(Heights.  Depths.  Metaphorically speaking.)

One good thing is that there is National Geographic out there that produces for us some of the finest photography that makes us feel as though we’re right there in the scenes!


Here is a man just having reached the top of Mt. McKinley (Denali)  in Alaska.   Thanks to a National Parks  DVD set from National Geographic,   I followed him and his companions all the way up the brutal trail that took the men almost past their limits of endurance.

Then,  once the men caught their breath, as best they could,  this is how each of them felt!!



And so did I.  Whew!   Quite a harrowing trek.  I’m proud of our human race!

So many rewards.


I saw the aurora sometimes when I lived in the Far Far North,   but I haven’t seen them for a long time down here . . .  in the Far North.    Son wants so very much to witness the Aurora Borealis, and he keeps threatening to go to Hudson Bay sometime.    Where the fierce polar bear live.

(He could catch that on a DVD.)

That was the “one good thing”  about National Geographic.    The one very bad thing, embarrassing, really,  is that they have fallen hook  line, and sinker for the global warming mythology.    You know,  the  Climate Change Doctrine that UN officials from time to time freely admit that Climate Change is actually a scheme for the massive transfer of wealth from First World countries to third world countries.

As in “carbon tax.”    The embarrassing narrative on the National Geographic video about the Everglades,  part of the set on National Parks,   actually stated that carbon dioxide is a “toxin.”

Tell that to the plants of this world!

Script after script about the Parks promoted the idea that global warming is putting the planet in great jeopardy.   (Did you know that it is HOT in Death Valley National Park?)  And it might possibly could perhaps maybe some day in the far future record a temperature higher than the 134 degrees we recorded in . . .  1913?      Over a hundred years ago – and we haven’t topped it yet.

Perhaps they should tell us the whole story about this global political scheme:


Here is a  country,  which seems to be producing quite an abundance of carbon dioxide and lots of other toxins besides,  and it  is NOT required to pay a    “Carbon Tax.”

This is China, which regularly donates its pollution to the west coast of the United  States, via the winds that cross the Pacific Ocean.

In fact,  the  countries which produce the most pollution by far are exempt from the carbon tax.    The United States must pay for their global warming sins.

A massive transfer of wealth from First World countries to the Third World.

With the United Nations as the “helpful”  middleman.



I think next time I take out a set of nature videos from the library,  I’ll choose that one that was not produced by National Geographic.     The real old-fashioned one, made decades ago.     When the “scientists”  told us to worry about the coming Ice Age.

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2 Comments on “HEIGHTS AND DEPTHS”

  1. larryzb Says:

    Good post. Manmade global warming is a sham, and more people around the world are seeing it now as the sham it is.

  2. Thanks. Glad to hear more are waking up to what’s going on. We’ll just calmly spread the truth. Hope we can get to the high school and college kids before they grow up to be compliant “leaders” and lawmakers.

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