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October 31, 2017


Note to policy-makers and those who communicate with policy-makers:


We saw smashed bicycles today — and smashed people.    8 dead so far. 

I join:  shock, anger, sorrow,  “thoughts and prayers” . . . .

Many experts giving advice, much of it good.   One expert tells us that the m  o  s  l  e  m  man who drove the truck into the bicyclists  entered the United States  in 2010  under a “Diversity Green Card”  –  green cards that are issued without the requirement of stated skills or purpose for the sake of promoting diversity.        Just come.

50,000 of these “Diversity Green Cards”   issued per year.



October 31, 2017

I tramped around a pumpkin patch last month for two hours with my family (Son, Daughter, and Cooper) just  to get the right pumpkin.   It had to be the perfect one!

Then look what son did to it!!!

Their pumpkin cr

Son and his lady friend worked on this.  I suspect she did the cleaning,  he did the knife work.

I came home  late one night and decided to take a short walk to stretch my legs.   My  neighbor’s eerie handiwork turned me home again with shivers:

Neighbor dec 370


Cooper’s cookies:

Cookies 350

Nice  job!

I usually don’t take too much notice of Halloween,  but it’s a fun holiday;  a time for creativity to shine!    whether building a maze , decorating your home, making a costume,  or carving a pumpkin!

Halloween. Just have fun!  A  little or a lot.

Tomorrow is the serious, religious day,  and Christendom celebrates all the great saints!



(Are not all believers in Christ called saints?  called to be saints?   Yes!  Of course!   that’s what November 2nd if for!  All Souls’ Day follows All Saints’ Day which followed the Hallowed Eve!)





October 30, 2017

Ever been disappointed in yourself?    Well, that’s me last week.  “Tunnel Fail.”  Or rather  “Me Fail.”      Me-in-the-Tunnel Fail.

I needed a new photo of the Spruce Tunnel for a project I was planning to do.  No problem driving there.

ST road and pasture

In fact, it was a beautiful autumn road, with colorful trees on one side and a pasture on the other side.   (You can’t see the horses from my windshield.)

Then closer and down the hill . . .

ST road to

… to a flooded area aside the Spruce Tunnel area:

ST flooded

Actually, that was beautiful in its own way too.

I parked my car and began the trek in to where the Tunnel would be.  The leaves had made a gorgeous carpet.   Lighting just right.    Fun to walk on.

ST orange pathway

You get this only once a year!

It was a busy day for me and I had allowed myself only twenty minutes for my mission.   I still had more walking to do.

ST approaching tunnel

The lighting changed and bleached out the colors.   That dark spot up ahead isn’t the Spruce Tunnel,  but it’s the approach to the Tunnel.

I walked on,  into the beginning of the Tunnel:

ST pathway

And just as I got to about where I wanted that new photo I hit a dilemma —

ST barrier

Now, that doesn’t look like much of a barrier in this photo,  but the fallen tree is maybe forty feet long,   into the thicker brush,  and  about four feet high, just about to my waist.   I used to love running hurdles.  I was good at it.  It was a joyful thing to do!    But I was thinking  “used to.”

Also, those little branches sticking out in every direction were, in reality,  rather thick – and unyielding.    Unlike my skin.   There was really not a big enough gap in those branches for me to sling my leg through and over.    I kind of tried but my face began to get scratched hard by those littler branches.

Also I was hanging onto a big purse with long tangle-able straps.

Also,  I’m afraid of spiders.   (Big factor in my dilemma).

Also I’m a “woman alone.”   No one to pick me up or run to my rescue.

I accepted the challenge.

And then I thought again  of all the  “might happens.”

And then I was determined to meet this challenge.

And then I thought again.

(Repeat about six times.)

How disappointed I was that I  . . .  just . . .  didn’t.    I could have done it.   Somehow.  But I had a camera in one hand,  a big purse in the other.    Maybe I couldn’t have done it successfully.

The “old lady”  in me won out.    Maybe that was wise;  but it sure isn’t fun.

I’d like to go back to that day,  that spot, and this time  just  LIVE A LITTLE –  and jump that tree.


This is a sad ending —  and not because I never got that new photo.



October 29, 2017


Today, all of  Christendom celebrated the Feast of Christ the King.

Christ the King

From the ancient times of  King David,   people understood that the Messiah would be King over all the kings on earth.    From all Eternity He was Sovereign King, and when he came to earth,  then Jesus the Christ was hailed as King of Kings  –  over everything and everyone.

Many didn’t understand.    Or they couldn’t.     Or they didn’t want to.

Today,  the world in general doesn’t understand either:

christ world doesn't understand

And so, rejecting the Supreme and Sovereign King,  the world gives Him a crown in the worst way it can:

christ diff crown


God is Love, and tends His Love towards us.   He radiates His Love towards us.

And we have a King to draw all men towards Himself.









October 28, 2017

It’s the weekend.   “Saturdays”  are not supposed to be like this.    You’re not supposed to work harder and with more frustrations than, say,  a weekday at work.

My first activity probably made the rest of the frustrations feel a bit better.


I raked.   Two hours of raking.  Hey!  That’s not a complaint!      The weather was perfect!  Overcast  (no bright sun in your eyes)  and about 45 degrees (energizing!).  It was a good day to get a head start on our leaves which are finally beginning to fall.

But as I removed the leaves,  I came across a lot of  holes in the lawn.  A  LOT.

Acorn many holes

There were all these little black holes.

A closer look revealed they were little “nests.”

Acorn holes cl

Cure little round nests made by the squirrels which are so dumb that they usually can’t remember where they buried their acorns.   So they bury lots of them.

