Wisdom 3: 1-3

The souls of the righteous are in the hand of God,
and no torment shall touch them.
2 They seemed, in the view of the foolish, to be dead;
and their passing away was thought an affliction
3 and their going forth from us, utter destruction.
But they are in peace.

THAT’S  what we’re doing during Advent.      Preparing for our End.     Preparing for Everlasting Peace from the Prince of Peace.

Only One,  for us men,   the Messiah,  Christ.



November 27, 2016

(I do my best . . .)


I really do try to go to sleep at night.

(Define  night.)

But most of the time sleep just doesn’t come.      It’s cold around here.   32 degrees outside.  Perfect night for a fire in the fireplace.

And those are my two feet keeping warm in front of the fire.

It’s getting to be about 2:30 a.m.,  which is the time my body normally begins to feel sleepy.     But the fireplace is so darn entertaining tonight.

As long as I can remember,  I sleep well between 2:30 and 9:30, which is fine as long as you don’t have to be anywhere in the early morning.

(Define  early!)

Nighttime is good for musing.

I was thinking today how different people are,  so different and so unique, and right from their early childhood.  I can’t show you any photos because I didn’t have permission, of course, to take pictures of little children who are complete strangers,   but I had an interesting observation this afternoon:

Two fathers.  Each with a little tiny daughter, two to three years old,  each in a child’s stroller.    And each entering our local library about the same time as I did.

Held the door open for one father-and-daughter combination.     The father was friendly. The little tiny thing was all bundled up in her stroller so I could hardly see her face, but she had a little giggle.   As the father stopped at the desk to pick up a book reserved for him, the little girl would speak out the cutest, most delightful happy  “Hi !”   to anyone who walked by.   The kind that made you want to answer.

The father stooped down to open up her hat and scarf and hood  (it was a cold day, you  know?)     As he peeled off all her layers,  there she was —  big, bright eyes,  eagerly looking at the whole new world that was revealed to her —  and she seemed to like it and  to like the people around her –  and she made happy cooing sounds.  I actually felt happy in her presence, and walked on down the library hallway with a smile on my face, as though I had just seen something sweet and lovely.

And there I saw the second father-and-daughter combination.    They had come in just before us.  She was a pretty little girl with round cheeks, big blue eyes,  blond curly hair — and the most nervous,  uneasy,  uncomfortable expression on her face.  She just wasn’t  sure of something.

Her Daddy was patiently explaining where they were and what they were going to be doing and that she had been there before.    But she looked worried.   She didn’t cry,  but she said a few words which sounded like she was looking at the possible negative outcome of whatever they were going to do.

It might have been  the big hallway,  the ceiling going way up high,  strangers walking by,   and some big open rooms that you could go into, but you don’t know what’s going to be in there and maybe someone would talk to you or you’d have to do something you didn’t know how to do or  . . . .    It was just all so uncertain. . . .

Two pretty little girls,  two very attentive, loving fathers,   same little visit to the library,  but oh, such different personalities.   They were so young, this was their natural dispositions.

People are all born with a certain set of characteristics,  similar to some others maybe,  but not the same.

And those are the characteristics you have to work with all your life!




November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving Eve.  The night before Thanksgiving.  Dinner preparations are done.   

I just want to be unserious for a while.   Because these November dates are getting too serious for me, and I’m falling into one of my funks.        Nov.3,  Nov. 11, Nov. 19,  another Nov. 19, Nov. 22,  Nov.26 . . .   Hubbie’s death.    Then Advent begins in just a few days.  Purple.  Penance.    Too many births and deaths.  And I’ve forgotten the exact birthday of my friend’s little girl,  way across the country,  but it’s in November and I miss sending her a birthday card. 


There’s no reason for me to be in a funk.     There’s nothing “wrong.”   


So here’s a trivial nice thing floating in my mind somewhere;   it’s  not able to anchor down,  not enough to make life’s serious things go away,  but . . .   it’s there in my mind.

I came home one day and found a box on my doorstep.  Now what did I order?


Dinner?   No, I didn’t.      Unless my fingers   slipped on the keyboard . .  .   It could be my next-door neighbors . . .  .

I took it into the house and put it on my  kitchen counter.


A gift and a thank-you card —  from the guys who gave me a new driveway!!!!

I wrote about these guys…  I told you they were a wonderful crew!!


If you’re local —  the company name is Hayhoe!

I love popcorn!   I could have popcorn for dinner!    I’ve had popcorn for dinner!!!


But not for Thanksgiving dinner!!

I can tell you the Pumpkin Spiced Caramel  is delicious!    Haven’t. . .   uh . . .  tried the others.

I told you –   my dinner preparations are already made.


November 20, 2016

I’m beginning to like my fuzzy moon pictures.   They have an interesting . . .  charm.


“Moon lines.”  Looks like a black and white Jupiter on edge.

I’ve got some “end of the year” resolutions to take care of soon.    I’ve got to accept my good friend’s offer to teach me something about photography.  Then I have to install my new editing software so I can do useful things with the photos.

I’ve got to get serious about  getting my summer and fall clothes packed away and my winter clothes out and ready —  and sewn!


I need a couple new vests.  Here’s fuzzy black velvety one almost made.  I had to create the yellow tissue paper pattern so the vest will come out with the right shape and length.   The sewing up will go fast but I need to bring  this  winter wardrobe issue  to an end.

I need to do the end-of-the-year holiday planning,  company,  decorating,  parties.

Lots of things are coming to an end now.   Autumn chores.   NASCAR.  Football season.

You can learn a lot about life from football –


After all,  the whole game is a series of drives and the goal is getting to the  “end”  zone.     (The Bears made it this time!!)

And today we arrived at another end,  the end of the Liturgical Year:


We’ve come full circle, and have finished up the green patch at about 11:00, or 11:30.   11:59, actually.      Next Sunday we will be in the blue.

