Honest to Pete!!!!             


That’s about the strongest swear word in my arsenal of mean words . .  .  but I really mean it!

I woke up this morning to   this  —


He is, of course, someone who was at Washington DC to celebrate and to support Mr.  Trump. The accompanying story and eyewitnesses say he did NOT provoke this, he and his wife were not engaging the Leftists, and you can tell because his injury is from behind!


All throughout the campaign I’ve had people tell me, “Tsk, tsk,  those Trump supporters are so violent….”  ––  and I was astonished, because what I saw with my own eyes were the Leftists (many of them hired by the uber-socialist George Soros and his organizations)  who were doing the pushing, shouting, spitting, throwing, damaging cars,  blocking highways,   and dearly trying to provoke a response from the Trump people.

My eyes saw one thing,  the entertainment-news media was telling me the opposite:  “Violence at a Trump rally again.”   NO!   It wasn’t like that.

These Leftists shout out  “No KKK!”  and then they use the violence that the KKK used.  They shout out  “No to Fascists!!!”  and then they use the same violence that the Fascists used.

I’ve got to run quickly now for my morning class.   If all is well,  we shall see a new president – in spite of the media rubbing their hands together and smacking their lips as they deliciously speculate what would happen if all the newly elected people were suddenly  k  ill  ed and Leftist appointed people would have to take their place . . .


Honest to Pete.






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