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August 19, 2017

I think . . .  I don’t mean . . .  a permanent farewell. . .      Deus vult.

Bar Cross in middle


The little traveling car is fully packed now,  very early!   I  don’t actually depart for another 18 hours,  but I’m already saying  “good-bye” to all my favorite things around here.

I needed to visit the Spruce Tunnel and I won’t say “for the last time,  ”  but . . .  well.

So here’s my visit:

The Spruce Tunnel is located in the middle of a county park, full of instructional signs:

35Sp 1 history

I know we had mastodons here,  but I have to travel west before I start seeing any actual mastodon bones.    It’s  (partly)  why I’m going.

There is an indoor museum of local wildlife, though.

3 Sp 2 turtle resting

I think we have lots of reptiles around here.

3 Sp 3 turtle simming

I’m really not that interested in turtles,  but they have a nice home there in the little museum.

3 Sp 5 turtle for children

That seems to be the theme this summer.    All right.     I promise to look for turtles.

Now we enter the pathway that will lead us to the Spruce area.    From this spot you can already feel the dark quiet dampness of a forest.

3 St Public Eptrance

I’m a bit rebellious  about government signage:    “Don ‘t run over pedestrians with your bike.”     ” Don’t ski in the summertime.”     “Take your poop with you  (if you have a dog.)” “Don’t make sudden loud noises in the presence of a horse.”    “This park cost a  lot of money so  don’t  . . .  touch anything.”

But apart from the signs,  that really is a very inviting entrance.


3 Sp 7 Fresh Air

There is quite a long pathway to enjoy.     You just have to slow down your pace —  maybe look sideways off the path.      Eyes wide open because it’s  more  than trees.

Breathe deeply.

3 Sp 8 sign scent

I already was smelling the pine scent all around me, and more —  something in my kitchen . . .  herbs,  fresh herbs.

Eventually I came to . . .  this place.

3 Sp 9 Bench and Light

It’s not just a bench.   It was one of the benches Hubbie had to use to “sit and rest for a minute”  during the last time he and I walked the Spruce Tunnel together.

I didn’t know,  had no idea,  that in a few short weeks he would be “entering the Light” by himself.      This feels like a dangerous  place for me;   it takes a bit of courage to keep on, just,  maybe doing what I’m supposed to be doing in this life.    That’s his bench . . . .

I reach the curved entrance to the “Tunnel.”

3 Sp Curved Entrance

I enter the place where the tall Spruce grow.   There’s not much to hear here.

3 Sp 6 Path into tunnel


All other thoughts are just a faint echo,   the packing- getting- ready- for- the- trip  frenzy seems far away.

3 SP Tunnel Bench

The Spruce Tunnel has a “bench” of its own.  You can sit there next to the Spruce for a while when you don’t want to leave quite so soon.

I capitalize “Spruce”  because these trees were living a hundred years before I was born, and most will still be here for another hundred years.

How often I’ve told you:   I hope you find a Spruce Tunnel of your own.  An actual place that is both physical and spiritual.

3 St above came for


After a while I found what I came for.

(That will last me for a few thousand miles!!)





August 19, 2017

Friday?     It’s been Friday today?     I haven’t been here for four days?    Oh, I’ve been to the Spruce Tunnel,  just not this one.   (See next post)


I’m in full CleaningOrganizingSortingDecidingPacking mode.      Cleaning and poking around where I haven’t been for a long while.

I’m finding some really random, interesting stuff around my house . . .



They’re real and they’re delicious and I can’t finish them off because they’re not mine.

But it’s kind of fun to combine physics and candy.

E   x    p      a       n        d       your thinking.     We’ve been placed in a fun world, full of joy.