Or they’re supposed to.

These really dumb squirrels don’t bury them, they make little open-air nests for them.

Acorn nests


Acorn nests

Half of the holes had two or three acorns resting in them.   The other half looked like they were forgotten.



Sometimes the little nests had a little bed of leaves under and over the acorns:

Acorn leaf hidnig


Okay.   So I rake the leaves so that I have a nice lawn next year, and what I found was a lawn full of holes and holes filled with acorns . . .  ready to rot all winter and kill the grass.

Because these dumb squirrels are not going to be remembering where they put all their acorns.

I don’t know how they can miss them:

Acorn many

My squirrels seem dumber than  others.



I freely state that Choice Hotels and all their brands are GOOD places to stay when you’re on a trip.  They are consistently clean and comfortable with a lot of amenities for a modest price.     But their Loyalty Program is not exactly adapted for the casual traveler.  Nor is it easy.

Each time I’m on a road trip,  I find myself locked out of my own account, and – just what you don’t want to spend your time doing on vacation –  I have to try and try and try and finally CALL their Customer Service in order to get back in.

CS woes.jpg 3

It’s like that today when I decided to take care of a few things on my account.  I finally got someone to talk to  — just as the Football Game started!    After 40 minutes on the phone with him, in which I had to fire up two of my laptops to “try it on those” —  and then one of the laptops went blank  –  I told him politely to forget it, and he answered that he’d transfer me to Member Services.

Which I wasn’t.   I got Reservations.   She told me they were having problems with their transferring function.   Once again I told her to forget it –  after I unloaded my frustrations, including the one about losing 7,000 loyalty points all of a sudden, just before I started my traveling;  and why am I always locked out when I do travel?!!

So forget that Loyalty Card business.    Fifteen nights of hotel stays on one trip is not enough to get you anywhere anyway.   Except frustrated.



laptop sad.jpg

Yep.    I meant it.  One of my laptops,  the newest one, went dead.   Could not get anything on the screen.

I have now missed nearly all the first half of the game  (MSU vs  Northwestern.  Pretty big Big Ten game.)       I had to decide between the pleasure of a football game or taking care of this laptop business.   But if I didn’t make a quick decision,  I’d be fussing about this all weekend.

So, since it is still under warranty,   I made an appointment to “bring it in”      . . .

best buy

. . .   and that’s where I was  JUST AS THE GAME WENT INTO OVERTIME!

Fortunately the nice young Geek at the counter was also interested in the game.   He was watching one of the store’s TVs from a distance . . .


. . .    which is where I went after he took my laptop . . .  DURING THE SECOND OVERTIME!

I watched with the small crowd during the THIRD OVERTIME   as we kind of went down in defeat.

I don’t know,  is it a “defeat” when you lose by one touchdown in Third Overtime?


I’m okay.  I’m okay.   I’m okay.    I think two hours of raking produced enough endorphins in me to get through the rest of this day.   I’m unreasonably cheerful.


Tomorrow is Sunday.   A day of  slowing down and absorbing and enjoying the things that are really important.

I’m going to need that.

Deo gratias.








WHAT’S IT # 21

October 27, 2017

Remember all my What’s It posts – a series of interesting photos which remain unidentified?    Some day when I learn how to put up another “page” in The Spruce Tunnel,  I’ll gather them all together.  For now,  you’d have to use the little Search box for all the “What’s Its.”

I think I’m up to # 21.

Siberia again:

globe in siberia

Nobody really has a good explanation for this beautiful globe of light.  Many people were outdoors one night this week, watching and taking photos of the aurora.    Then this appeared,  grew bigger,  seemed to travel,  then it faded so that all you could see is an arc of light . . .  then it went away.

All quick answers  have been refuted so far.

globe city

It was seen in many locations.   This is a photo of it from a city some distance away.  Many people got photos of it from many locations.

The phenomenon occurred not too many hundreds of miles from the site of the
“Norway Spiral” several years ago.    There area still pictures of that on the Internet.  After many attempts to explain the spiral,  the official line is that it was a rocket re-entry.  Or a rocket malfunction.   Russian,  of course.   So,  end of story.

So the Russian people were outdoors again,  filming the beautiful auroras:

global aurora


They kind of got a bonus that night.

I,  for one,  would like to know what the “bonus”  is.


October 27, 2017

Thought I’d take a little break from Hoax Week postings. and try a little Weekend Humor.

Well,  it’s more like “bathroom humor.”

bathroom sign

That’s the . . .  you know,  the toilet tank in the restroom of the building where I have my Friday morning class.   Not sure why the photo came out so yellow,  but I always wanted to share this picture.

A little “intimidating”  to have a sign like that on your toilet tank –

bathroom sign focused


I’m sure we’ll all try.


(Humor is where you find it.)




October 26, 2017

Well, the important posting is the last post,  but this goes along with it in a more minor and particular way.

This man:


A White Supremacist

. . .  about a hundred miles from  me . . .

. . .  on a liberal (Leftist) university campus . . .

. . . motivated by the Marxist desire to divide our country . . .

. . .  scared the heck out of liberal snowflake students . . .

. . . by . . .

. . .  making graffiti  on various campus buildings  . . .   in large letters:


Only in large black letters, I think.

(His is one of many such incidents recently all over America.)

For those of you who don’t know, my foreign readers perhaps,  the organization represented by these letters was begun by American Democrats to intimidate both Catholics and what we today call Black people.        They used to be a somewhat large and murderous influence in a few areas of our country.