It’s an orderly way of keeping track of time,  which at the same time instructs us in keeping track of  our journey  throughout the year, with Our Savior,   as the major events of our Faith unfold,  one after the other.

It’s like a circular timeline.     And when we reach the end of the year,   the 11:59, so to speak,  it’s appropriate to think more on   those all-important “Four Last Things”  which we all will confront, at the “end”  of our time on earth.

I’m sure you’ve thought of them throughout the year,  perhaps without even realizing that these are “end time considerations” that are common to all.    The Four Last Things are:  Death.    Judgment.     Heaven.     Hell.

Obviously,  we’ll be intimately caught up in only three of those Four Last Things.

We all have common experiences with these things.

Death.    Perhaps you’ve known someone who has died this past year.  Or almost.    Or perhaps you had a close brush with death.    What might have, could have happened, if you didn’t get lucky.

Judgment.    Those twinges of guilt,  self-judgment,  an “oops, I shouldn’t have done that.”       All fundamentally pointing to the existential certainty that we will experience our last and final judgment.   Perhaps you think it will be a glorified self-judgment.   But,  nevertheless,  the judgment will result in . . .

Hell.     Perhaps.    You probably heard Hell referenced at least a few times during this past year without really thinking about it.  Someone nearby curses:  “Oh,  Hell!”    “Damn!”    It’s a curse word because . . .  well,  it’s a curse that is a reality.    It’s just that we don’t often “think about it.”   Why is the entire human race so “fallen”?    So damned?

Heaven.    A hoped-for glorious End,  but one which we’re entirely incapable of producing by ourselves.

Incapable:     Remember the miners in South America who were trapped by a massive cave-in?   All escape routes solidly blocked.   They had little water,  very little food,  no electricity, no light. 33 men trapped deep below ground.  And they were incapable of getting out of there.

They had no way of knowing that a multi-national effort was underway to attempt to reach them.   

But weeks went by.  Weeks with not enough provisions, not much oxygen.  

How do you think they passed that time, knowing they could not help themselves out of that deepest, darkest pit?

69 days later!   It took 69 days to reach them,  and miraculously  all the men were still alive.

Help had come from Above, by means of which the miners did not have,  by efforts that the miners were incapable of accomplishing.     Can you imagine how beautiful the sunlight must have seemed to them?      And they saw the Light and lived again!

The Fourth Last Thing:    Heaven.     Available for us,  by means of the Cross reaching down to us and reaching out wide to all mankind.

Advent,  next Sunday,  begins that process.


November 19, 2016

(Even if you were the Ruler of a great country, or its king or its president, you’d have to   know that the common people have common,  everyday activities that are really the center of their attention — once the politics are over!)



There were a lot of things to do on this football Saturday!  First a trip to my local  grocery (and everything else) store.   First sight when you walk in the door?


Know what those are in the display?

Weather forecast:   15-25 m.p.h.  winds.     34 degrees.    Snow squalls.  

Yep –  those packages contain plastic  ponchos – for the game.   And the orange packages on the side —  hand warmers, of course.


Snow on the  field!   Fans were dressed in parkas with fur-lined hoods,  holding Tim Horton’s coffee cups.   Our rivals in red travel from four to five hours south of us,  but they were wondering if weather would be a factor.

It was.   We’ve had a disappointing record this year as we put together a new  young team but we nearly had them today. One point.   Hardly a loss.     Our rivals had been a 22-point favorite.

I had plenty of football food ready (to help with the game!) ;  food like pizza and steaks and and a sweet ham and pineapple dish,  but I started the day off with this –


First time I ever made a croissant sausage-and-egg breakfast.   I figured if I made it at home, I’d know what’s in it.    It was pretty good,  but way too filling. I really don’t want to eat too much of the other stuff.

Football and shopping weren’t the only thing on my calendar on  this football Saturday.


That’s today.    Christmas Craft Show nearby.    Really some nice things made by some very talented people,  but I resisted most of it.   I thought the prices were two or three times as much as they should have been — based not on the cost of the materials or the time put into crafting these objects,   but based upon what “common, ordinary” people have in their wallets.

So I didn’t buy much for myself,  but combined my purchase with a worthy charitable endeavor:


You should know about these people.   They are called Solar Circle.    They are a small, local group who are working with villages in Tanzania (Africa)    where there is no electricity,  no public infrastructure,  not schools,  and no cash money.     Solar Circle is raising money to erect solar powered schools and to give solar-powered little lamps for people to use in their houses.

They’re using cloth made in Tanzania, which is what you see in the photo.    This American group buys the cloth from the villagers, according to the story,  and then they sew napkins,  tablecloths, and such, and sell them at various craft shows.

Sounds legit.     I bought two sets of cloth napkins.  There were so many beautiful patterns that it was hard to choose.     Uncharacteristic of me,  I didn’t take any photos of their whole display.     I bought one set for me,  one set for a Christmas gift.  I would have bought more,  but like I said,  prices were two or three times higher than what “a customer”  would be comfortable paying.

So this was for charity.

A  nice full ordinary football Saturday.



November 15, 2016

My photo of the Super Moon:


It wasn’t quite dark.   It wasn’t too high in the sky.   It was a little misty,  a little hidden behind branches, and it wasn’t super-sharp clear like some great  photos  I’ve seen on TV.

But I decided I like my photo anyway.

Soft and indistinct.

Like a lot of the things I know about.    So much I know about but don’t have a clear sharp understanding of.

Maybe I’m weary.  Maybe I’ve been reading too many of my favorite action-adventure spy-vs.-spy special forces kind of novels — where there is a lot of death and dying.    Maybe I’ve seen too many mean-spirited and violent people in the protest videos in the news.  Death and threats of death everywhere.

And now the coming of Thanksgiving week,  where birth met death in our family in 2010.  Cooper was born ,”untimely,”   unexpectedly premature,  but in time to be placed in Hubbie’s arms,  in his hospital bed,  as he lay dying.


