Exploring my own home town:

4 thai large shell

(We don’t have seashells around here.)



Well, I’m not always enthused about eating.   Same ol’ same ol’ —


What chunk of wood do I want to munch on today?

It’s easy to lose interest,  fall into bad, boring eating habits,   eat the same thing  . . .   So sometimes I have to make myself just go –  just do it –  just leave home and try out a new restaurant.

So here’s a “brief commercial from a local eating establishment”  that  is actually pretty good.  And it has the endorsement of Son,  daughter, son-in-law,  and even little Cooper who is a worldwide traveler, eats everything,  and knows good food when he gets it.

So after a   l  o  n  g   delay,   I finally tried it out:

1 Thai Outside

That’s about as different as it gets around here.   It has a quaint, comfy entrance.

2 Thai Entrance

Lots to look at.

3 Thai Chairs

Small,  cozy,  locally-owned,  totally fresh, natural and organic ingredients.   The owners, husband and wife,  were successful professionals,   retired,  then they opened up this place based upon her ethnic background.  I like those wood floors.

6 Thai pick plate and shells

Pretty table setting with seashells embedded into the table.

And sand dollars:

5 Thai silver dollars

Each table different.   Someone took some extra  care to keep us diners . . .  amused.

7 Thai Menu

Very helpful menu!  Since I don’t know the first thing about  Thai food vocabulary,  the pictures and detailed descriptions of each entree was a  good idea.    In fact, after I ordered my food,  I kept the menu so I could read it some more.

The waitress gave me a choice of “spice level,”  0 – 5.    Since I’m Scandinavian,  and the hottest spice I use is cinnamon,  I took a bold chance and ordered a 0.5   –  kind of halfway to the first level.

I’ve gone back a few times and now I order a 0.    Plenty hot for me.    The complimentary cabbage soup up there in the photo is a nice touch.    It’s  a meal in itself.  And check out that Thai tea –  it came with instructions:

8 Thai Tea.jpg

It comes in red or green with a huge puff of whipped cream floating on top.   I ordered red, and I was instructed to “gently stir the whipped cream into the tea until it turns pink. ”  Unusual,  but  so good!     Gently, creamy sweet.

Main course?

9 Thai good food

Well, I don’t know what it is.   I don’t even know what’s in it.

But I liked it.

I did  “get out and eat!”   like the title of this post says.   I’m glad I did.    Gotta get out and explore the world a little bit, even when you don’t know what you’re eating.





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