(A  photographic editorial):

One US president went to Saudi Arabia:

O bowing to many

(In case you can’t find him,  he’s the one with his back end facing us and his head LOWER than the Saudi officials,  king and diplomats.)

And now another president is in Saudi Arabia this weekend:

Highest Civilian HOnor

That is President Trump on the left, in  front, on a long red carpet,  given the highest civilian honors – by Saudi Arabia.     (There is no corresponding scene with the other guy.)

Who represents you?   Barack Hussein who bows to the Sunni leader on behalf of the United States?

Or President Trump who gives and receives diplomatic respect on his state visit?

Does America bow to other nations?

Or is America honored?

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  1. Mark n Joan Robertson Says:

    Please don’t be a part of fake misleading news Kris.? Hypocrisy and double standards really bothers me. Outside of Fox News there are articles abound of Trump bowing to the Saudi King accepting a medal and putting his hands on an Orb.

    Kind Regards, Mark Robertson

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    • Hi, you two!! Thanks for the information. I’ve used several Search Engines, now, and could not find any photo of Pres. Trump bowing. No pictures, no articles. However, I find that photo of Pres. Trump bending down so the (shorter) Prince could put that medallion around his neck. I used to be tall, I remember having to do that once after a band contest.
      I don’t get my “news” from television cable channels, so I don’t know what the different channels are saying.
      There’s nothing wrong with being a Muslim, right? The former president was raised a Muslim in Malaysia, was enrolled in a Muslim school, and learned religion and attitudes towards the world from his study of the Koran.

      • Ooops – hit the wrong key — So, nothing wrong with being a Muslim. With such an upbringing as a Sunni Muslim, it probably makes sense to the former president to bow to the leader of the Sunni Muslim world in Arabia. Same as a 14-year-old Australian girl, for instance, making a curtsy before the Queen of England.
        Protocol for an American citizen, however, would not be to curtsy or to bow.
        Well, I’d better make another posting for my other readers in case they might not know the distinction between what happened here. Thanks! I can clear that up! Accuracy matters! Accurate distinctions count!

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