Little Hand Holding Big Hand

We were “indistinct”   about that too.   Perhaps supernaturally protected from too many acute emotions,  like the soft, comforting lighting on the way to Hubbie’s room.


Hospital Hallway

I don’t understand much about death.  I know we have to go through the process of death in order to  get to Eternal Life.    I know there will be a horrible state of affairs for many who die,  but a wonderful and glorious state of affairs for those who have come to know their Creator — before they die.

Our Creator didn’t create death,  but He made provision for all of us who have to face death.   Stick with Him,  on His terms,  and we’ll be all right.

But what is this process that causes so much grief and loss and uncertainty?  And people who bravely say they don’t fear death —   are they kidding themselves?    Even some of our greatest, most good and holy saints have gone through periods when they fear their own imminent death.     It’s a Crossing Over, leaving everything behind that we know,  into —

The Bible says don’t be looking into things that are above your understanding.  It’s  okay if things stay fuzzy and unfocused.


So,  maybe death is one of those things.     It happened in our family at Thanksgiving time:  Hubbie (and devoted father to my children);    and then  my own Mom just before Thanksgiving a couple years after.

We’ll probably engage in our usual  “remembering” this year,  trying to make sense of something that was never meant to be but is a common experience of all humans.  There can be much that is beautiful and true  after our death.

Best left indistinct and unclear, I suppose,  because if we give ourselves too many answers,  we won’t be open to the loveliness of Eternity that a loving , caring God has provided for us,  as it comes into our lives.  Our thoughts can hide his thoughts.

I can know that the full moon was 8% closer this month.     The last time it was this close was 69 years ago.  the next time will be in the year 2030.     But that doesn’t help me know the beauty of the soft golden glow of a misty moon, and be touched by the wonder of it all.


Loveliness ahead.

There is more to human life than scientific knowledge.


November 14, 2016

We’ve had the election.  Things are “shaking out,”  and people are busy discussing the various issues with more or less effectiveness . .  .  They can do it;  I turn away.

It’s Fall here around the Spruce Tunnel.   I have a sweet little fountain in my pond (floating among the leaves) :


It’s bubbling away  in the sunlight because it’s a solar powered fountain.   It’s not often that the sunlight falls on it,  so it’s fun to watch it when it comes alive — in its small, gentle way.

And we have a “big”  fountain too,  (floating among the leaves)  which sprays up streams of water, 24/7,  powered by coal,  I suppose,  from our power company.



It’s especially nice in the dark of night because it has its own lights and that’s the only thing you can see out in my back yard.


So that’s my leaf-covered Fall.

Pardon me while I go rake my pond.





DEAR “WORLD” from U.S.A.

November 13, 2016


YOU KNOW WHAT?    You have to PAY people in America to go out and act angry !!!


“Morning and evening shifts” ???

I’m still reading headlines from around the world concerning our   “surprising”  election.   The Russian news service has a headline banner which says:   “American Population  Divided After the Election.”

So,  I just thought I’d say, “Well, no;  not really.”       Only in a world  that the entertainment-news media create does it seem that the American people are at odds with each other.

Guess it sells newspapers to say so.

Depending on which studies you read,   68%  to  75%  of the American people  wanted to change our country away from the extreme Leftist policies of the Barack Hussein person;  wanted to turn away from the Bush-Clinton-Bush- Clinton  dynasty;  and wanted to get rid of  crime and corruption in politics.

And then  most Americans voted to do just that.

Actually many people on the Left, in our Democrat party,  voted for Donald Trump; record numbers left that  party to vote for him.     More ethnic minorities,  more women,  crossed over party lines to vote for him.

We all  wanted someone who has experience in business, and maybe help build  a strong economy for us.  We want to get out of these endless wars and meddling into other countries’  business.  No more foreign destabilization policies.  We want to protect ourselves, as is every country’s right.   We want to get along with other world leaders,  with a leader who is an experienced negotiator.  We want to go back to “equality before the Law,”  and stop protecting criminal  behavior in the name of “diversity.”   If we have a religious faith,  we want it to be safe to practice a religious faith.

So, why would it be unexpected for us to elect Trump as our president?     How did the media miss that?   Well, as we are seeing now in endless and frantic  televised discussions,   “Maybe we ought not to have worked so hard to elect Hillary.”

“Maybe we should start reporting the straight news rather than trying to influence people to accept leftist policies.”

According to Russia Today,  another news banner: “World media is changing their tone about Trump.”

Good.  Let’s be realistic  and work together on very real problems.  Maybe Donald Trump  can lead the way and help us begin to accomplish a few good things.


November 12, 2016

I’m not going to show photos of the children out on the streets imitating the demonstrations of their grandfathers during the Sixties.   You’ve seen the videos on television, I’m sure.

I’ve been perusing through lots of tweets from these oh, so nice Leftists who sit behind “news” desks and who are out on the streets,  defying the police.    Some of the nasty tweets from the Leftists who are known to preach Tolerance are calling for the “sni   pers”   and  “de  at h ”  to the Pre  s. Elect,   etc.   One female granchild out on the streets warned us that there would have to be  death on both sides of this “revolution.”

: )

The funniest tweet was the one that threatened Americans with World War Two if the election is not overturned.    Uh.    I think her teachers missed teaching her something, like  we’ve already had World War Two.

Why are they out there?  Well, this leads us eventually to Putin of Russia.

First,  did you get your Invitation? released the following press release Wednesday afternoon:
    Americans to Come Together in Hundreds Peaceful Gatherings of Solidarity, Resistance, and Resolve Following Election Results
    Hundreds of Americans, dozens of organizations to gather peacefully outside the White House and in cities and towns nationwide to take a continued stand against misogyny, racism, Islamophobia, and xenophobia.                                                                                              The gatherings – organized by and allies – will affirm a continued rejection of Donald Trump’s bigotry, xenophobia, Islamophobia, and misogyny and demonstrate our resolve to fight together for the America we still believe is possible.                    

