November 8,  2016

This was a political victory.

This was a spiritual  victory

This was an American victory.

This was a Constitutional victory.

This was a freedom-for-all victory.

This was a religious victory.



A political victory over the  politics of the Alinky-ites,  over the “community organizers” who create little soviets  across our nation which are accountable to the central authority;  and a political victory over the global centralized authority looming over more and more of the world.

It’s a spiritual victory over   the global socialists which are beginning to squeeze the spirit out of humans all over the world with oppressive and freedom-killing authority

It’s an American victory over those who would limit our inalienable rights given by our Creator so that we can live freely and independently and determine our own destiny, speaking freely,  meeting together freely,  defending ourselves and our families freely,  worshiping freely,  owning land and using it freely  — and a victory over those who distort the meaning of these freedoms and would have the world believe that American freedom means irresponsibility,  selfishness,  bigotry,  and environmental destruction –  all lies.

It’s a Constitutional  victory over those who would disregard and discard the protections given by our U.S. Constitution, which defines and limits what government can do and   preserves individual and local authorities.

It’s a victory of Freedom-For-All   over  those who are striving to institute a Rule of the Privileged elite,  placing  themselves above us, above our laws,  above all Law.

It’s a religious victory over those who are trying to change what an individual believes in and limit the freedom to live according to those beliefs.   The various religious expressions of Western Civilization  are foundational to America,  American culture,  and to the principles of  freedom and equality before the law.    To suppress religious freedom,  especially through the cynical use of tiny minorities superseding the rights of the individual,    is to  distort and destroy  America.


(In response to recent  Clinton/Obama/  entertainment-news media remarks):

America is not about the “majority”  stomping on the individual — and if so,  we have in the past used legal  means to  fix that;  but neither is   America all about imposing the wishes of the minority onto the entire culture.   America’s  “parts”  all benefit and work together for the same freedoms.   We are not individually separated victim groups,  striving against each other.

And if you don’t get your way,  Americans are not “bigots.”



But the election victory was  JUST A VICTORY.   

Now we must live confidently as Americans always had,  believing in traditional  American values,  rebuilding what we have lost and repairing the harm done in the past 30 years.

It’s  ONLY  a victory,  but thanks to God,  it IS a victory.

Deo gratias,  and let’s take time to say or sing the Te Deum,  the traditional,  humble song of victory.

Or however it is you express your thanks.

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