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December 31, 2017

Can’t  . . .  uh  . . .   I’m supposed to write now —


 See this?   —

Cooper thru the gates 380

That’s Cooper through all the gates and things.    They got ‘im.

Cooper and I each had a little silent meltdown at the airport.    Such a  difficult day.    The TSA and Security agents noticed our . . .  difficulty –  and they showed me a way to stay as close to him as I could all along his check-out line.    Which only intensified the difficulty.

They said they noticed the little boy was “upset.”     Probably noticed me too.



We’re apart now.



“Difficulty”  remains intensified.    I feel like canceling everything this week.





December 30, 2017

We are having a non-stop busy week  – no time for the usual activities,  but I’ve stolen a few minutes to tell you about a great new “invention”  for snowy days!

Sled Legs 280

That’s my grandson Cooper going down our nearby sledding hill – on his new Sled Legs.

They’re a great idea!

sled legs on

You strap these things to your legs,  just above your knees and above your shoes, so you can still walk . . .

sled legs walking

. . .  because the idea is you walk up to the top of the hill and then fling yourself on your knees and slide down.

Cooper says you can steer, but the  adults with him say you can’t.

(I think you can believe a 7 year old who plays Scrabble like a pro, two days after he learned that the game exists.   He picked up the rules for Parcheesi in about ten seconds.  And he apparently mastered all the pinball games at Pinball Pete’s tonight.)  


st bar blue snowflake divider

Anyway,   Sled Legs –  highly recommended!




December 28, 2017

We participated in our country’s Christmas snowstorms.    Enjoy a little snowy drive with  me.

It’s enough to give weather forecasting a bad name:

1 temp pic

See that weather forecast for  O   in.  of precipitation?    As in no inches for Christmas Day.    Well,  this is what it was doing outside:

1 backyard storm

About 7 inches, Christmas Day.  Not as much as what some of you had, I know.

It was beautiful, but I had to drive out  to Christmas Mass in all that snow.   Snow  plows on vacation, I think.

2.2 snowy branches

Other cars had gone before me and cleared some tracks.  Honestly,  it was a pretty day.

6 white out

Roads got better in the city, but it was harder to see.

Here’s the skyline of our little city with the big capitol building right straight up ahead:

6.8 Skyline up

Our clock tower:


I was going to make it in time,   to a snowy, misty church building —

5.5 church arrived

Again,  really lovely in the snowfall.

Sleepy as I was that early in the morning and challenging as the drive was,  I’m glad I made the effort.    It always feels better after being present for a Mass,  feels brighter and stronger inside me;    and then,  even the sky changed on my way home.

5 Sunburst

The sky had turned an “innocent blue”   in just about an hour.

5.5 Innocent blue sky

On my way into the city, I could hardly see the beautiful  campus I drive through,  but now the buildings could be seen clearly.

7 sunny campus buildings

I always enjoy their classic beauty.   This   is just one  little peek.     It’s a large Big Ten campus.   There’s a very nice “other” church in the  campus area:

8 sunny campus church

It’s one of those friendly, all-purpose churches where there’s nothing too much to believe in, you just have to be nice, be friendly to everyone.  I think it’s called an “open”  church.  I’ve been inside when one of my children had a concert in there.  It’s really, really pretty, all stone, even around the large wrap-around second-story choir lofts.     Stone walls, stone floors.     Dark wood benches, if I remember correctly.     Like the inside of a castle . . . .

Arriving home, the clouds returned,  but everything was nice and frosted in my neighborhood  –

4 frosted christmnas trees

Ready to have my little California family start their Christmas Day.

Later on those California people and Son traveled all the way off to festivities in Detroit on a day of plunging temperatures.    Here are Detroiters, bundled up in  -9 degrees:

Fireworks 380

That’s  minus 9.   Bundled up !  and watching fireworks.

Daughter’s face;  playing around — outdoors:

Dauighter Too 260

They all had brought their ice skates but there was too many other things to do in the city.

Cities can be so glamorous during Christmas holiday season.

Cold too, so they had “warming centers”  which were actually pretty nice.    Here are the three big guys of my little family at an activity center in the “warming tent”:

Detroit Market 260

Weather was a big player in our Christmas celebrations.


bars xmas boughs and bells


One big holiday recommendation:   Forget what all the critics are saying about the new Star Wars movie, positive or negative.  Just go see   Star Wars: The Last Jedi – and preferably in 3D!    Enjoy the fun!

‘Tis the Season for merriment!!!!!! 








December 27, 2017

Wise Shepherds watch and Wise men seek . . . .