One very famous senator, Senator Byrd (a Democrat),  was the “grand wizard” or whatever of this organization.   Mrs.  Bill Clinton  praises him and claims him as her mentor  (in a video you can still see).

Ironically,  this organization has now taken on Mythic Proportions as the Democrats themselves call their opponents by this name  even as membership in this almost nonentity is vanishingly small.

All it takes is a television camera to make it seem influential.

And a menace . . .

. . .  to young, uneducated college students . . .

. . . who are the Useful Idiots doing the legwork of dividing our nation.


(As a former teacher):   It’s all  in the education, my dear  readers.     Misguided education.   Erroneous education.   Agenda-driven education.  Fake Education.

Snowflakes could very easily have turned out to be men and women of courage and principle,  happy and self-fulfilled.

Real education is fun and interesting – and useful.


October 26, 2017

statue of liberty

One of the Tactics of Marxism (by whatever name: progressivism, socialism, fascism, etc.)   is to make the population of their enemy organization or their enemy country to  feel shame for its own past.

cultural marxism

It’s an effective,  openly stated, and well-defined Tactic.   They have an amazingly “rich” vocabulary.  An arsenal of words and phrases to wear down the targeted organization or nation:   Exclusive.   Racist.  Cruel.    Oppressive.     Xenophobic.    Populist.  Nationalist.   Supremacist.

One of their accusations, now, against America is the erroneous phrase that “We are a nation of immigrants!”

No.     That is a Hoax.   If you believe that sentence, you’ve been Hoaxed!    Here is a Citizenship Naturalization Ceremony  —

cit cer

Such a proud day for those who want to become Americans.    Not just “American citizens” –  but Americans!

The truth is “We are a nation of legal immigrants.”     All of us legal immigrants (or their children or grandchildren . . .)   have assimilated into the existing American culture *  and take pride in being Americans.

This is the reason why so many of us children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren of those new Americans cannot speak the language of the countries that they came from!  They wanted us to know English!


Imagine you’re in high school and you are asked to draw a picture of “France.”   You draw around its Borders.    What is the official Language of France?    French.     How did France get to be the way it is?   You learn the history of France.


Imagine you’re asked to draw a picture of Italy.   You draw around its Borders.   What is the official Language of Italy?    Italian.    How did Italy become a nation?   You learn its history.

This is the famous criteria of a nation-state:  Borders.  Language.  Culture.

You can do this with the border of the United States.  You can do this with the official Language of the United States.   You can learn its history (but usually not from government schools).    Starting just from Modern History **,  the land itself was settled by French and Spanish Catholic nations, but the governing force  was overtaken by Englishmen.    Then the English colonies revolted and set up a new nation.

We actually have a culture based largely on English traditions and English history.   We study English literature.  We study  English civic traditions.

Freedom?  Equality before the Law?  

From the foundational Magna Carta.    (The Great Charter)

mag acrt

And the English in turn influenced by the Scandinavian  Thing —



That’s it.      “A NATION OF . . .”    A nation of legal immigrants who have come here wanting to become Americans and take part in is  culture with a determination to be Free to better ourselves and to contribute to our country as it stands.

Flag don't tread

Patriotism with Pride:   It’s a universal and natural urge all over the world.


.*  A Cultural Marxist, now,  would interrupt the conversation and insist that you acknowledge that Canadians are “Americans”  too;  and so are people who live in Mexico, and people who live in Brazil, etc., etc.    But conventionally speaking,  in context here –  “American” is understood to refer to citizens of the United States of America.

It gets to be an impossible burden just to talk in all their politically correct ways without having to defend yourself  from all the implied accusations.    Which is the point.    A Cultural Marxist intends for you to not make your point.   He owns the dialogue, then.


.**  A longer history will show that the people living here at the time of the 16th century had themselves come from  Asia,  the South Pacific, Polynesia,  the Russian area,   and from Europe with artifacts all up and down the east coast that materially originated in the European continent, before the last minor Ice Age ended, and from the northwestern coast of Africa.




October 26, 2017

(Once again, I have so many little things to write about that they’re all jammed up, and I have to let a few days go by to let the dust settle.)

Sw Mosque

All the little themes seem to have sorted themselves out under the category of Hoaxes.   All kinds of hoaxes.

That picture is a mosque.   In Sweden.     It’s a Swedish mosque  (Sverige).

This is not a mosque aside Lutheran and Evangelical and Catholic churches in Sweden.   This is a statement.   From the moslem there.     Sweden has a large population, large and growing,   of moslems who arrived as part of the Third World Forced Invasion of European countries.

The trick is that they are “refugees.”  They are not, that’s a hoax,   but the Swedes are “nice” people.  Nice and passive.

The trick is that Sweden is a wealthy country and that they have enough wealth for not only their cradle-to-grave welfare system for the Swedes (which they don’t)  but also they have enough wealth to share with million of foreign, Third World non-citizens, (which they don’t).   That’s a hoax.

The trick is that if you  notice problems developing because of the foreign Third World non-citizens and you say anything about it,  that you are Xenophobic and you are a terrible person to hate foreigners (which you are most probably not)  That’s a hoax. 

The trick is that the Third World foreigners will assimilate into Swedish culture,  which they won’t.   That’s a hoax.    It is against their culture to assimilate into other cultures.   Other cultures, wherever they live, must assimilate into the moslem culture.

Wherever they go in formerly Christian Europe,  Islam must be integrated into the host country’s Christian culture.   “Something’s gotta give,”   as the old pop song  goes,  and it has to be the Christian or formerly Christian cultures.