    WHAT: Hundreds of peaceful gatherings of solidarity, resistance, and resolve nationwide

    WHEN / WHERE: Find local gatherings here. Major gatherings include in New York City’s Columbus Circle and outside the White House in Washington, DC.

    RSVP: Please email to confirm attendance.

Looks like many of the recipients did indeed “RSVP.”

As far as bigotry and racism go,  we are seeing racism at its worst:    Many reports have come in this week of violent racism committed against:  white people.     Hope you’ve been keeping up with some of it;  just so you know what our Leftists are like.

I’ve seen videos of white men puled out of their cars and beaten;  I watched the video of the California white teenager who was kicked repeatedly,  held down by her hair,  had her earrings ripped out of her ear . . .   The bully was not white.

And it’s not just teenagers or adults who are victims:


You like children?    This eleven year old boy was beaten up in school after a mock school election   (which is actually an abuse of children anyway)  and when the children of Leftists found out he had voted for Trump . . .  they hurt him,  enough so he had to be taken to a doctor.    (School refuses to say what was done to the juvenile bullies.)

Sometimes I do get worried.   What if more people respond to that “invitation”  above, and others like it?    Where did that come from?  Who is  “mo  ve.  on.  dot or g”?

Community organizers.   Acorn-like action organizations.   Saul Alinsky types.  Leftists.    “Black Lives Matter.”     Political arms of the Global socialists.

Which,  by the way,   is where the money is coming from.  I was dismayed to hear how many hundred of millions dollars have been pouring into our country to agitate,  to foment civil unrest,  to encourage political  upheaval,  to teach and lead and promote riots over the past few years;  and now to interfere with the outcome of our national election.

Who’s donating all that money?

George Soros.    International,  global socialist Billionaire.


Truthfully,  he is doing this in other countries too.   Causing social instability.

Which,  by the way,  is why  Putin,  as the leader of his country,  has put out a reward for the arrest of George Soros.    Putin’s order will – if successful – not only remove a major threat to his own country,  but to many others around the world.    American citizens seem to be the last to know. . .

He is promoting the  fighting between people and their governments and between one nation and another.

The opposite is peace and order.

Ironic,   that it is Putin who is trying to bring about peace.





November 11, 2016

(well –  wistful again)

It would be nice if this world produced no more veterans.    No need for soldiers.   No need for purple hearts.

I supposed the world could breathe a collective sigh of relief after the American election this past week.    Hillary’s WWIII averted.  Inevitable, perhaps,  one day,  but averted for now.

I supposed wrong.

I took a peak at world headlines and front pages  — and they didn’t seem to remember that Hillary had threatened China with nukes,  to set a”nuclear ring”  around China . . .  I don’t know, she was upset about something they had done.

I thought the world would have remembered that Hillary had threatened to shoot down Russian planes from out of the skies over the Middle East,  which Russia responded with a warning that that would lead to world War III.

I thought that the world would remember that Hillary’s State Department (along with the Barack Hussein person)  had set the whole Middle East on fire, as they tore down the governments of several countries there,  one by one,  and supported the Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorist-associated groups to be the new leadership.  Death, destruction,  murder,  and war, war, war.  A whole “arab springtime”  of war.

Guess what –  Americans didn’t want all that war.     We don’t want new wars.    Did other countries in the world welcome more war with a Hillary in office?

Really?     Or is information about America being spread by our Leftist  entertainment-news media?   Do they believe this anti-American   media propaganda?


Hitlers propaganda man famously said “If you tell a lie big enough and often enough,  the people WILL believe it.”

I told you before that our media has given us a “shopping list”  of terms to use whenever you hear the name “Trump.”      The list includes items like “dangerous,”   “unpredictable,”  “bigoted,”  “Xenophobic,”    “anti-Muslim,”    “anti-Hispanic,”    and a few other things.   (Keep the list simple so simple-minded people can learn it.)

The media not only kept giving us this list, day after day for more than a year,  but it also showcased anyone who was willing to go on television and repeat these words “with conviction.”      They showcased such people,  they  featured them,  they put these people on a pedestal because they furthered the Leftist agenda.   Continuously.

So the propaganda must have worked.    Simple-minded people can’t explain why they feel like they feel,  they just know it’s true.   They can’t give any  examples without including the media’s interpretation of partial excerpts . . .

Ask the mis-educated “snowflakes,” as we call them now who are demonstrating against   . . .    against . . .    against WORDS!      Frustrated at not being able to convince anyone,  they have upped their activities to rioting now.  But they still can’t explain why they’re doing it,   beyond shouting out words that they’ve been hearing.

So it worked.       Media reality versus real reality.   (An, no,  “reality” doesn’t exist only in your own perception.)

The only positive responses to Trump’s election have come from those nation who know how much they have to lose from another major war starting up.

I agree.    No more veterans!!!!

If we can help it.


November 11, 2016


We celebrate today the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918. 

I hope our “world”  has not become too different . . .

There was a time when Americans fought to defend their country.    Americans fought to win.   Fought to defeat the enemy.     No quarters.      (Because if you did give quarter,  they would rise to attack again.    You’ve heard the story of the kind man who nursed an injured snake back to health . . .   ?     The world can be a rough, mean place.)


Here is the deck of the USS Utah,  my grandfather’s ship in 1918.   Actual photo.


The Great War was so shockingly horrible that it was fought to the bitter end with the determination that it would be The War To End All Wars.      And so all the nations signed the armistice that would end War.

It didn’t work.



Our family was involved in this one too.    That’s my Dad.

And our family was involved in the next “war”  that was politically halted; our fighting men were not allowed to win it nor to bring it to an honorable close . . .


Viet Nam.   My cousin.

I woke up this morning  —   Armistice is changed to Veterans Day because now we celebrate the lives and sacrifices of our fighting men in so many more war situations after The first World War;  I woke up this morning and my radio was broadcasting a story about a lost Purple Heart that was returned to its family – after 72 years of being lost.

