Anyone remember the reading program in schools called:  SQRRR?      (Or  SQ3R, as we called it in the classroom.)


You’re given a short passage to read and use the method:  Survey,  Question,  Read,  Review,  Recite.      Then you try to pass a little quiz on what you just read.    Next time you’re given a little more difficult passage to read,  and so you can advance.

The goal is to increase not only reading comprehension,  but also reading speed.

Actually,  it’s a pretty good method,  and I became more aware of speed and comprehension all through my adult life.

I got to be a pretty fast reader  but  “numbers” don’t really matter because not all books are meant to be read “fast.”    But just in the past few days I speed-read right through a 350-page  space opera   —    really exciting SciFi action-adventure unlikely-hero advanced physics interstellar save-the-earth from super races that don’t really care about us type of book.  With an amusing and supercilious,  or silly,   AI  created by the  mysterious Elders whom nobody knows about anymore . . .

Well, the book was really fun.    Sucked it right down!

So . . .

According to news reports. . .

Apparently,   Chief FBI Director  James Comey   can read a LOT faster than I do!    As a matter of fact,  in the last few days he has apparently read and considered  650,000   newly discovered emails written by   H.er  R.oyal  C.lintoness and  Assorted Comrades.   In just a few days.

He must have read them.  because he was able to conclude,   once again,  that there is “nothing new here.”*   In 650,000 newly released emails,  he knows there is “nothing new.”      No indictments needed.    (The entertainment-news media will have fun with this.)

We are told that the whole system protects her.

Which leaves us:  unprotected.

Election 2016:   Elect the Protected!!!     (Or not.)



.*  Or maybe someone helped him with his “reading comprehension.”


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