Sweden has lost their own country.   The government is calling on their military to try to patrol the large moslem No-Go zones.    Crime is sky high.  Sweden competes for the area with the highest number of rapes.    It’s not the “nice” Swedes who are doing the crimes,  they are the victims, and being “nice” people, they officially and often personally make statements of apology to the Third World criminals.

All that they’ve been told about “immigration” has been a lie.

The Swedes are being hoaxed – and they don’t seem to want to believe it.

I can’t even get into their mindset, even though I am half Swedish myself.   That is, my mother was half Swede and half Finn;  my father was half Swede and half Finn.   Now, Swedes and Finns are not at all like each other and from observation, they’re seldom on the same page!!!     Since I have half and half genes from my mother and my father,  who knows what “fun ”  my own DNA had when combining to form me!      I can’t understand anything!

And no wonder I can’t understand the Swedes.

But I know hoaxes when I see them.


October 22, 2017




Social Justice Warriors claim that they are working to make a better world.

Here is a short word to them:  

If everything in the world were perfectly good,  we would still need God, for goodness comes from God.*

If we take the Social Justice Warriors  at their word,  which I don’t,  but if they mean what they say, isn’t it good for all of us to work hard to improve the lot of unfortunate people in this world?

Yes.  But there is no ultimate Goodness apart from God.

All.  Goodness.  Comes.  From.  God.  Our.  Creator.

God the Creator, in His goodness, has given us a beautiful world,  for our benefit.   Goodness and beauty and love . . .  all the perfect attributes of God are  meant to be  increased in our lives and spread about by us.     ” Working to make the world a better place.”

(Perhaps a small point of commonality  with those who are sincerely attracted to Marxist dogma — and yet are willing to have a conversation?)



.*   from  Simple Truths, Thinking Life through,  by Bishop Fulton J. Sheen




October 21, 2017


We Won!

f a football

We won our homecoming game today. I’m . . . happy.    I’m not ecstatic or excited as in years past, whenever we could win a homecoming game.  I’m just feeling kinda glad.

Eric Gordon, Johnathan Strayhorn, Kyle Selden

In the whole world of Football, though, it’s been a big loss this year.

That world has been co-opted by the loud-mouthed bullying globalists with their incessant theme that “white men are bigots”; America is a racist nation”; you have to feel ashamed of who you are”!

f not playing

NOT playing football


Well, each nation has received its particular “scolding.” If you don’t like the forced migration of third world people into your country, why . . .why . . . why,  you’re Xenophobic!!!!   And racist.   And bigoted.     And – let’s throw other terms in here. You’re “fa scis ts”! You’re” n a zis” (Any other bad terms out there? Well, you’re that too!)

(These name-calling bullies remind me of the eight-year-old girls on the playground that I saw who form cliques and then proceed to bully and shame anyone not in their clique!)

I listen to foreign news services sometimes. I have heard the Public Service Announcements, those little smarmy blurbs that are supposed to change your attitude toward something.    (Stop causing forest fires; stop making poor children go hungry; stop making animals die . . .)    I could give lots of examples, but here’s a recent one I keep hearing that makes me very angry.    It usually ends with the statement:    “And the white race is inherently racist and oppressive.”


f loud tv

Is this historically accurate – or is this what people are being told is history?   I know really nice, kind people who really truly believe this is true about themselves. No matter how much evidence from history you can give them,*  (see Useful Knowledge below)   deep down they have been made to believe that the White race is guilty, guilty, guilty.

I don’t know, maybe there is some odd sort of comfort in feeling guilty. because, you know, then someone is going to come in and take control of this whole mess. Feeling guilty seems to be just an effective way of backing out of life, waiting for the angry globalists to fix things. In any way.


f dam collapse

The dam collapses

Now the dam has broken, the White race is damned, and all this flood of accusations have overwhelmed the NFL and anything associated with it.  I don’t get my entertainment from watching mud-slinging against America.

f muddy waters


Tomorrow.  Sunday.  Football day.  . .   will be a free day of rest and reflection, a walk in the Spruce Tunnel to take some pictures, some time spent privately with my God . . . and lots of time to do it all!

A “big loss” can have advantages – at least until the globalists enact laws their against our innocent people.

Unless we do something . . .   unless we try to do something,  it will soon be a time of great persecution.



Useful knowledge for you  —  History’s evidence on the White Race:

In 1863  America, a largely White nation, declared an end to slavery:

f emanc proc


Before that,  England, a largely White nation, declared an end to slavery:

f england ending slvaery

And long before that the Catholic Church, universal in its racial composition  though administered  largely by Italians,  proclaimed in at least three papal Bulls that slavery is wrong, unacceptable;    and “indigenous” people were to be respected and not used for slavery.

(Got a problem with that?    Good Catholics, actual Catholics,  obeyed;   and some became saints as they gave their life-work to the succor and  freeing of slaves.   Don ‘t judge the Church by its disobedient and very sinful “members.”   That’s just a cheap shot.)  

In the Twentieth Century,  the Republican Party,  largely WHITE people in government, fought hard against the Leftists  (the Democrats in this country)  —  fought hard to enact Civil Rights laws.

f repub civil rights act

These are mostly Republican  (white males)  who are watching a very reluctant President Johnson sign in to law the Civil Rights laws.

Ironically,  it’s the heirs of this same Democrat Party that is joining the anti-American globalists in calling Americans “racists.”

This is a tactic of Cultural Marxism:  make a nation feel guilty for its past.  Even if the guilt rests on false premises.





