An almost two thousand year-old practice . . .


. . . in an almost two thousand year old time-tested, time-proven  Church.

Why ashes?   Because we’re all toast!     We’re all already toast anyway.    As in burnt toast,  burnt-to-ashes toast.

That was our choice, as a human race.


That choice resulted in a cosmic breach between the Creator and all of Creation.

Doesn’t matter if it happened last week or if it happened aeons ago.    Each son or daughter  is born into an already condemned human race onto a cursed planet.

Ashes.    In the wisdom, might, and just judgment of a holy God,  we have separated ourselves from Him and He;s given us our wishes, sadly and reluctantly.    The resulting “separation”  is described in human terms as an agonizing sense of never-ending fire . . .  burning . . .  ashes.   The intense pain of a soul separated from God.     Forever.

The Church carries the Means of Healing this separation for me.


But first I must acknowledge that God is right,  and I am wrong.

Sure, I’m part of that today, with ashes on my forehead.





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2 Comments on “ASHES TO ASHES”

  1. larryzb Says:

    This practice, or more correctly, the words about dust lead me to caution that people must not identify with the body, i.e. a bodily level of consciousness. Sure, the body will turn to dust, but we are spiritual beings that survive bodily death, and we ought not forget that.

    It does appear in Catholicism (and I say this as a Catholic) that the breach or rift in Eden was not repaired or transcended even by Christ’s sacrifice on Calvary. Was the Gospel really good news, or are we to have a pessimistic, perpetually guilt ridden religion for all time?

  2. Interesting take on the “everlasting” nature of the rift after Eden. I hadn’t thought of it before, but it sounds right. So, Christ promised a New Heaven and a New Earth. Sounds like this present Earth is “toast” – !!
    Also, If the body turns to dust anyway, and if this present earth is not our final home, that seems like a pretty optimistic Hope, one of the Cardinal Virtues that’s supposed to grow in us.
    (Thank you for your readership. You make good points.)

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