Here are the “yellow” and the “blue”  I alluded to in the last post  about dinosaurs but forgot to include them at the end.     You see, some of these species are still with us, living today.

So here’s the yellow —  tiny little things that spit poisonous and deadly venom at passers-by.

D Yellow Frogs

They’d be easy to overlook as you walked past them.    They were on display behind glass   (rather thin glass!)   in the lobby of the Sternberg Natural History Museum.

Same with the blue deadly venomous spitting things:

D Blue Frog

Odd.  Different.   Strange.   Exotic.    Hypnotizing.

I wouldn’t want to raise little children where these things live.

We’re reminded that Nature around us is not necessarily a friendly place  . . .  at least not since after the Great Fall, which forever changed the relationship of Man and his Environment.


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2 Comments on “P.S. THE YELLOW AND THE BLUE”

  1. larryzb Says:

    It is a pity that animals must suffer, too, in this world.

  2. Yes, it hurts to see the animals hurting. We’re supposed to be their caretakers, yet some things are out of our control.

    As St. Paul said: The whole Creation travails in pain waiting for . . .(the Coming of the Creator – 2nd Person of the Trinity – to put all things to right.) A new heaven and a new earth. Meanwhile, we’re on this journey, appointed to extend God’s care to all His creation.

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