October 17, 2017

Not many words today.   I’m mad.   Pouting, I guess you could say.

It was my idea of a perfect “summer” day.    65 degrees, sunny, and with a steady fresh breeze.   So I wanted to go outside for a long walk, a walk in the park, followed by a long bike ride . . .  but I couldn’t.


C 1 up above



Sulfite compounds


Nano-aluminum  ( between 10 and 20 MILLION tons of particles annually)

Protozoa, virus parts, and bacteria

Desiccated red blood cells

Unidentified fibers and nano-fibers

Just to name a few of the identified particles.

Stuff I don’t want to breathe in.

C 2 above my house

All that above my house.   And the airplane —

C 3 cloud plane

If you take the time to get binoculars, you’ll always see a plane that is white,  the windows painted white, and NO identifying numbers or letters or markings.   All white.

That is against federal law.

This is also against federal law —

C 4 also against rules

You’re not allowed to fly planes together,  in closely spaced parallel flight paths.

You will not get any information or acknowledgements about this stuff from any official.   You’ll get some lies,  but no answers.  Some have speculated that the particles that are now in the air we breathe have something to do with tracking or placing energy waves.

C 5 used for waves

Keep your camera ready.  Some of the patterns are really . . . interesting.

One time I was flying in an airplane, looking out the window.  Our plane flew right next to one of them:
C 6 loops

So close up they begin to form loops.  I estimated the loops must be about forty to fifty feet long.

C 7 loop drizzle

The loops drizzle down and eventually mix in with the air.   Hours later you can’t see them anymore.  At least not as distinct stripes and loops.

I took this photo while I was driving one day.

C 8 nobody looks

Nobody was looking up.   No one ever looks up.

What’s the point?

I didn’t walk or run or ride my bicycle today.      Don’t want to take good deep breaths out there.



October 15, 2017

(Random thoughts after hearing a sermon and reading the mail))

Looking up     We had a very fine and inspiring sermon today, the kind where you know you’ve received a mandate to go out and take action – live your faith!   And I thank God for this man’s words.

In one small part of the sermon,  the word “compartmentalization” came up,  several examples given.   It was pointed out how we compartmentalize our faith away from our “everyday” life in society, or in school,  and in the workplace.  In the public perception of our society,  created by the media, we  compartmentalize our citizens into various ethnic groups.  And certainly, now, our political opinions keep us separated in our little “compartments.”

With the increasing implementation of Cultural Marxism into American culture,  people are taught to place themselves, and others, in  separate compartments and to look for possible injuries, insults, and wrongs done to them.    We are victims of something.   And the marxists are here to help.

Social media intimidation seems to be the first step.   (Remember the Benham twins?)  Rumors, innuendoes, implications, insinuations are enough to attract such negative attention that owners of small businesses have been forced to shut down due to “danger to their employees and families” —

Did you hear about the Cup It Up American Grill this week?

Coffe Shop

That was a sign the owners had to post on their coffee shop window after they had received numerous threats from those who opposed their private opinions.  Customers had to be told that the employees were in danger if they continued working there.  (Sorry,  I don’t remember the city this was in.  I didn’t think I’d be sharing this information.)

This comes across as a Cultural Marxist attack against private American citizens.    We can’t push back.  We can’t push back on events like this if we don’t know about them.   Our very Leftist entertainment-news media is not interested in telling us.

After accusations on the social media, or from wherever, often the next step is to consult a lawyer — and draw up a statement of  “you can’t blame us.”

So,  that Personal Responsibility Statement.   I found it on a ticket voucher that Son gave me for my birthday recently.  He had bought tickets for me and for him to see Jay Leno on stage at our local performance center theater.   Here is the statement:

Wharton Center offers a diverse selection of arts and entertainment. Not all productions may appeal to or be appropriate for every person or for all ages.  Therefore, patrons are responsible for making informed decisions regarding their ticket purchases.

Now that’s troublesome!    In a sane society of mature adults,  with integrity and  common values,  such a statement  “goes without saying.”    It is common sense.  The caveat is so obvious that it is internal and needs not be articulated:    “Not everything is for everyone.”  In addition,  a  healthy society would not be presenting offensive events to us as “entertainment.”

Mature adults would instantly recognize what is not appropriate or  “comfortable” for them – and put it out of their minds.     (There is commonly deceptive advertising and misrepresentations of course –  but then you just quietly walk out.)

Compartmentalization.  It’s being done to us.   The results are a fragmented society that cannot even talk to itself about what is going wrong.

Divide and conquer.   We’ve all heard that before.







October 14, 2017

Computer Hell:


It started with a virus in my main computer.   After the computer was  cleansed and repaired,  it was somehow no longer able to contact the Internet.   For three weeks I’ve been working with interconnected laptops, PC, three keyboards, two mouses, two sets of speakers, rebooted everything, and one printer in there somewhere.    It was not pretty.

It was very disruptive.  My printing was one arrangement,  by communications were arrayed over a pattern of two or three computers,  and my class notes were scattered in six different places, including thumb drives here and there.   I did everything I could  to “fix” things, and then stopped trying.

For a week.  I tried once more, doing the same things I had been doing for three weeks.  All of a sudden my big PC,  my main PC,  found the Internet.  No reason.   Sometimes if you “do the same thing over and over and expect different results,”   it isn’t insanity!

