It’s so nice to hear “Merry Christmas” from nearly everyone – even from those who are not noticeably or necessarily Christian,   even they are extending courtesy and kindness, getting into the spirit,   to just say the words:  “Merry Christmas.”

Whatever your children’s pageant looked like  —


—  it’s so nice to see the children take their roles seriously — and to see the children in the audience paying such close attention,  because they know the Christmas story is for them, and they know it has important meaning, which they will some day understand.

So many other “nice” things to do – deliberately – as though each action has meaning lent to it by the Christmas Child.


Gift-buying,  gift-wrapping,  cleaning-cooking-baking,  greeting friends and family who live far away, who come for a visit,  being the friend or family  member who arrives for a Christmas visit,   hearing traditional Christmas carols,  singing traditional Christmas carols,  driving around your neighborhood to see the Christmas lights,  checking out the real, authentic Christmas story in the book of Matthew in the Bible,    hearing the long, long line of the genealogy of Jesus  read out to the congregation,  candlelight at Christmas Mass   —

—  going to Midnight Mass when you’re all comfy and warm in front of a fireplace and you’d rather stay home  —

—  but looking forward to that quiet, familiar time before the Altar, communing with the God who timed the Christmas star to shine over the Perfect Mother,  the Just Man waiting to become Foster Father of the Babe  —

—   the Christmas Baby Himself which tells us what we need to hear, over and over again:  we need Love,  He brings us Love;  we need Light,  He brings us Light;  we need  eternal Life after this life,  he offers us Eternal Life, with Him, forever.

Last of all we need Joy.  Jesus,  the Christ Child says:   “I have come that you might have joy, and that your joy may be full.”     He brings us joy.

Each Christmas activity is a confirmation of the truths we hear every year at Christmastime.


Faith.    Hope.    Love.

It’s so nice to create the Christmas spirit  and freely give it out – to all.  

Freely receive,  freely give.


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  1. D Jandron Says:

    And to you and your family a Very Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah.

  2. Our thanks was given to Our Dear Lord for the blessings of Christmas and Hanukkah — the same Good God gave us both!

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