Whew!  It’s been a busy 180 years!

I woke up this morning to my local radio station telling me that our state is 180 years old today!     We’ve been a state since January 26,  1837.

We’re the one that looks like a mitten.


If you ask someone from Michigan “Where are you from,”    — stand back!   One of our hands will go up and we’ll point with the other hand right where we live . . .  on the mitten.

We have a “hat” too.    A two-part state that you need a Bridge to get from one part to the other.    We have a great Bridge; the Mackinaw Bridge,  Big Mac,  5 miles long  –


“The fastest five miles on the whole trip.”

And we are surrounded by four of the Great Lakes:


Our mitten is green!     We know what “Lake Effect” snow means, and we’ve got great winter sports opportunities,  all kinds of summer and winter outdoor sports,  water sports,  hiking in giant sand dunes and in great forests.  We have the oldest exposed rock outcropping  in the United States.     And so many great places  for photography!

My grandparents and great-grandparents were immigrants to this state.   Legal immigrants, so proud to learn to speak English and to live just like the Americans!   They showed me that we’re not a nation of immigrants.  We’re a nation of legal immigrants.  Law-abiding citizens.

Unfortunately for the past 60 years we’ve been ruled by the increasingly-extreme Leftists in the small southeast section of our state.   Their voice over there is louder than all the rest of our state, and they have run that great city into the ground.   Only vast amounts of our tax money has been keeping them going.


One day   George Soros/Mrs. Clinton/Jill Stein decided they didn’t like us not voting for them in 2016 so they ordered a (rather expensive)  investigation of Voter Fraud.

The investigators found it.   The found Voter Fraud.   They found  (and this was on our local TV stations) ballot boxes that hadn’t been counted;  ballot boxes with more ballots than were possible for the precinct’s population numbers; and ballot boxes that had been opened after voting hours, overstuffed until the boxes themselves ripped open, thus invalidating all the ballots inside.    There were other details too that I can’t remember, other instances of fraudulent activities, quite a high percentage in some precincts.

These  instances of Voter Fraud occurred in that small southeast area of our state.  It began to look like the greatest amount of Voter Fraud occurs in areas where the greatest number of Leftists are.

George Soros/Mrs. Clinton/Jill Stein   quietly withdrew.



Perhaps there really should be an overall investigation of our past elections.   Perhaps the Democratic National  Committee busloads of “voters”   could explain themselves, nationwide, especially where they drive over state lines with their passengers or where they arrived too late to vote but demanded that the voting place re-open for them or where the “voters” were handed their voter registrations once they were on board the bus.

Yep.  I think Mr Trump has a good reason to wonder.

I sure do.   Mittens are meant to keep your fingers warm,  not to cover over a stolen treat.






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