But these computers can still drive a person crazy.


polar feet

I was once again able to search out the news.    “What’s happening around the world.”   Came across this interesting article from Russia which showed me what REAL trouble is!

polar at door

There is a small science station at Izvesti Tsik Islands in Russia’s Kara Sea that is manned by five scientists.    This photo isn’t their little building,  but it shows the Trouble.    They always  have problems with polar bears from time to time.

polar walk

But this year it seems a whole “tribe” of polar bears have come.  There are about a dozen “hanging around”  right outside the door, and the scientists haven’t been able to get out for days!     The bear have already eaten one of the scientists’  dogs.     The scientists have been using flares to signal for help.

Bear have always been a serious symbol to me of Life’s Lurking Menaces, ready to jump out at you from the bushes when you least expect it.   It wasn’t hard for me to put myself in the place of these besieged scientists.

I really wouldn’t want to live in a place where trouble is spelled:  p-o-l-a-r    b-e-a-r.

polar and car

They are strong and persistent hunters, they’re destructive,  and they’re omnivorous!  They’re just not cute:

polar not cute


(I found a picture of a man holding a cute little baby polar bear while the little bear was chewing his ear off.   I can’t show it because all the “red” spoils the whiteness you’d expect to see.)

So think about these poor five men in Russia; lift up a little prayer for them.   “Help is on the way,” the news article said.

Hope they can hang on until their Troubles are over.


October 13, 2017

(Once, long ago,  the whole world was purged.)

purge flood

We don’t usually think of the pipes in our house – unless something goes wrong,  so wrong that you actually have to call in an expert:

pipes to purge

If the “expert”  finds a void space, an air pocket,  or some kind of “wrong-doing”  that causes an obstruction,  the plumber-expert will  have to purge your pipes:

Purging pipes

That’s like a “purge” — a  whoosh! —   every obstruction is blasted out of the way by a powerful Flood of water.

When this was scheduled to happen to the whole world many ages ago,  Noah was given the task to construct the only safe place to be during the purging Flood –  and,  what we don’t think about very often:  Noah was given  about a hundred years to preach and to warn and to admonish the people to come back to God.

A hundred years – for the world to mend its ways.

October 13, 1917 – October 13, 2017.    It’s been a hundred years now, a hundred years to the day when more than 70,000 people saw the Miracle of the Sun in Fatima, Portugal. I’ve written about it here,  and the story is all over the Web with varying perspectives.

As in the days of Noah,   people are the same now,  people don’t really change, free will gives them perfect freedom to reject God — but when most of the world did (reject God)  in recent times,   the world received another warning and predictions similar to what Noah received.

Watching the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima,  October 13, 1917:

fatima crowd

Not only those present,  but thousands of people up to twenty miles away who were unaware that they were going to see something strange and awesome that day.

fatima crowd sepia

It really happened.  I sometimes wish I could have been there among the crowd and saw what they saw.

Preceding this event were five other visitations containing admonitions, warnings, and predictions,  including the prediction that “something” would happen in the near future,  in October, 1917,  that everyone would be able to see —  so that they all would believe.   And then,  it really happened.

These five summer of  1917 apparitions presented the so-called Secret of Fatima,  or often called  the Three Secrets of Fatima because the warnings and predictions came in three separate parts.

All three Secrets involve the coming “purging”  of the world again,  but not by water,   by fire:


Today I’ve read three brilliant essays from three different authors in three different places, all pointing out that this purging of  the earth that’s promised to us  won’t destroy only individuals who reject and offend God,  and not only whole nations whose official policies depart from the Goodness of God,  but also  the Church itself,  which is supposed to be the most pure conduit of the graces of God.

A fiery purging of (1) people, of (2) whole nations,  and of (3) the Church.

Fifty years after the Miracle of the Sun, we apparently didn’t get the message.     A little pause, and then in Akita Japan the message was repeated, somewhat more explicitly to Christian people   (and again through words of the Virgin Mary):

On October 13, 1973, Our Lady of Akita (Japan) told the visionary Sister Agnes Katsuko Sasagawa that heresy would occur within the Catholic Church: “The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops against bishops. The priests who venerate me will be scorned and opposed by their conferees (other priests)… The Church will be full of those who accept compromises and the demon will press many priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord.”

And then a description of the “Purging.”

“As I told you, if men do not repent and better themselves, the Father will inflict a terrible punishment on all humanity. It will be a punishment greater than the deluge, such as one will never seen before. Fire will fall from the sky and will wipe out a great part of humanity, the good as well as the bad, sparing neither priests nor faithful. The survivors will find themselves so desolate that they will envy the dead. The only arms which will remain for you will be the Rosary and the Sign left by My Son.


In the first quote,  Sister Agnes was told that heresy would become widespread in the Church –  right from the very top.   At Fatima the heresy was described as “Russia”  spreading her errors throughout the world . . .  even, as we now know,  into and within the Church.

2 Marxists understanding each other

Heads of states and officials in power at the top  and  head of the Church and “bishops and cardinals”  will all be infected with Marxist ideology, something long condemned by the Church itself and by previous (Catholic)  popes.

Nothing personal,  but those two pictured above are two  enemies of the Church, just going by their words and by their actions.   But, hey,  they approve of each other . . . .

Did the World heed the 100-year-long   warnings of Noah?     No.


Has our current world heeded the 100-year old warnings of Fatima?     No.

( _______)

You know what’s in the Bible, the words of the first Catholic pope:     When the time comes for this to happen,  people (in general)  will mock and ridicule the idea.  But:  For this they are wilfully ignorant of, that the heavens were before, and the earth out of water, and through water, consisting by the word of God. Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished. (The first purge by water)  . . .       But the heavens and the earth which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of the ungodly men

(II Peter 3:  5, 6, 7)

Although these words say “for the judgment and perdition (destruction) of ungodly men,”  at Akita we were told that the good and the bad alike will suffer under this rain of fire . . .    whatever that will be.

fatima menacing sun


Happy 100th Anniversary,  Fatima.

