Computer Hell:


It started with a virus in my main computer.   After the computer was  cleansed and repaired,  it was somehow no longer able to contact the Internet.   For three weeks I’ve been working with interconnected laptops, PC, three keyboards, two mouses, two sets of speakers, rebooted everything, and one printer in there somewhere.    It was not pretty.

It was very disruptive.  My printing was one arrangement,  by communications were arrayed over a pattern of two or three computers,  and my class notes were scattered in six different places, including thumb drives here and there.   I did everything I could  to “fix” things, and then stopped trying.

For a week.  I tried once more, doing the same things I had been doing for three weeks.  All of a sudden my big PC,  my main PC,  found the Internet.  No reason.   Sometimes if you “do the same thing over and over and expect different results,”   it isn’t insanity!

But these computers can still drive a person crazy.


polar feet

I was once again able to search out the news.    “What’s happening around the world.”   Came across this interesting article from Russia which showed me what REAL trouble is!

polar at door

There is a small science station at Izvesti Tsik Islands in Russia’s Kara Sea that is manned by five scientists.    This photo isn’t their little building,  but it shows the Trouble.    They always  have problems with polar bears from time to time.

polar walk

But this year it seems a whole “tribe” of polar bears have come.  There are about a dozen “hanging around”  right outside the door, and the scientists haven’t been able to get out for days!     The bear have already eaten one of the scientists’  dogs.     The scientists have been using flares to signal for help.

Bear have always been a serious symbol to me of Life’s Lurking Menaces, ready to jump out at you from the bushes when you least expect it.   It wasn’t hard for me to put myself in the place of these besieged scientists.

I really wouldn’t want to live in a place where trouble is spelled:  p-o-l-a-r    b-e-a-r.

polar and car

They are strong and persistent hunters, they’re destructive,  and they’re omnivorous!  They’re just not cute:

polar not cute


(I found a picture of a man holding a cute little baby polar bear while the little bear was chewing his ear off.   I can’t show it because all the “red” spoils the whiteness you’d expect to see.)

So think about these poor five men in Russia; lift up a little prayer for them.   “Help is on the way,” the news article said.

Hope they can hang on until their Troubles are over.

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