4 – STEAMING KETTLE – “It Takes A Village To . . .”



We’re supposed to think of this kind of village.     Not war-torn villages devastated by Islamic armies.      Just normal happy villages.   I’ve actually never met an African,  in my  “many”  decades of living, who was fundamentally unhappy.   In fact,  their inner happiness and optimism is infectious,  and I’ve always afterwards questioned my own  deep,  dark, doomy   Scandinavian thinking.    After all, we have six months of brooding winter darkness in our blood!

African village children are like happy children,    secure in being loved and cherished.   They have been raised by their very own family,  near their extended family,  their friends and neighbors,  all who love them.  Of course that’s a “stereotype,”  but it’s one that’s seen often enough.

But when a globally-minded Leftist tells you about  “village,”  they mean the  whole world,   the whole world population of numbers, vast numbers,  divided into  manageable demographic  groupings  (NOT families),  and all controlled into a  state of peace by an elite group of Rulers who know it all.

“Peace.”     As in no unrest.    No push-back against a loss of freedom. No complaining against the Rulers.

This is the World Village that the Leftists,  Progressives, The Clinton Crime Clan,  the new   Democrats,  Global Socialists,  whatever they can  call themselves —  it’s the World Village that they have in mind.

The  Village will raise your children,  by the command of the Rulers.    The Village will train your children into the right attitudes.  The Village will train your child into new global ways.

(Just  one example):    James Paul Warburg.   1950 –  We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent.

Better look him up.   He is the one who said that thoughts of national sovereignty and national patriotism  must be removed from our children by “education,”  and the ideals of global governance entrained into them.   This is the intent behind  groups like UNESCO.


Better look him up.   He’s one of the influences behind  the arrogance of our Rulers who tell us that “parental rights end at the school yard.”      That the medical industry must dumb down our children with series of substances injected into them at regular intervals.   That our textbooks must be purged of religion,  nationalism,  American  history,   individualism,  self-reliance,    wholesome stories that build good character.

Better look into those textbooks your children are struggling to read.

Warburg is one of hundreds,  thousands,  of effectively influential people who assist that World  Village to take control of the raising of your own children.

H.er R.oyal  C.lintoness,  who couldn’t hide her illness again this weekend,   cheerfully declares that It Takes A  Village . . .     She’s so  “for the children.”     But it’s just now coming out what she uses the children  for,  thanks to FBI investigations,  federal  investigations,  the NYPD investigations,  state government investigations,   and whistle-blowers from everywhere.

Clintonesque  words are carefully  and scientifically chosen to give the most positive illusion of meaning.   They stand by the poor.   They stand by the working class.  They stand by the coal miners.   They stand by people who need medical insurance.   They stand by schools for our children.

Makes me so mad that we can’t trust any of their statements.   How can we even have a political discussion when they have different meanings for their words –  and different intentions for our very own country!

Yes,  “It takes a Village to take our children . . .  away.”

Election 2016:        Hang on to your children!   Hang on to your families.    Hang on to your freedoms.

This election will determine our freedoms for many decades to come.      The health and freedom of common,  everyday, normal,  working  families are at stake.



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