(That sun doesn’t look very friendly.)


Revelation:  16:8 –  And I looked, and behold,  “Next, the fourth angel poured out his bowl on the sun, and it was given power to scorch the people with fire.
























October 12, 2017


Remember:     “Implementation follows Victory.”


I had an intense and vivid memory this morning as I was warming up my breakfast, such as it was:


In my mind, I was back on the Illinois prairie,  about eleven years old,   pretty much what they called a “tomboy”  — and reading a book,  up a tree.

It was a magnificent tree!

big tree

Something  like that, only more branches..   On those hot summer days I was usually up in one of the higher branches that became a big chaise lounge for me.    Sometimes I didn’t even read,  just put my book down and absorbed the feel of nature,  the steady sounds of the bugs and the bees and the locusts.    Butterflies came sometimes if I weren’t too high.

gnarly limbs

Occasionally my friends came too, when their mothers released them from their chores.  My mother worked in the city;  I was an “only” child,  so I was free all day.  Free as a bird!   (As long as I didn’t break any rules,  I could do whatever I wanted to do.  Such freedom!)

Maybe because I was alone a lot I always wanted to join the Girl Scouts*.

GS Troop

So, when I woke up this morning,  today the radio was still on from the night before , and I heard about “Scouting.”      The poor Boy Scouts who seem to have, in the past few years, lost their way as a group to teach boys how to grow into Christian manhood, (which was their original purpose),  have announced that they are going to start accepting girls into their boys’ club.

(“Implementation follows victory.”)

Now, it’s clear that the idea of Christian manhood as a goal for our American boys is an idea that is mocked and ridiculed.     Any teenage boy want to grow up to be a good Christian gentleman?   He would be publicly disparaged and socially isolated –  and accused of all the  common Marxist “sins.”

Cultural Marxism poster 150I’m sure most everyone has noticed, by now, that the Extreme Leftists,  the socialists,  whatever you want to call them,  have completed their Marxist Cultural Revolution in American Society — as it is presented to us by the entertainment-news media.

They haven ‘t won the hearts and minds (and commonsense) of the American people, but there seems to be nowhere that the Cultural Marxists have not infiltrated and taken control.

So the controversy engendered by this latest Scouting announcement is a clear one.  Yes or No.   Black or White.   Boy or Girl.

(“Implementation follows victory.”)

Another Yes or No news item this morning:  a nearby school district is debating whether to have transgendered bathroom in the whole school district. Mostly boys entering girls bathroom and locker rooms and showers.  They are implementing the false idea of “gender neutrality.”
The principles of Marxist social engineering has claimed the word “gender,”  a grammatical term,  not a scientific term,  for itself and uses “gender”  to hammer at human reality.    Those who don’t know the difference between “sex” and “gender”  are confused — and easily persuaded because they don’t want to be accused of being . . .   not nice.   Or attracting attention.   Or getting in trouble.  Or something.

Those involved in implementation the social changes that are being engineered will win, I think.   The (few) voices from the Left are mean and strident, domineering and bullying.

Divide and conquer.    Make those who disagree with you seem   unreasonable and weak in their protestations.      Then take away their power —

Another news item this morning illustrating the loss of power and control for ordinary American citizens:      One of our state senators has announced he’s going to run for governor at the next election.   Why?  Because he disagrees with the policies of the Leftist, Progressive leaders of his party, who have just shut him down:  in the senate that means he was taken off of all his committees and now has a very weak and unheard voice in future debates.   The bad thing is,  the people who elected this man agree with him and sent him to our state legislature in order to implement these ideas.

But they have no victory – so they can have no implementation.  No voice.

It’s what politics has become.   “Agree with me or you don’t get a voice.”     It’s called the Swamp.   And it may be going on in your state legislature too.

Slowly but very surely our nation has been steered to the Far Left in its public manifestations.    Politics,  economics,  the astounding size of the  flow of money,  all our information and entertainment,  unprosecuted lawless behavior,  criminal enterprises,  all  those who permit our participation in social media,  and everything that allows our private choices and conduct — all has been effectively steered to the Far Left.

(“Implementation follows victory.”)

But, again,  the hearts and minds of most ordinary citizens are not there, (yet).    They are uncomfortable after daily doses of the media.   The implementation of total Leftist control is not quite complete.

They are walking around, almost dazed,  saying:  I don’t know any people like that!  I don’t know any  people who act like that!    I don’t know any people who think like that!   Not in real, everyday life.    Not among my friends and acquaintances.

Except for those few who are imitating what they see on the entertainment-news media, and who  don’t want to be thought of as . . .  what accusations do the Leftists use . . .     “Unkind.”   “Selfish.”   “Prejudiced.”   “Bigoted.”  “Homophobic.”    “Racist.”   “Sexist.”     The false accusations seem endless,  like fighting off buckshot from a shotgun aimed at you.

Reality and commonsense peppered by a thousand holes.

And it wears a person down.

(“Implementation follows victory.”)



    Butterflies are free!   Humans should be too!




. *   I never could join the Brownies or the Girl Scouts.   In my very large school there were just not enough leaders available.   However, as an adult I became a Brownie and then, for a while, a Girl Scout leader.    I have a personal interest in the idea of Scouting –  and I’ve been watching its developments.

