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April 9, 2017

Here’s where “perturbations”  meet “radiation.”  

wi fi jiggly

(Editor’s note:   I sometimes use slightly  awkward word order to emphasize a point.  However,  there is a sound and rhythm to the English language and putting the word “radiation”  first in the title feels a bit smoother to the tongue,  even though I’m writing about radiation secondly.)

Nevertheless,  I am perturbed about this too.

It wasn’t our recent storm:

2nd CPM

Background radiation around here with this little device is normally 22 CPM indoors  and about 25 – 35  outdoors,  but then rain and snow often bring down more of the radiation that is in the atmosphere.    It shouldn’t be there at raincloud altitudes,  but it is.   Our last storm brought down a little of it,  maybe 2 or 2 1/2 times normal background.

It’s not long-lived,  that’s the good news.   It’s not long-lived,   that’s the bad news.   It’s bad because that means there is a constant, ongoing source of this type of radiation – and,  no, it’s not healthy for us.

But that’s not the radiation that “perturbs”  me from time to time.   As some of my friends and family know,  it’s all kinds of radiation from  cell towers,  cell phones,  fluorescent lights, computer screens, tablets, e-readers, wireless signals,  electrical fields surrounding household electrical wires and appliances,   some kind of small traffic counting device on poles,   security alarms,   overhead and underground wires, sunlight —

Anything along the electro-magnetic spectrum:

electro spec

Modern technology has massively increased our exposure to high-energy radiation.

Everybody is “sensitive”  to the radiation that comes from man-made machines, instruments, and devices,  everyone is damaged on the cellular level,  but only somewhere between 8 and 15 percent of people can actually feel this damage.  It doesn’t feel good.     And the “permanent cellular damage”  leads to deadly diseases.

Occasionally I can  “feel better”  especially if I stay away from computer keyboards for a while,  but sometimes it hurts and gets pretty frightening.  So I have to take a few days off from the computer – and from blogging, periodically.

Now – at last – you can SEE  what I  have to FEEL:   Have you seen the photographic “artwork” based upon the strength of the radiation surrounding cell phones that are turned on?      It’s an app you can buy. *

Here you are sitting in your easy chair,  using your phone:

W chair Reds hi Blue Lo

Here you are walking down a hallway:

W hall reds high blue low

Here you are polluting a stairway with your radiation:

W Stairs rds hi bl lo

I can feel those energy clouds.   They’re everywhere.      I can feel the swollen, damaged areas with in my body when I intersect with those energy clouds.   And I can feel the “mental smog” –  it’s harder to pay attention, harder to follow words, spoken or written.

It’s tiring.

It’s perturbing.

And it’s extremely ironic that one  thing that will end this is a massive burst of radiation from an   electro-magnetic pulse,  an EMP!


(Now I don’t get to go surfing tonight because I’ve reached the limit of my exposure . . .)

See you soon, I hope, because I want to focus on Holy Week.



. *     from the Website:  ht  tp:// http://www.  electricsense.   com/8345/wifi-radiation-visible-device-emfs/                          (remove spaces first)

“Luis Hernan has produced a series of photographs that show the strength of wireless signals according to color.

“He’s also produced an app that can be downloaded to a smart phone which can act as a very basic EMF detector. The app is free.”



April 9, 2017


Sorry I couldn’t get back here right away after the storm.  I’ve been “perturbed.”

But we’re still here:

2nd Tree and moon

That tall tree that twisted and turned so menacingly in our big storm is still standing.  The sky the next day was gloriously blue.  Innocently blue:  “What?  What storm?”   The pond level remains high but the raging torrent has returned to a normally high spring-level creek no longer uprooting trees and gouging out the creek bank.

Nature is calmer,  but this week becomes one of “perturbations”  and turmoil in the spiritual world,  during which Christians try to enter into the experience of Holy Week,  Jesus’ last week of life on this earth.   Try to enter into;  try to figure it out;  spend time  uniting in the experience, the story, the details.

The time approaches.

2nd Tree and Fist


Next to the photo of the top of the tree is a moon becoming full.  Not just any full moon;  the Paschal Moon,  for it is always full on Passover, and therefore on the Thursday of this particular week.    I put up my fist to measure the height of the moon.   One fist = 10 degrees.  The moon was about 50 degrees high in the sky.   As Thursday evening comes, it will be about that high,   but it will be just about at its highest point later in Gethsemane,  where Jesus had his  unspeakable agony,   sorrow beyond our understanding.


2nd Waves

So, the storm that Mother Nature gave our area is past, but the wind still blows little waves and ripples across the pond to accompany our unsettled feelings during our Holy Week meditations.

And now there is the storm our politicians are giving us in international affairs.    “Russia threatens war,”  the new headlines say.     Well,  yes.   We attacked a sovereign nation.   One which Russia was working with to defeat ISIS.   They would be “perturbed.”

And   “Perturbations in Egypt.”     Palm Sunday today, and 43 Christians were killed in their churches by Islamic bombs.    “Innocent children and women  should not be killed in that manner”   . .  .  to use the words of the American president commenting on events in Syria.    I hope he is not so perturbed that he takes advice to retaliate against Egypt.   And if not,  why not?

(Maybe an unnamed “chemical gas”  is supposed to perturb us more than a more familiar bomb-attack.)

“Perturbations” as Islam advances apace in the Western world.

This week, after a few months of listening to a lecturer from Yale present Late Ancient and Medieval history,   he suddenly began giving lectures falsifying  (and sanitizing)  the history of Islam —  I could have thrown fifty books at him that tell a very different  history,   and consistently different throughout the centuries of experience with Islam,  some of these books written long before this man was born.   I suppose he has to agree to say these things or else lose his tenure.

But, gee — if you can’t trust a history professor from Yale,  who can you trust?   (That’s a joke, my friends.)

But again, “Islam advances apace.”     Look up that word “apace.”