I think my liver has recovered enough from my accidental dandelion poisoning this week.     Lost a day and  half out of my life,  but  I think it’s ready for a little fun    —

Mama Herbs and Roots

You can’t just walk into a bar here in the Far North and ask for a Mamajuana!     (Not that I would personally walk into a bar . . .)   You’d have to have ocean and sun and sand – and beach bars;   Boca Chica, for instance,  Santo Domingo.

Good thing Son took a trip to Santo Domingo recently.   Good thing he’s MY son!  —

Mama Root Bag

He brought me a “souvenir” —  the first step to making your own Mamajuana,  a tropical drink consumed widely, apparently,   and made from these tropical roots and herbs.

“Roots of what?”  I asked.

There was an attempted answer, I think,   “Something that grows down there   . . .  mmmmble …  mmmble…… ”   but I wasn’t enlightened.

“So how do I use this package of exotic roots and herbs?”    I asked.

“You have to soak them –  or maybe boil them —  and you have to make sure to drain the water after the boiling, you can’t use that   . . .  and  mmmmble …  mmmble……  and it’s made with rum!”

Pardon the “mmmbling,”     but that’s about what my brain heard.

I asked my friend who is from Central America about Mamajuana  —  but this is not in her experience.   I asked her to at least read the ingredients on the package for me.    She said, ”  . . .  mmmmble …  mmmble……   —  I don’t know what these things are.”

But I’m making the drink anyway!

Since I’ve just had a nasty run-in with dandelion root,   I’m  being cautious,  but, then again,    I’m not sure what constitutes “cautious”  when you’re using roots and herbs from another part of the world.

So far,  step one,  in the pitcher:   Unknown roots and herbs;   red wine;  honey.     It’s a several week process,  so it won’t be ready in time for Son’s birthday tomorrow,  but we’ll find an occasion.

I’ll let you know.





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