Yep.   “fake”  is a four-letter word.  *



We’re hearing a lot about “fake news” lately.  Of course,  the danger to us is:  Who decides for us  what is “fake” ?  


Fake (a definition) –   adjective▸made to look like something real in order to trick people

You fake something for a purpose.   What do you have to lose?  It might work.    What do you have to win?   Try it out;  see where it goes.

Whenever you suspect something might not be true or real,  ask yourself that age-old question:

                       Cui bono?

Fake news maybe?    Well,  cui bono?     Who benefits?   What does the source have to lose?   What is the source after?

So here are two examples,  one trivial (like gossip);  and one rather important,  touching on the content of our US Constitution.

First the “fun” one –  fun, as in ridiculous:

You might have seen this or heard this on some headline news story  —

“I  would spray him with mace” ?????    It’s a Fake,  but horrible if true –  and it could be true because it’s all over the social media and even in some print media,  right?

But it was fake, and the source was traced back  to a comedian making a bitter, mean-spirited “joke”  and he got it from a little fake quote printed in that box outlined in red.    And then it was repeated and repeated,  here and there,  repeated until it became a news story.


(Well, anything to discredit the Trump family.   Some people will believe anything.)

Now here’s a more important Fake with more serious, perhaps deadly consequences.


“Someone”  offered Jill Stein   (Green Party)    a lot of money – a lot,  a lot! – to push forward the idea that she could win the election if she initiated a recount vote in three states.

Never mind that she got only 1% of the vote – and that 99% of Americans voted NOT for her.     If she got the votes in all these three states,  she would . .  .  what?    Win?      No.

Since that doesn’t make sense,   she and her campaign are calling for the old fake news that it’s the “Russians”  who have  “hacked”  our election process to make sure Hillary didn’t win the election.      The “Russians”!      Although this has been disproven and no evidence has been found for Russian interference,   “the Russians”  is a vague enough bugaboo to cause many uninformed people to suspend further thinking.

And so – maybe the “Russians”  did do it.    Right?     Whatever.

She won’t be elected.    Something is wrong with this effort.   Cui bono?

What does she have to lose?

What does she have to win?       ( a better question)

Money.   Money, money, money.   A recount campaign costs a lot of money.   There are lots of people to be paid.   (Paid and encouraged. . . )    Last week we saw that every few days the “cost”  of doing these recounts increased by quite a bit.  Up, up, up in steps, to very high levels.

And – to respond to this financial need –  money poured into the Jill Stein campaign – Wow!    A great deal of funds came her way,  way beyond even what she said she needed.    She received MORE funds for this recount campaign than she received for her election campaign!     Who funded her?   Who all funded her?

What do they have to lose?

What do they have to win?

My readers can ferret this out.   Pay attention to what’s being said and not said . .  .   Oh, yes –  and note  Hillary getting on board with the Jill Stein  effort.   Does Hillary want Jill Stein to win?

Of course not.

(Do you think Jill Stein et al.  would like to have a recount in states like Illinois?  California?   . . .   (heh heh). 

(Do you think Jill Stein et al.  will start advocating for pictured voter I.D.? . . .  also a big “heh”)





Note the purple.   Is George  Soros’s  Purple Revolution really going to get going  —  any way it can?   Paying for fake recounts?  Paying for fake protestors?  Paying for fake news?  Promoting fake racism?  Fake sexism?  Fake identity politics?




. *  “Four letter word”  used to be a polite way of referring to curse words.   (“Hell!”   or  “Damn!”    —  only later,   after our culture fell,    did other four-letter words become more common in everyday discourse,   four letter words referring to  human bodily functions, especially reproduction.)     

But the new four-letter words also indicate a curse on our nation.  Fake news,  a kind of self-cursing, if we fall for it.








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