(I know some people – by name! –  who will not read beyond the word “science” in the title!      But,  sheesh, guys,  this is easy. )

Besides,  God made all material things in the natural world and He made all the laws of nature and the  principles which explain (to us)  how the natural world works.   Why wouldn’t we be interested in science?!

A Pentecost image

So this is about Pentecost*  which Christians celebrated today.      Ascension Day,  ten days ago, and Pentecost  are two sides of the same coin (of reality).   They’re the same movement between  this world and  the Other world.   Here’s how that works:

All matter is supposed to be made up of atoms,  right?

Atom 2-d

A simplified two-dimensional representation of an atom.       We’ve only recently invented a way to look at an atom, and we’ve only recently invented a device that let’s us see the parts of an atom . . .

(Atom-smashers!!!   —  Or:  Cyclotron.    See “CERN”  and the work it’s doing if you’re interested.)

Now,  that diagram is way out of proportion because the parts of an atom like that are so tiny that the little pictures and the size of the labels take up too much space.  Actually  the space between the parts of an atom are far greater than  the space between the planets in a solar system.

Atom to solar system

Hopefully, you had time to contemplate these vast distances when you were in high school.    These are vast, vast distances that a person’s mind can just fall into and then begin to contemplate Eternity.

So there is much more “empty” space between the parts of an atom – and each molecule of matter –  that we can almost comprehend.   A solid object   is  basically empty space, so to speak.  And so there is plenty of “room”  for other dimensions to exist at the same place as our physical world.

There is plenty of “room”  to understand Eternity to be penetrating – or rather interpenetrating –  our physical world.    What we see is not all the reality that there is around us.   The natural sciences not only allows for an unseen and very real Other world,   (other dimension),  but actually makes room for it!


The Ascension

So where did He go?        On Ascension Day,  where did Jesus go?   Up?   For a moment He did.   Did He go “up”  past the moon?     Past Jupiter?    Past the Oort Cloud?

A Oort

Of course not.      You do not reach Jesus by inventing a super space ship and following Him “up” and away.

The movement of Jesus was from our physical world into the Unseeable world,  Eternity,  an unseeable dimension that interpenetrates our physical,  seeable world.

Ten days after this event comes Pentecost.       The Holy Being,   the Spirit,  comes towards us in this physical world,  moves  towards us from the Unseeable world,   and because this is Infinite Holiness –

Atom energy fire

—   that Infinite Holiness breaking into the physical world brings with it Infinite Energy,  like a fire,   and entered into a small portion of this world,  the Upper Room,   where the followers of Jesus were waiting and praying  (contacting that Unseeable, Infinite world).

It brought with it noise,   like the wind roaring in the trees,   and a shaking that affected that particular building.

And it penetrated the building, the people in the building,  and seemed to split apart,  onto each of the people there,  penetrating them with holy light and energy and power. That’s why pictures show the people with  tongues of fire”  on top of everyone’s head.

The lesson of Pentecost is that everyone who lives in this natural, visible world is intimately close to this Unseeable, heavenly realm    —  and it needs only your permission,  your will,  your humble request,   while you yet live,   for the Holy Spirit to live in you in the same way as It entered into the men and women at the first Pentecost.

Permission or not,   we all enter that Unseeable world when we die.  . .

Energy Unseeable

. . .     either close to that  Infinite Source of Life and Love — or far, far away.   No time.   It’s an eternal now in whatever condition you had chosen.


. * Pentecost –  Be careful when looking for pictures of Pentecost  (and other religious events).      The modern world displays great contempt for the things of God.

Pentecost?  —

aaaa watch your images!


Note:   “Mary at Pentecost”   Mary,  Queen of Angels.   Of course she was there.   Why isn’t her presence listed in the Bible?     Because she forbade her name to be mentioned.   The new Church needed to understand Jesus, Our Savior;    the living Mother of God among them  would be way too distracting for  this understanding to develop.

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