The search for the family took many, many years,   record-keeping being one of the causalities of war.  The family was so touchingly grateful.  They were receiving confirmation and affirmation and a sense of the reality of their great uncle’s sacrifice,  and they now had a tangible  token of this country’s gratitude.

Hubbie began his genealogy work by looking up his own uncles’  purple hearts, and then searching for the circumstances of their deaths.  In the process the two young men of his family became real to us,  flesh and blood,  not just “two uncles who died  before we were born.”

This is Veterans Day.   Every veteran is real,  flesh and blood,  a member of a real family,  and every veteran has a story.  Some of the stories can’t even be told by the veterans themselves,  because what they sacrificed,  what they endured,  is so far above what we non-veterans have had to experience.

The men in my family were functional again,  after their wars.    I think they were fairly functional.

But others   –   Every morning when I was a young schoolteacher,   Hubbie and I would drive into school and pass by a front yard in the nice little country town where we taught;  in that yard was a young man,  roughly our age.

And he marched.   Back and forth.   Up and down.   Guarding the perimeter.       Every morning when we passed by,  every evening when we passed by in the other direction.  For about two years.

And then we never saw him again.




November 11, 2016

A little “high school”  English assignment:

A few posts ago I wrote about how the media creates “paperdolls”  for us to fuss about.    They created two paperdoll figures and gave us “paper clothes”  to dress them up with,  and then we were supposed to make them fight and argue and then we would vote for our favorite one.

The  media made one of them really, really good, and the other one really, really bad.


And then the not-so-glamorous one:


And lots of people believed it.

So if the entertainment-news media has been doing this for many decades,  carefully molding its viewers and readers into socialist thinkers,  then how would they know it was being done to them if they don’t  have any other source of news to compare with?

Here’s how we were taught in high school,  long ago when students were expected to read,  and this is the assignment:

Have the three leading weekly news magazines in front of you.   (Time.  Newsweek.  U.S.  News and World Report)

Open to their articles on  . . . (the same major current news topic)

Read that news story in each of the three news magazines.

See if you can recognize  any bias in any of the three;  see if you can discover what the writer’s personal political point of view was.

Write an essay supporting your findings

I remember thinking “This is interesting.”   I didn’t realize  “adult”  news magazines might have some bias in them, but now I suspected that some author bias can creep into an objective news article.  Could I find it?

The three magazines had different writing and editorial styles.  I certainly don’t remember the particulars but I did find a few examples of what probably was bias,  where the author was approving or disapproving of something, without letting the reader decide.

In the 1950s Americans found out that the news industry and the entertainment industry had been infiltrated by our enemies,   the soviet socialists who wanted to “transform”  our country.

In the 1990s, after the Soviet Union had “fallen,”  hundreds of thousands of documents from that earlier era were released.      It was shocking!   In the 1950s Americans had no idea to what great extent our news media was increasingly biased towards the Left!

But who could tell us?     Only the news industry itself!     And they called the Congressional investigation a “witch hunt.”

Now we live in Leftist bias as a fish lives in water.    “Water?   What water?”

Turn on any of the “news” channels.     Pick any one.     Remember the name of Russia’s major newspaper?   It is Pravda.    It means  “Truth.”

Now you know why I call them the “entertainment-news” media.    It’s entertainment of the most skillful and insidious kind.  And it’s not “news”  at all.


(Do these rioting college children have any idea that they’re being lied to?)


November 9, 2016

November 8,  2016

This was a political victory.

This was a spiritual  victory

This was an American victory.

This was a Constitutional victory.

This was a freedom-for-all victory.

This was a religious victory.



A political victory over the  politics of the Alinky-ites,  over the “community organizers” who create little soviets  across our nation which are accountable to the central authority;  and a political victory over the global centralized authority looming over more and more of the world.

It’s a spiritual victory over   the global socialists which are beginning to squeeze the spirit out of humans all over the world with oppressive and freedom-killing authority

It’s an American victory over those who would limit our inalienable rights given by our Creator so that we can live freely and independently and determine our own destiny, speaking freely,  meeting together freely,  defending ourselves and our families freely,  worshiping freely,  owning land and using it freely  — and a victory over those who distort the meaning of these freedoms and would have the world believe that American freedom means irresponsibility,  selfishness,  bigotry,  and environmental destruction –  all lies.

It’s a Constitutional  victory over those who would disregard and discard the protections given by our U.S. Constitution, which defines and limits what government can do and   preserves individual and local authorities.

It’s a victory of Freedom-For-All   over  those who are striving to institute a Rule of the Privileged elite,  placing  themselves above us, above our laws,  above all Law.

It’s a religious victory over those who are trying to change what an individual believes in and limit the freedom to live according to those beliefs.   The various religious expressions of Western Civilization  are foundational to America,  American culture,  and to the principles of  freedom and equality before the law.    To suppress religious freedom,  especially through the cynical use of tiny minorities superseding the rights of the individual,    is to  distort and destroy  America.


(In response to recent  Clinton/Obama/  entertainment-news media remarks):

America is not about the “majority”  stomping on the individual — and if so,  we have in the past used legal  means to  fix that;  but neither is   America all about imposing the wishes of the minority onto the entire culture.   America’s  “parts”  all benefit and work together for the same freedoms.   We are not individually separated victim groups,  striving against each other.

And if you don’t get your way,  Americans are not “bigots.”



But the election victory was  JUST A VICTORY.   

Now we must live confidently as Americans always had,  believing in traditional  American values,  rebuilding what we have lost and repairing the harm done in the past 30 years.

It’s  ONLY  a victory,  but thanks to God,  it IS a victory.

Deo gratias,  and let’s take time to say or sing the Te Deum,  the traditional,  humble song of victory.

Or however it is you express your thanks.


November 8, 2016

.1.     The Day of.


Election 2016:

The Elite  global socialist who knows better than we do and is beholden to special interest groups,  bankers, and corporations


             —  versus —


An experienced American businessman who loves his country.



