A little humor tonight.      Or not.

The Romans had to use ox carts and horses to haul in hundreds of thousands of non-Romans to support the politicians and generals who were all trying to grab a piece of the Roman Empire and overthrow its traditional form of government.


Today,  we bring ’em in by the busload.  

It’s a bigger vehicle than the Democrat machine van of old Chicago days that carted my Mom and Dad and others to the voting booth –  and scared them off of voting forever.   I think my Dad wasn’t scared,  he was super-disgusted.

A bus brings in more voters all at once.


They’ll bring in as many as needed.   Last night’s news story was about a bus who stopped off at a western Pennsylvania voting place and was told it wasn’t needed here  but they do  need more votes across state lines, over there in Ohio.   They’ve got voter registration names already prepared.   The bus proceeded on – where the “voters”  could be more useful.

There aren’t merely numerous “accusations”  against fraudulent voting,   there are eyewitnesses,   recordings,   legal charges,   ongoing prosecutions,  usually in “highly contested” states and so far,  all of  Democrat activity.

Several people, some over-zealous college students have been caught making up names to put on voter rolls.    Sometimes there are dozens and dozens of different names –  all with the same address,  same birth dates.

And then there’s the video evidence today:   An  undercover journalist just wanted to see what would happen if she slipped on a birka and claimed to be Huma Abedin of New York City –  then could she vote?    Only after answering the question:  “Will you be voting Democrat or Republican?”

“Democrat”  was the correct answer.   She was handed a ballot.

Sometimes the bus is late:

Sometimes the bus doesn’t make it on time but those votes are desperately, desperately needed.  So,  in Las Vegas,  the bus was late.   Dark of night in the desert.

This is a called a Vote Travel Bus.


They held the voting place open several hours after hours so the bus could arrive and they could do their thing.    As instructed.

Absentee ballots arrive in the mail, as requested,  but with political material urging the voter to vote for Hillary.    Sometimes instructions come with “Sample Ballots”  to show you how to fill out your ballot…   indistinguishable from the real thing,  but with  Hillary’s name already checked off.   Just for an example, you see.

Too many for a bus:

60,000    felons were given approval to vote in this election by Virginia’s Democrat governor.    Virginia is a hotly contested state.   It will be close.  Or it would have been close.  “Vote for Hillary –  Your Get Out Of Jail Free card.”   What Monopoly player would have guessed that!?

How is it that so many “warm  bodies”  get to vote without proving who they are?  I asked last time,  could you or I walk into France or Germany or the United Kingdom or Italy or Greece or Russia . . .   and demand to vote in their national elections?   Of course not!   Civilized nations do not give their votes away to unqualified citizens or to non-citizens.

Here,  the Leftist-stacked   federal and state courts  have pronounced it illegal to ask a citizen for his I.D.     No wonder the world is laughing at America now.

This election will determine not just the direction of America,  but the existence of America,  its values,  its culture,  its genius.    But you  DON’T have to give your I.D.  to vote in most locations.

You DO  have to give your I.D.  for the following:

buy cigarettes
buy alcohol
cash a check
open a bank account
apply for food stamps
apply for welfare
apply for medicaid
apply for unemployment
buy house/apply for mortgage
drive/buy/rent car
get married
purchase a legal gun
adopt a pet (this one I didn’t know)
rent a hotel room
apply for a hunting/fishing license
buy a cell phone (didn’t know this one either)                                                                                    get a library card – renew your library card
visit a casino
hold a legal rally or protest
give blood
buy an “M” rated video                                                                                                                         purchase nail polish at CVS (only CVS? I wonder)
purchase some cold medications

I especially hate that last one.    That hits me personally.   Some of you may know that Son is a pharmacist.      I have to take out my driver’s license and show my I.D.  to my very own son!!!!     But I know my activity is not being registered by him;  it’s being recorded by  Big  Brother – our Rulers.   I call it  “getting permission from the Gestapo.”     They say whether or not I can get my certain  rather mild  OTC allergy medicine.

And then I start dreaming of Patagonia……..

Never mind.

Election  2016:    Well . . . . .   Well,    the Roman Empire fell.    Couldn’t afford to feed and care for the massive influx of non-citizens.    They had corrupted the culture and overwhelmed the system.

But the Crooked politicians  held office for a few more decades.

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