Even a baby, a toddler hardly out of babyhood,  perceives that some things are holy.

Baby and Mary

(No, dear protestants –  it is NOT the  statue that is holy in the same way that God is holy!)

This is a famous photo of a little,  little girl talking earnestly to Our Lady –  a Lady that the Bible says will be called Blessed throughout all generations.  A Lady that was given to us to be our mother in a special way,  by no less a person than her Son.

Holiness from a Holy God – exists.      But today is a Saturday —

somber day

—  like the Somber Saturday  almost two thousand years ago when it seemed as though Evil triumphed and got rid of the Christ who had come to earth, come to be  vulnerable –  now crucified and  gone  “for good.”

Has it happened again?   Has Evil  seemed to triumph?    Have two first ladies, one present, one former,  demonstrated for us that long-lasting conflict?

Today, Saturday,  I was studying hard, preparing for my summer classes where the topic will be the events that occurred at Fatima, Portugal  a hundred years  ago.    I thought how like the Portugal of that time is  that first Holy Somber Saturday – darkness before the dawn.

Darkness seemed  to have triumphed over Portugal back then, a hundred years ago.   Atheists and Freemasons had taken over the governments, local and national, and nearly succeeded in wiping out the Catholic faith from public view.  It was even illegal to ring church bells for a time!

Then came the events of 1916 and 1917 to demonstrate for humanity that holiness has not disappeared,  that God is in control,  and that, as always,  a good outcome depends upon our faith and actions.

So,  holiness still exists.    I don’t know what to make of this photo recently  taken in Italy:


Um . . .     it’s said, and now she admits,  that she is  a Catholic.     All I can understand is the veil she is wearing.    I wear a veil too, and for the same reason:

Tabernacle vertical

The First Lady is under the same roof as the Real Presence of Christ,  Holy God.   Under the same roof –  so you show respect.    (Courtesy to the pope, no matter who the man might be;  courtesy, not a veil.)   But somewhere in all the rooms, under that roof,  is a Holy Object.

Holiness does exist in this world  (though often obscured or unknown)  and it’s a bright and joyful  thing when it’s honored.

By contrast?    Sometimes we know what things are by contrast to what isn’t.

Here is another recent  photo taken in Italy of another who was given the title of First Lady and who is about to visit a holy place, a cathedral in Siena, Italy.   Home of St. Catherine of Siena!

This person cr


The cathedral has a dress code . . . um . . . .     She was either just entering or just leaving the cathedral . . . .

In case you can’t recognize her, I’ll give you more of the photo –

This person goes into Siena Cathedral

That’s the easily recognizable partner who is shadowing  President Trump during his State visits to various places,  conducting an alternative US government on the sidelines,  as it appears.

But, there it is:     recognizing that some things are holy;  or not recognizing that some things are holy.

Holiness came down to a dark world  to three little children at Fatima.   The little, little toddler above recognizes that some things are above this profane and presently dark  world.

Jesus and children

“Except you become as little children, you cannot see the Kingdom of Heaven.”   This doesn’t mean living in childish ignorance,  but using our time to grow in understanding – and in the perception and practice  of true holiness.

Precious time.  Very little time.       Relax, and become childlike.


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