A little “high school”  English assignment:

A few posts ago I wrote about how the media creates “paperdolls”  for us to fuss about.    They created two paperdoll figures and gave us “paper clothes”  to dress them up with,  and then we were supposed to make them fight and argue and then we would vote for our favorite one.

The  media made one of them really, really good, and the other one really, really bad.


And then the not-so-glamorous one:


And lots of people believed it.

So if the entertainment-news media has been doing this for many decades,  carefully molding its viewers and readers into socialist thinkers,  then how would they know it was being done to them if they don’t  have any other source of news to compare with?

Here’s how we were taught in high school,  long ago when students were expected to read,  and this is the assignment:

Have the three leading weekly news magazines in front of you.   (Time.  Newsweek.  U.S.  News and World Report)

Open to their articles on  . . . (the same major current news topic)

Read that news story in each of the three news magazines.

See if you can recognize  any bias in any of the three;  see if you can discover what the writer’s personal political point of view was.

Write an essay supporting your findings

I remember thinking “This is interesting.”   I didn’t realize  “adult”  news magazines might have some bias in them, but now I suspected that some author bias can creep into an objective news article.  Could I find it?

The three magazines had different writing and editorial styles.  I certainly don’t remember the particulars but I did find a few examples of what probably was bias,  where the author was approving or disapproving of something, without letting the reader decide.

In the 1950s Americans found out that the news industry and the entertainment industry had been infiltrated by our enemies,   the soviet socialists who wanted to “transform”  our country.

In the 1990s, after the Soviet Union had “fallen,”  hundreds of thousands of documents from that earlier era were released.      It was shocking!   In the 1950s Americans had no idea to what great extent our news media was increasingly biased towards the Left!

But who could tell us?     Only the news industry itself!     And they called the Congressional investigation a “witch hunt.”

Now we live in Leftist bias as a fish lives in water.    “Water?   What water?”

Turn on any of the “news” channels.     Pick any one.     Remember the name of Russia’s major newspaper?   It is Pravda.    It means  “Truth.”

Now you know why I call them the “entertainment-news” media.    It’s entertainment of the most skillful and insidious kind.  And it’s not “news”  at all.


(Do these rioting college children have any idea that they’re being lied to?)

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