(In the Autumn Desert):

In the last post it was President Trump who was the “Ninety-One Percenter,”  having been the recipient of 91% negative news and entertainment coverage in the past year or so.

football in the fall

Autumn in Washington

But I think I see a reverse percentage –  This time it appears that the People are the Ninety-One percenters,  supporting the sentiments expressed by President Trump about certain football players and the patriotically impotent officials at the NFL.

football football

I   love football!  I love the playing of the game,  the rules of the game, the fans, the noise, the field,   and even some of the players.     I love my one team!!  And I like a whole lot of others.

It began here for me,  on the playing field:

football field

Our Junior High marching band was invited to participate in half-time events – before most of us even knew what football and half-time was all about!    But there we were, in bright blue and gold uniforms,  in the chill night air with bright lights pretty much blinding us.

And then you hear the whistles and the drum beats and you see the drum majors taking off,  and you march in formations,   formations after formation,  rhythms,  trumpets blaring, feet pounding,  and because it was the year of The Bridge on the River Kwai ,   all of us,  maybe 800 combined school band members, had to take our frozen lips off of our cold instruments and start whistling  “Colonel Bogie’s March!”   Look up that amazing song!

Maybe the whistling wasn’t that great,  but we were doing it for the football team!    We were doing it for our high school!  We were doing it for our city!    We were all doing it!

And I fell in love with the whole football world right then.

For the past several years,  many posts in The Spruce Tunnel on Fall weekends were enthusiastic reports of the latest (Bears)  game.   Or the Spartans.

football fun

After the Super Bowl I knew a “long desert” of time was coming before I could watch any more football.

Except for last year.   I  became uneasy.    More  and more I saw the political Left intrude into the enjoyment of the sport.    Well-publicized rule violations;  well-publicized criminal investigations;   well-published medical investigations;   and well-publicized  anti-American antics.

football knee

Everything about football had become politicized.    It’s not that these issues didn’t exist;  football fans are generally intelligent enough to know about them – and care.  But it was the hysterical hype about each issue that demanded an end to this and an end to that, a change to this, a change to that . . .   and  (in accord with the rhetoric of the Extreme Left):  “Shame, shame, shame….”      Leftists must have their way!

In the words of these Leftists:  You’d better feel guilty and start agreeing with us.

In the words of our president,  in his best New York-ese:   “Get em otta here!!!!”

I’ll bet ninety-one percent of football fans agree!




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