(The Spruce Tunnel . . .  “random thoughts. . .”  as it says on the side panel.   Feeling a little low today.     I’ll have to scrape me up off the floor by the end of this posting.)


I had a delightful little surprise view of the little lighted  village in my bay window one evening.       The surprise was that the Full Moon joined the scene!


I love the night sky  (when we have one.)

This time of the year in the Far North the sun itself is pretty “random.”    We’ve been seeing it this week, though.     And with such days come clear, starry nights.   I walked out onto my deck last night and saw that bright and very orange star.



(Not my photo.   I saw only 1/50 of those stars!)     Betelgeuse in the constellation of Orion was very striking and was being very orange!     So lovely.

Our astronomers did a close-up of it.


That’s nice,  but seeing it with my eyes had a bigger impact.    Poor thing will only be there for another million or so years, and then it will go nova.    I’m enjoying it while I can.

The next day was a bit sunny and I had an urge to go into The Spruce Tunnel  for a little winter walk.   But two steps outside, onto my front porch, I looked up –  slightly to the south.



Slightly to the north:


I’m too old to be breathing in the cadmium,  boron,  barium,  miscellaneous metallic nano-particles,  desiccated red blood cells and other “biololgicals,”    and aluminum –  aluminum!    A neurotoxin, nerve killer,  brain deteriorator.      Immune depressant.  And plant killer.

Back yard?   —


   ‘Taint clouds.     

You can’t enjoy the good ol’ outdoors every day.     Anymore.

Humans have put a lot of things in the sky – that don’t belong there.


But we’ll be seeing a lot of these things again, some day,  as they fall back to earth.

How about the other things up there, the natural things.    Every day we are watching lots of these things:

Recent & Upcoming Earth-asteroid encounters:

Miss Distance
2015 QR3
Feb 12
13.1 LD
31 m
2017 BK32
Feb 12
10.6 LD
26 m
2017 BW
Feb 17
4.6 LD
88 m
2013 WT67
Feb 17
44.2 LD
1.1 km
2017 BY93
Feb 23
2.4 LD
108 m
1992 FE
Feb 24
13.1 LD
275 m
2017 CP1
Feb 24
3.6 LD
53 m
1998 QK56
Feb 24
53 LD
1.2 km
2017 BM123
Feb 27
12.5 LD
81 m
2012 DR32
Mar 2
2.7 LD
52 m
1998 SL36
Mar 16
8.3 LD
390 m
2015 TC25
Mar 26
7.6 LD
6 m

Looks like nothing remarkable today.


How about a genuine mystery,  up there in the sky,  but close to the horizon for the camera?


Someone took a photo of a sunset and of a . . .  another-thing-set.    Two apparent flaming balls, lowering themselves into the horizon,  each showing a reflective reality of their sinking.

Lots of photos out there of the sun’s   “companion.”     But it’s a mystery to me.     I just look up – and watch things.


I watched Orion and Betelguese for along time, until –  not that I got cold outside –  but until a deep sadness gently overwhelmed me. Something very terrible and sad happened to me, as a mother,  many years ago during the season when Orion is visible above the horizon here.   I had had enough.

The chemical trails in the sky made me feel sad too.   Long gone are the deep blue noontime skies of my childhood,  with a bright yellow sun,  and the occasional pencil-thin water vapor trails that followed the airplanes across the skies, for a a  minute or so.    I was lucky to grow up next to O’Hare Air Base  (O’Hare Int’l Airport now)  because we saw lots and lots of those contrails.     But that’s not what we’re seeing today.     And I very much miss that deep, deep blue color that made you feel like you were looking out into the beginning of Space.

That space junk doesn’t look healthy either.   It’s look a bit menacing, when you think of what each item is being used for.     I love science fiction movies –  but this is real.

And I sadly hope that I never find out what weird, destructive, cosmic things are coming down on this Earth – and all her people,  who will surely  face judgment some day.


Scandinavian . . .  deep winter funk . . .    bleah . . .  that’s my explanation.


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