       I know for a fact that the “excuses”  being presented for why girls should enter the Boy Scouts are just not true.   Just ask this “tomboy” Girl Scout leader!





October 10, 2017

(A meditation recorded for myself.   Important info.)



October 10.      The day the Christian world remembers that remarkable man, St. Francis de Borgia.

The training of St. Francis:

Born to a family of status and responsibility with the wealth and royal connections to be able to carry out those responsibilities,   Francis was brought up in a loving family under stern tutors and attentive spiritual directors to train him in the abilities – and attitudes – that would make him a good leader in his area of Spain.

He was trained in the courtly skills of competitive physical games,  swordsmanship,   dancing;   he loved music,  he really loved ball games (alas,  not football exactly,  but the equivalent of it – and I understand him!  I take that personally! )  He loved literature, and above all he took his faith seriously, which,   by my own personal experience,    enhances and adds new enjoyment to everything you like to do.

The character of St Francis:

You can give a child a lot of good opportunities, a lot of good attention,  a lot of good education,  but you can’t make him become a good person,  unless the young man is wise and willing and disciplines himself according to the worthy things he’s being taught.

What’s more important?  Where do you find a balance between demanding,  severely demanding,   that a child learn well and develop a good character, on the one hand,  and giving him the freedom to develop himself, on the other hand?    That is called the Art of parenting,  the Art of teaching,  the Art of spiritual counsel. . . .

Well, it all worked together in the case of St. Francis de Borgia.

The adult life of St. Francis:

Born in 1510, in Catalonia, by the time Francis was 33 years old  he had taken on adult duties, was a trusted and valuable government official,  married and  fell  deeply in love with his wife, and had eight children,  never turning away from God or his Catholic faith in all that he did.

Being a good man does not keep tragedy away,  and soon, in his young adult life,  tragedy struck.   His beloved wife died,  in spite of constant fasting,  supplications,  prayers and mortifications in his private chapel.   Those particular prayers were not answered.    As we can imagine,  it caused some very deep thinking.

Francis had continuing duties in the court of Charles V, including accompanying the beautiful Empress Isabella at various times.   She was well-loved and respected.  St. Francis admired her  piety but was also impressed by her beauty,  her popularity,  her skill at carrying out royal duties.

Nunca Mas (*) ! –

This is the famous statement of St. Francis.   It came about by this:   the beautiful Isabella died.    A national tragedy and  a personal one for St. Francis.    After a state funeral,  her body had to be transported to the royal burial city –  transported through hot weather, for several days, through uncertain roads, and heavily  guarded .   St Francis was given the honorable and serious responsibility of not only helping to guard, but also to be the one trusted royal courtier to identify the body once it arrived at its destination.

After hot jiggly days in the wagon that had carried her coffin,  St. Francis had to look upon the beautiful Isabella – who was by now a half-decomposed corpse.   Of course Francis knew what he might see  . . .  but actually experiencing the horrifying disfigured face of the Lady he had served . . .  that is what changed his life.

If all the beauty and riches and power of this world come to . . .  this terrifying and revolting object,    then St. Francis decided to put away all the time and effort that he had used to serve the things that this passing world  thinks is important.

Career?  Career advancement?  Education?  Sophistication?   Beauty?   Riches?   Talent?

It all becomes what St. Francis saw in the coffin.

From then on his attention changed;  and writings and his influence became, by our standards,  severe and stern, and focused on our preparation for the Next World.

It is at that point in his life that I became acquainted with St.  Francis de Borgia,  shortly after I finally  entered the Church.     It took me way too long to go in,  but when I did,  my mind, my life, my opportunities, my future,   everything opened up for me!   (Much to my surprise!)

One thing upon becoming Catholic, is that all the saints before you,  named and unnamed,  canonized and uncanonized,  all become available, as inspiration,  guides,  teachers,  helpers,  coaches,  encouragers,

Two came to my mind:  St. Francis de Borgia was one.  Stern,  severe words that point the way to the loving faithfulness of God our Savior.

What’s not to like (for me?)     Music,  literature, a thorough education,  a career in which you’re responsible for the well-being and development of other people.  Football!  (or ball games),   sports and vigorous physical training,   but then the Reality that put it all in perspective:   “Nunca mas”   St Francis tells us….  “No more” – “No more of this” –  No more putting these things first, all these things that lead only to death and corruption.

I’m going to die, personally speaking.  Might be at an outdoor music concert.   Might be out on the “wild western roads” I love to drive.   Might be an  accident or a disease.    I had a dream a long time ago, a dream-vision of being shot in the chest by a small Chinese man in a brown uniform.    Don’t know what that means.  The dream ended abruptly.

St. Francis has told me, reminds me every day,  that some things are not so important,  not as important as making sure you that you will  go to heaven.  No more try to please the world –  Nunca mas! –  but live so that you are pleasing to God, the One who gave you your life in the first place.

Omigosh!   Life in this world becomes so much larger then!



And another big thank you to Mr. Y for sending me a third-class relic,  which  “warns”  every day . . . .     (I miss your blog.)


*  Nunca mas voy a servir a un maestro que conduce a la muerte . . .  (something like that)






October 9, 2017

This man’s story was:

Columbus 1 (2)


And here he is again:

Columbus 2

Or maybe for the children:

Columbus 3 ch


He came to our hemisphere.

Columbus 4

Although not the first European to sail here,  his journeys came at a time to have a prominent – and positive – impact on this hemisphere.

(Which history has been thoroughly hijacked. by those who MUST destroy Western Civilization.    It’s what you do when you’re waging war.)



.*  Hijacking is an illegal act in all nations of the world.