I’m sure we all grew up learning the difference between real and fake.

steam-kettle  It makes me SO MAD to hear that about half our country forgets the difference when it comes time to elect a president!

Just steaming, boiling mad,  because so much is at stake, and we can’t afford to have a deceiver in the White House any longer.   And this story involves my personal knowledge.

I grew up in rather poor circumstances –  moneywise.   Our first Chicago home was on Sheridan Avenue, someplace like this neighborhood:


My Dad worked very hard at several jobs, and then a couple years later we moved out to the near-west suburbs.    If you’ve been to The Spruce Tunnel before, you may have read some stories of my childhood growing up at the edge of the Illinois prairie.    The prairie looked out to the West.

I could show you the Des Plaines River  and the forest preserves near my home,  where we sometimes played ,  but  this is also what I lived next to:      (O’Hare Air Force Base)


My school was right off of Irving Park Road.  I lived under where it says  “Proposed Northwest”  Highway.     I rollerskated and bicycled right down Mannheim.    We kids had a ring-side seat to all the wonderful,  ear-splitting jet fighters that roared out of O’Hare Air Base    — just to the West of us.

And when a Delta screamed overhead –


–  we knew we were right at the center of cutting edge technology!

In our area we were mostly  poor kids,  lower middle class,   our dads struggling with one or two jobs,   but  it was a great place to be a child!

Sometimes on Sunday afternoons my Dad would take my Mom and me out for a drive to see the “rich peoples”  houses,   to the East of us.      Big two and three story brick homes with nice green lawns outside.       Some of those lucky children even had Shetland ponies grazing on their lawns!   That was a big fad in those days.

Here’s one of those homes.  Know this one?    –


This is the house where Hillary Rodham grew up.    I was astonished to hear her say a few weeks ago that she”knows what it’s like to be poor”  and she knows how hard her dad worked to stay in the “middle class.”     She didn’t.    And he didn’t.

I know these homes.   And I know about the privileges that come with growing up like this.

Hillary Clinton grew up safe and privileged;  the “hard lessons”  she had to learn were how to fight to get your way up over others who were blocking your ambitions,  how to win over others,  how to move up and up and up in society – and how to use politics as a way up.

She grew up a Republican and was a member of the Young Republicans,   because in those days, the Republicans were the party of business people,  of the rich or soon-to-be rich.

But Saul Alinsky and other communists, socialist,  Leftists,  and marxists were gaining control of the area’s politics.       She switched over to the Left,   identified with people in “poverty”  so she could “help them” – and get their votes –    and became an able and skillful disciple of Saul Alinsky,  who helped her up and out of provincial Chicago politics.

She said No to a job with Alinsky, and moved on out East to expensive colleges,  where the extreme leftist form of Liberalism paved the way for ambitious people.

Onward and upward!     Onward and Upward, the plan goes.   The End justifies the Means.   Develop a Public Persona,  we hear her say,  and keep the Private Persona for where it counts.

Transform America!      The laws don’t apply to  you if you’re doing such “important” work.     She’s a piece of work, all right.

And she really had a beautiful childhood home.

Election 2016:       Fakery versus Reality

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