3. STEAM KETTLE DAYS- Playing With Paper Dolls

(This post is for my personal archives so I remember what a near miss we had in 2016.)

If you get your information from television,  what I call the entertainment-news media, they are giving you paperdolls to play with.


You get a male paperdoll and a female paperdoll.    And the television tells you one of them is bad and the other is good;     and the paperdolls have friends too,  and then you get to fight and argue about the paperdolls.  And then you’re supposed to take a vote and see which one is most popular.

That’s all we need to know.

But  –  NEITHER  of the paperdolls are reality.      I’m going to take it easy in this post.    I’m just going to list some recent headlines . . .  maybe just for one of the “paperdolls.”   (The “good” paperdoll;   not the one they made up bad stories about.)

“Barney Frank Confirms:   There  is no Congressional oversight on the Clinton Cash uranium deal.”   (That’s where we no longer own 20 %  of our own uranium deposits.   The Poor Sick Lady  SOLD  our uranium to RUSSIA   for lots and lots of money.  Oh,  I don’t mean America got the money.)

The New York Times newspaper says that “the Clinton Money Machine is a problem”;  and we can’t find out who all donated $20,000,000  to Mrs. Clinton for the uranium.

“Clinton Corruption  Unprecedented.”       Well, unless we really are a banana republic,  rules by corrupt,  lawless, and greedy leaders.   There’s a precedent.

“New York Times and Washington Post in agreement:   Clinton Cash a Real Scandal”

(I’m leaving out the names)  “…sexy, N-word,  F-bomb laced language ”  supports Hillary Clinton.     Well, according to what’s been revealed,  Hillary regularly uses that kind of language.  Probably doesn’t offend her.

“Obama suggests illegal alien voter fraud WILL BE IGNORED.”     (Oh, wait,   that’s another paperdoll.)   But it’s still OUR election.     ( Can YOU walk into France and demand to vote in their election?    Can you make Germany give you a ballot in their elections?    England?   Switzerland?  Will Italy let you vote in their national elections?)

“Former Congressman says:   Clintons Practiced ORGANIZED  CRIME at the Highest Level of our Government.”

Obamacare Victims Revolt:  “We Don’t Have That Kind of Money.”      (And we know which paperdoll threatens to continue this unaffordable    health control law.)

“Hillary hid  a   $1,00,000,000   gift  from Qatar.”      Oops.   How’d that happen?

(Someone from the Bernie side:  Clintons are trapped in a world of the Elite;  lost grip on the  average American.

Sheeesh!      I’m still reading headlines.  WHY do her supporters have to set trucks on fire and trash the campaign offices of Trump?  And shout obscenities  at Americans?     I was listening to a man on the radio last night who said  he had a nice day off from work and decided to obtain some Trump signs,  place them in his front yard;  went out to his back yard to grill some hamburgers —  checked on his signs.    AND THEY HAD ALREADY BEEN STOLEN!    

Remember  the homeless women they attacked?

People want to vote to put these kind of people  in charge of the rest of us?    They sound like “real winners.”

Still reading various news sources . .  .  (This isn’t what we’re told about our paperdolls.)

Back to paperdolls:   “Hillary told her maid to fax and to print out classified information.”  Well,   I don’t  have a maid.  Maybe they’re given Top Secret Clearance too.

Hmmmm . . .  “People hired for $1,500 to disrupt Trump rallies”   and . . . etc., etc.

Oh,  the man who disrupted the Trump rally in Reno NV?    Listed in Wikileaks with ties to  the Clinton camp.        No surprise there.    Just who yelled “Gun!!”  in a crowded room?    Austyn Crites?


“Chelsea used charity money for her wedding and honeymoon.”   Well, another generation of this.

“FBI reveals its Pay-For-Play corruption investigation.”

H.er R.oyal  C.lintoness receives  many millions in donations from Wall Street,  the biggest banks,  (remember her sudden trip to Switzerland to talk with UBS officials?),  and the big corporations,  including  Big Pharmaceuticals.      The ones who want some president to make  mandatory vaccinations the Law of the Land.    The Law of the New Land, I guess.

A message from a foreign newspaper:  “To America,  on its Eve of Destruction.”

“Hillary’s  Attack Ads”   Unfair and untrue.”     (Oh,  that’s another foreign newspaper.)

They talk about the “trail of dead bodies”   . . . .

“A  vote for Hillary is a vote for islamic terrorism.”     Well, we know the invasion of our country is occurring and Hillary promises to increase this by 550% , as she said –  if she can do the math after what she says in her speeches.

Let’s see,   unstopped immigration from third world countries gives us . . .  drug-resistant TB,  cholera,  blah, blah, blah . . .   and:   The ever increasing  “Polio-Like Flu”  also known as  entero-68,  or something like that,  never before seen in our country but well known to the south of us . .  .     Your child has a little cold,  and then starts losing control over his arms and legs . . .  paralysis sets in . . .   sometimes death.

Oh,  this gets embarrassing.   America can’t even protect itself from the Clinton Corruption and Crime Clan . . .

Paperdolls.      No thinking,  just listing.    I’m putting my paperdolls down now;    there’s so much more,  but it’s making me tired.   Tired and wary of all this.    Next posts will be shorter!

Election  2016:   “Our Near Miss”    

We play with Paperdolls   versus   we learn about   Real People.


Repeat:    ELECTION  20126:    OUR NEAR MISS





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