(I’m voting to NOT be screeched at and scolded for the next four years.   I’m voting against crime. )







November 7, 2016
  1.   That   # 1 means we have one full 24-hour period left before we know.

The Spruce Tunnel may go silent for a day or two afterwards.     I feel like I did on the  operating table,  ready to go into the operating room.   Everyone smiling,  alert, attentive.   I was in pain and I needed the operation to save my life.    I remember thinking that in just a few short hours this will all be over with, one way or the other.  The  outcome was out of my hands now.

Turns out I had an incompetent surgeon and ended up with peritonitis which almost took my life.

At least the surgeon was not malicious and out to defeat me.


Or defraud me.

Once there was a young mixed-race man who was running for office in Illinois:

Kenyan-born Obama all set for US Senate

His real name was Barry,  Barry  Soetoro,  but it was thought that the name  “Barack”  and the name  “Obama”  would appeal better to the  African-hyphen-Americans who lived in South Chicago and would vote for him.      He was already reported to be born in Kenya  —  the real  Africa.

The National  Public Review got in on it too,  a liberal publication we call NPR.


Part of his bio:


A  visit to the continent of his birth:


Oh,  gosh,  I have so many of these . . .  They were so proud of their Junior Senator:


Kenya,  Kenya,  Kenya,  in all these articles.   Foreign  born.  Disqualifies him to ever become a president of the United States.

Childhood education in Malaysia,  raised as a Muslim there.


“Religion:   Islam”

He never did quite learn American culture.     So much he doesn’t know about our history!  Declares several times that we have 57 states in our country.  Not once;  a misspeak.   In several speeches.   He should stick to a teleprompter.

So what does he know about  American citizenship?     “Plenty,”  as it turns out.

The question was posed to him:

“Many of the millennials, Dreamers, undocumented citizens – and I call them citizens because they contribute to this country – are fearful of voting. So if I vote, will Immigration know where I live? Will they come for my family and deport us?”

If an undocumented illegal alien votes,   will there be trouble?

Nope.  Because …

  “The reason is when you vote, you are a citizen yourself and there is not a situation where the  voting rolls  are somehow  transferred over  and people start investigating et cetera. The sanctity to vote is strictly confidential.”

What does “voting rolls   …   transferred over”  mean?      What is “sanctity to vote”?

Anyway,   when you vote you are a citizen.    How do you think illegal “undocumented ” foreigners will understand his answer?

The lady who asked the question knew just what she meant.  Her understanding of being a citizen is:    “And I call them citizens because they contribute to the country.”    Huh?

They tell us “We are a nation of immigrants.”


We are a nation of legal immigrants.

Lots of foreigners are welcome,  but not all.      We are a nation consisting of legal immigrants.   Citizens and legal immigrants.

Used to be.

Election  2016:       Be specific.   Be accurate.  Be informed.

Just one 24-hour period of time left to the U.S.      Fuzzy thinking can kill off a nation..   Not being specific can be deadly.

Just remember my incompetent surgeon.   He was rather unfocused during my surgery.  See,  he was due in an hour or so to get on a plane and begin his vacation –  in Hawaii!




November 7, 2016

A little humor tonight.      Or not.

The Romans had to use ox carts and horses to haul in hundreds of thousands of non-Romans to support the politicians and generals who were all trying to grab a piece of the Roman Empire and overthrow its traditional form of government.


Today,  we bring ’em in by the busload.  

It’s a bigger vehicle than the Democrat machine van of old Chicago days that carted my Mom and Dad and others to the voting booth –  and scared them off of voting forever.   I think my Dad wasn’t scared,  he was super-disgusted.

A bus brings in more voters all at once.


They’ll bring in as many as needed.   Last night’s news story was about a bus who stopped off at a western Pennsylvania voting place and was told it wasn’t needed here  but they do  need more votes across state lines, over there in Ohio.   They’ve got voter registration names already prepared.   The bus proceeded on – where the “voters”  could be more useful.

There aren’t merely numerous “accusations”  against fraudulent voting,   there are eyewitnesses,   recordings,   legal charges,   ongoing prosecutions,  usually in “highly contested” states and so far,  all of  Democrat activity.

Several people, some over-zealous college students have been caught making up names to put on voter rolls.    Sometimes there are dozens and dozens of different names –  all with the same address,  same birth dates.

And then there’s the video evidence today:   An  undercover journalist just wanted to see what would happen if she slipped on a birka and claimed to be Huma Abedin of New York City –  then could she vote?    Only after answering the question:  “Will you be voting Democrat or Republican?”

“Democrat”  was the correct answer.   She was handed a ballot.

Sometimes the bus is late:

Sometimes the bus doesn’t make it on time but those votes are desperately, desperately needed.  So,  in Las Vegas,  the bus was late.   Dark of night in the desert.

This is a called a Vote Travel Bus.


They held the voting place open several hours after hours so the bus could arrive and they could do their thing.    As instructed.

Absentee ballots arrive in the mail, as requested,  but with political material urging the voter to vote for Hillary.    Sometimes instructions come with “Sample Ballots”  to show you how to fill out your ballot…   indistinguishable from the real thing,  but with  Hillary’s name already checked off.   Just for an example, you see.

Too many for a bus:

60,000    felons were given approval to vote in this election by Virginia’s Democrat governor.    Virginia is a hotly contested state.   It will be close.  Or it would have been close.  “Vote for Hillary –  Your Get Out Of Jail Free card.”   What Monopoly player would have guessed that!?

How is it that so many “warm  bodies”  get to vote without proving who they are?  I asked last time,  could you or I walk into France or Germany or the United Kingdom or Italy or Greece or Russia . . .   and demand to vote in their national elections?   Of course not!   Civilized nations do not give their votes away to unqualified citizens or to non-citizens.

Here,  the Leftist-stacked   federal and state courts  have pronounced it illegal to ask a citizen for his I.D.     No wonder the world is laughing at America now.

