(well –  wistful again)

It would be nice if this world produced no more veterans.    No need for soldiers.   No need for purple hearts.

I supposed the world could breathe a collective sigh of relief after the American election this past week.    Hillary’s WWIII averted.  Inevitable, perhaps,  one day,  but averted for now.

I supposed wrong.

I took a peak at world headlines and front pages  — and they didn’t seem to remember that Hillary had threatened China with nukes,  to set a”nuclear ring”  around China . . .  I don’t know, she was upset about something they had done.

I thought the world would have remembered that Hillary had threatened to shoot down Russian planes from out of the skies over the Middle East,  which Russia responded with a warning that that would lead to world War III.

I thought that the world would remember that Hillary’s State Department (along with the Barack Hussein person)  had set the whole Middle East on fire, as they tore down the governments of several countries there,  one by one,  and supported the Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorist-associated groups to be the new leadership.  Death, destruction,  murder,  and war, war, war.  A whole “arab springtime”  of war.

Guess what –  Americans didn’t want all that war.     We don’t want new wars.    Did other countries in the world welcome more war with a Hillary in office?

Really?     Or is information about America being spread by our Leftist  entertainment-news media?   Do they believe this anti-American   media propaganda?


Hitlers propaganda man famously said “If you tell a lie big enough and often enough,  the people WILL believe it.”

I told you before that our media has given us a “shopping list”  of terms to use whenever you hear the name “Trump.”      The list includes items like “dangerous,”   “unpredictable,”  “bigoted,”  “Xenophobic,”    “anti-Muslim,”    “anti-Hispanic,”    and a few other things.   (Keep the list simple so simple-minded people can learn it.)

The media not only kept giving us this list, day after day for more than a year,  but it also showcased anyone who was willing to go on television and repeat these words “with conviction.”      They showcased such people,  they  featured them,  they put these people on a pedestal because they furthered the Leftist agenda.   Continuously.

So the propaganda must have worked.    Simple-minded people can’t explain why they feel like they feel,  they just know it’s true.   They can’t give any  examples without including the media’s interpretation of partial excerpts . . .

Ask the mis-educated “snowflakes,” as we call them now who are demonstrating against   . . .    against . . .    against WORDS!      Frustrated at not being able to convince anyone,  they have upped their activities to rioting now.  But they still can’t explain why they’re doing it,   beyond shouting out words that they’ve been hearing.

So it worked.       Media reality versus real reality.   (An, no,  “reality” doesn’t exist only in your own perception.)

The only positive responses to Trump’s election have come from those nation who know how much they have to lose from another major war starting up.

I agree.    No more veterans!!!!

If we can help it.

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