I had a “free” day today,  courtesy of The Weather Channel (TWC).


All day yesterday,  The Weather Channel told us here, locally, breathlessly,  that we were going to get a storm today:  1 – 3 inches of snow,  mixed with freezing rain and then wet snow alternating with rain.


Not much snowfall, but the roads could be really slippery.    Felt sorry for the St. Patrick’s Day party-goers, of which we have many in this college town.

By evening,  the ladies in my Friday morning class decided that it wouldn’t be a good idea to drive on those roads today, and since we’re not mandated to have any specific number of classes,  it was fine with me if we canceled the class today.    Got some “free”  hours to use today.

I love a good storm;  I love a day off!    But I really should have remembered the changes that  the people at NOAA,  the National Weather Service,   and any other weather news source has undergone in the past few years.  “This is crazy weather!”   “We’ve never seen such extremes!”    “Records highs  (or lows)  every day!”    “The storms are getting more violent!”

So many times predictions and descriptions of weather have turned out to be hysteria and hype.   People are beginning to be annoyed and to comment about this.

Well, why has this happened?  Why all these exaggerations?     Why is our weather “out of control”?       “Yikes!”        It’s  . . .

twc earth

         . . .    C  l  i  m  a  t  e      C  h  a  n  g   e    !!

Gosh.    It’s not even funny anymore.    TWC  has been told to report the weather in such a way that the viewers will believe  “something”  is going on.

The problem is that the globalists who need to promote climate change, in order to develop their massive transfer of wealth out of First World Nations into their hands,  are deliberately using faulty computer modeling  rather than actual  empirical  (measured)  data.    GIGO –  put in “Garbage”  info,  your computer will spit out “Garbage” results.   And that’s why their  computer modeling data does not match the real world.

More than one UN official has stated the truth:

twc poster

I love these beauties from Antarctica:

twc ice core

20, 30, 40 feet long  ice cores that hold the actual record of evidences of past earth climates changes.        It’s actual physical evidence from the real world.

twc temp lower atmos

Take a deep breath, Weather Channel.     This is a chart of the average temperature of earth’s lower atmosphere  (where we live)  for the past 400,000 years –  and it’s based upon a  study of those ice cores.   (Read right to left.)    Looks like our warming sort of peaked out a while ago.

The actual weather today?   The “storm”  came about ten hours late,  and we got maybe a half inch of snow.   We had some  “thunder snow” — that was fun —  and then a little rain,  but nothing that would keep you off the road.

I think I’ll stick to my cute little Weather Widget on my computer’s bottom right corner:


I click a tiny green circle and up pops this 6X6 window with our current radar.    Just a quick peek at what’s out there and which way it’s moving.

Probably won’t be missing any more classes.

And meanwhile,  I’ll  just wait for the grown-ups and the scientists to return  to TWC.

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