This election will determine not just the direction of America,  but the existence of America,  its values,  its culture,  its genius.    But you  DON’T have to give your I.D.  to vote in most locations.

You DO  have to give your I.D.  for the following:

buy cigarettes
buy alcohol
cash a check
open a bank account
apply for food stamps
apply for welfare
apply for medicaid
apply for unemployment
buy house/apply for mortgage
drive/buy/rent car
get married
purchase a legal gun
adopt a pet (this one I didn’t know)
rent a hotel room
apply for a hunting/fishing license
buy a cell phone (didn’t know this one either)                                                                                    get a library card – renew your library card
visit a casino
hold a legal rally or protest
give blood
buy an “M” rated video                                                                                                                         purchase nail polish at CVS (only CVS? I wonder)
purchase some cold medications

I especially hate that last one.    That hits me personally.   Some of you may know that Son is a pharmacist.      I have to take out my driver’s license and show my I.D.  to my very own son!!!!     But I know my activity is not being registered by him;  it’s being recorded by  Big  Brother – our Rulers.   I call it  “getting permission from the Gestapo.”     They say whether or not I can get my certain  rather mild  OTC allergy medicine.

And then I start dreaming of Patagonia……..

Never mind.

Election  2016:    Well . . . . .   Well,    the Roman Empire fell.    Couldn’t afford to feed and care for the massive influx of non-citizens.    They had corrupted the culture and overwhelmed the system.

But the Crooked politicians  held office for a few more decades.

2. STEAMING MAD – Veterans Day and Loathing

November 7, 2016

(I couldn’t find an angry-looking kettle, so here’s that pretty one.   But it’s still steaming mad):



” Half of Americans plan to vote for a media-fabricated  person who “loathes the military”  and is richly $upported by the Globalists who wish us to be global citizens first,  rather than  Americans.”


How awfully,  tragically ironic it is that the week in which we HONOR our veterans on Veterans Day this Friday  is exactly the week in which    Mrs. “We LOATHE the military”  Clinton     wants to be the commander in chief of our military!!!


The Clintons have consistently been heard to say  “We loathe people like you” ;   “We loathe the military”;   “Pigs!”  (spoken to policemen on duty protecting them.    People have seen them  CURSING  at the Secret Service.   They’ve even cursed angrily at the police dog who was “on duty.”     (The actual words that were heard were:  “Get that F*ing dog away from me.”  — that’s still shocking.)

They’ve been heard using the foulest language at the military and civilian men who are assigned to protect them.


They do their duty anyway,  knowing that they are  “loathed.”    Hated.

They have been disrespected and misused for twenty-five years now by the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton coalition.


Old and young,   our Veterans are honored this week by Americans.   They know how much they sacrificed for the good of our country.   The rest of us can only imagine.   More about them on Friday.


Our nation, especially in the last eight years,  has been reduced in size,  in equipment,  in fighting capacity to somewhere around the years right after World War One.


This army is not ours.


We will fight the next war  —  the next actual war,  where we are attacked —   with a now inferior  military capability.


This army is not ours.


If you’ve been keeping up with the development of weapon systems in foreign countries,  you’d be . . .  impressed, might be the right word.     Russia now has a missile that can take out territory within our country   the size of Texas!    Boom!   Gone!        Russia and China both say they have weapons system  that can take out  our aircraft carriers.   That’s new.   They’ve developed multi-megaton weapons that have mobile bases.  That’s new.  We are inferior, now,  in both size and capability to defend.

The Obama-Clintons have reduced our military as well as any enemy could have.

Not since the Soviet era under such as Lenin,  Stalin,  Khrushchev — also Marxists! — have so many good men disappeared.

Our experienced military leaders have been purged in one of the most blatantly political attacks on our military ever seen.   Have you ever read the long list of names of generals and admirals,  right on down through the leadership ranks –  gone.    Who accepts this as normal?       Now our young fighting men must undergo  sensitivity training;  they must be “inclusive”  to some very un-manly groups  . . . ;   they practice wearing RED high heels to learn what it’s like to be a “woman.”

Our good men are being used to fight a globalist “war” in the Middle East.  The fighting men tell us they could win this “war”  within a couple months – if the Obama-Clinton  directives would  let them.

And extraordinary missiles are pointed at us,  at the ready.    Plans are being drawn up, waiting for the right moment.     There is more than one nation that would like to have a piece of us,  while we are constructing that imaginary,  paperdoll world delivered to  us by our entertainment-news media.

Meanwhile,  the real world still exists.

Half of Americans plan to vote for a media-fabricated  person who “loathes the military”  and is richly supported by the Globalists who wish us to be global citizens first,  rather than  Americans

And such an insult!      This is right during the week we that honor our past veterans who preserved our right to vote!

Election 2016:     America or not.

We have   well-meaning  enemies without and within.






November 6, 2016

Anyone remember the reading program in schools called:  SQRRR?      (Or  SQ3R, as we called it in the classroom.)


You’re given a short passage to read and use the method:  Survey,  Question,  Read,  Review,  Recite.      Then you try to pass a little quiz on what you just read.    Next time you’re given a little more difficult passage to read,  and so you can advance.

The goal is to increase not only reading comprehension,  but also reading speed.

Actually,  it’s a pretty good method,  and I became more aware of speed and comprehension all through my adult life.

I got to be a pretty fast reader  but  “numbers” don’t really matter because not all books are meant to be read “fast.”    But just in the past few days I speed-read right through a 350-page  space opera   —    really exciting SciFi action-adventure unlikely-hero advanced physics interstellar save-the-earth from super races that don’t really care about us type of book.  With an amusing and supercilious,  or silly,   AI  created by the  mysterious Elders whom nobody knows about anymore . . .

Well, the book was really fun.    Sucked it right down!

So . . .

According to news reports. . .

Apparently,   Chief FBI Director  James Comey   can read a LOT faster than I do!    As a matter of fact,  in the last few days he has apparently read and considered  650,000   newly discovered emails written by  R.oyal  C.lintoness and  Assorted Comrades.   In just a few days.

He must have read them.  because he was able to conclude,   once again,  that there is “nothing new here.”*   In 650,000 newly released emails,  he knows there is “nothing new.”      No indictments needed.    (The entertainment-news media will have fun with this.)

We are told that the whole system protects her.

Which leaves us:  unprotected.

Election 2016:   Elect the Protected!!!     (Or not.)



.*  Or maybe someone helped him with his “reading comprehension.”


3. STEAM KETTLE DAYS- Playing With Paper Dolls

November 6, 2016

(This post is for my personal archives so I remember what a near miss we had in 2016.)

If you get your information from television,  what I call the entertainment-news media, they are giving you paperdolls to play with.


You get a male paperdoll and a female paperdoll.    And the television tells you one of them is bad and the other is good;     and the paperdolls have friends too,  and then you get to fight and argue about the paperdolls.  And then you’re supposed to take a vote and see which one is most popular.

That’s all we need to know.

But  –  NEITHER  of the paperdolls are reality.      I’m going to take it easy in this post.    I’m just going to list some recent headlines . . .  maybe just for one of the “paperdolls.”   (The “good” paperdoll;   not the one they made up bad stories about.)

“Barney Frank Confirms:   There  is no Congressional oversight on the Clinton Cash uranium deal.”   (That’s where we no longer own 20 %  of our own uranium deposits.   The Poor Sick Lady  SOLD  our uranium to RUSSIA   for lots and lots of money.  Oh,  I don’t mean America got the money.)

The New York Times newspaper says that “the Clinton Money Machine is a problem”;  and we can’t find out who all donated $20,000,000  to Mrs. Clinton for the uranium.

“Clinton Corruption  Unprecedented.”       Well, unless we really are a banana republic,  rules by corrupt,  lawless, and greedy leaders.   There’s a precedent.

“New York Times and Washington Post in agreement:   Clinton Cash a Real Scandal”

(I’m leaving out the names)  “…sexy, N-word,  F-bomb laced language ”  supports Hillary Clinton.     Well, according to what’s been revealed,  Hillary regularly uses that kind of language.  Probably doesn’t offend her.

“Obama suggests illegal alien voter fraud WILL BE IGNORED.”     (Oh, wait,   that’s another paperdoll.)   But it’s still OUR election.     ( Can YOU walk into France and demand to vote in their election?    Can you make Germany give you a ballot in their elections?    England?   Switzerland?  Will Italy let you vote in their national elections?)

“Former Congressman says:   Clintons Practiced ORGANIZED  CRIME at the Highest Level of our Government.”

Obamacare Victims Revolt:  “We Don’t Have That Kind of Money.”      (And we know which paperdoll threatens to continue this unaffordable    health control law.)

“Hillary hid  a   $1,00,000,000   gift  from Qatar.”      Oops.   How’d that happen?

(Someone from the Bernie side:  Clintons are trapped in a world of the Elite;  lost grip on the  average American.

Sheeesh!      I’m still reading headlines.  WHY do her supporters have to set trucks on fire and trash the campaign offices of Trump?  And shout obscenities  at Americans?     I was listening to a man on the radio last night who said  he had a nice day off from work and decided to obtain some Trump signs,  place them in his front yard;  went out to his back yard to grill some hamburgers —  checked on his signs.    AND THEY HAD ALREADY BEEN STOLEN!    

Remember  the homeless women they attacked?

People want to vote to put these kind of people  in charge of the rest of us?    They sound like “real winners.”

Still reading various news sources . .  .  (This isn’t what we’re told about our paperdolls.)

Back to paperdolls:   “Hillary told her maid to fax and to print out classified information.”  Well,   I don’t  have a maid.  Maybe they’re given Top Secret Clearance too.

Hmmmm . . .  “People hired for $1,500 to disrupt Trump rallies”   and . . . etc., etc.

Oh,  the man who disrupted the Trump rally in Reno NV?    Listed in Wikileaks with ties to  the Clinton camp.        No surprise there.    Just who yelled “Gun!!”  in a crowded room?    Austyn Crites?


“Chelsea used charity money for her wedding and honeymoon.”   Well, another generation of this.

“FBI reveals its Pay-For-Play corruption investigation.” R.oyal  C.lintoness receives  many millions in donations from Wall Street,  the biggest banks,  (remember her sudden trip to Switzerland to talk with UBS officials?),  and the big corporations,  including  Big Pharmaceuticals.      The ones who want some president to make  mandatory vaccinations the Law of the Land.    The Law of the New Land, I guess.

A message from a foreign newspaper:  “To America,  on its Eve of Destruction.”

“Hillary’s  Attack Ads”   Unfair and untrue.”     (Oh,  that’s another foreign newspaper.)

They talk about the “trail of dead bodies”   . . . .

“A  vote for Hillary is a vote for islamic terrorism.”     Well, we know the invasion of our country is occurring and Hillary promises to increase this by 550% , as she said –  if she can do the math after what she says in her speeches.

Let’s see,   unstopped immigration from third world countries gives us . . .  drug-resistant TB,  cholera,  blah, blah, blah . . .   and:   The ever increasing  “Polio-Like Flu”  also known as  entero-68,  or something like that,  never before seen in our country but well known to the south of us . .  .     Your child has a little cold,  and then starts losing control over his arms and legs . . .  paralysis sets in . . .   sometimes death.

Oh,  this gets embarrassing.   America can’t even protect itself from the Clinton Corruption and Crime Clan . . .

Paperdolls.      No thinking,  just listing.    I’m putting my paperdolls down now;    there’s so much more,  but it’s making me tired.   Tired and wary of all this.    Next posts will be shorter!

Election  2016:   “Our Near Miss”    

We play with Paperdolls   versus   we learn about   Real People.


Repeat:    ELECTION  20126:    OUR NEAR MISS