WISE MEN Invis Blue


There are Twelve Days in the Christmas Season for us to experience  . . . .


December 24, 2017

Twas the night before Christmas Eve

And all through the house

All was quiet and dark —

Until the Motion Detector Lights came on outside!


Visitors in the night:

Moonlight 380

It was a very dark moonlit  night not too long ago.     2:00, 3:00 in the morning I was sitting quietly reading and listening to the radio, when all of a sudden the front of the house and most of the front yard lit up like daylight.   Something had triggered the motion detector.

I’m not usually spooked in the night, so I just listened,  prudently,  for any sounds of “entry” but upon hearing none,  just figured the water pump turned on, thus triggering an electrical impulse running through the lines which turned on the motion detector.  Or whatever;  our electrical lines have a hair trigger :  if the furnace kicks on we lose our TV signal for a while,  either cable or antenna.

The next day I went outside to my front  yard and discovered the reason for the motion detector:


I did have a visitor.   Nice big buck maybe.    You probably have these visitors all night long too.  Ever think of all the activity that goes on while we sleep?


Intrigue where you find it:

“The world is so full of a number of things 

 I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings!”        (Olive Beaupre Miller)

Later in the day I had to shovel snow.     Nice to be out in the crisp cool air.   It could have been routine work, but I uncovered this:


Looked like Leopard Snow to me!    It was  an ice pattern formed under a nine-inch snowfall onto a warm driveway.

It was interesting to look at from every angle, and I got distracted by it, like a kid;   but eventually I got the job done.


Leopard Snow comes under the category of Take Time to Smell the  Roses.   You can always find roses if you  “take time.”


Christmas Eve warm-up:

My little California family has arrived, after a a two-day journey.   And they traveled by plane!

Now,  the traditional Christmas Eve dinner for people of our ethnic origin is Lutefisk!    In fact,  Cousin Lois in the Far Far North called tonight and spoke of the anticipated delights of her upcoming Lutefisk dinner.

But I broke with my tradition.   It’s cold around here.   Teens.  Heading down to single digits for a couple days.     So I decided to warm us up inside  with a Cajun Christmas Eve treat:

Gator Cooking

That is a nice spicy hot Cajun ‘gator etouffee, ready to be served over fluffy white rice.   I know an etouffee is usually made with seafood, but alligator works just fine.   The alligator meat is tender, mild, and flavorful.  Well, okay,   “like chicken”  –  but  Chicken Plus, you know?

We don’t have alligators in the Far North,  so we have to rely on . . .  the Truckers  —   God bless the Truckers,  they keep our lifestyles going.

Gator pkg

And they bring us nice packages of ‘gator meat, all picked clean and cut up.

Goes nicely with piping hot Swedish  glögg.        (heh heh)

“Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.”






December 21, 2017

Our wedding photo.

Hubbie and I were married on this day, a “few” years ago.

Dec 21 380


Just  .  .  .   If you have a mother and no longer  a father;  or if you have a father and no longer a mother;    just know that the anniversary of the surviving spouse is still . . .  their anniversary day.    It will always be a special day,  full of unsayable memories.

Love is worth all the heartache and sadness it can bring.



December 21, 2017

Sorry for the length, but I love my country . . . .

Flag don't tread

It’s been a week?   And sorry for my absence.  I had a rather serious health setback, partly or wholly brought on by electronic zapping, a “cutesy” name for  being noticeably injured by the electrical fields surging out of my keyboard/mouse/screen  whenever I forget to shield myself against the EMFs and RFs . .  .      More on that later some day,  but it hurts and it advances a certain condition in my body, and I had to stay away for a while . . .    If you’re interested, you could read the book of Enoch, and I’ll connect the dots for you later.  Meanwhile, if you pray,    please remember me   for my healing.


My mind has been busy though,  and I’m left with some pretty complex, interconnected observations, some amusing, some ghastly, some appalling, and some deadly.     Here’s all four of them at once:

About a week ago America received yet another attack by   m  o  s  l  e  m   extremists:  a pipe bomb thrown during rush hour in New York City.        The absurdity that I’ve seen during this past week is that such terrorist attacks by these same “extremists”  for the sake of advancing their worldwide “Rule”,  has continued to be on the rise — unnoticed —  all over the world.    Ho-hum:

Recently, again,  this past week or two,  Christians have been burned alive and bombed in their churches;   Christians are getting kidnapped, killed, or sold into slavery in the jungles of the African continent.   White women in Sweden are  being gang-raped and tortured by  such men  from Africa – without any legal  consequences to the men.    Low income Germans  are being kicked out of their government-paid apartments to make room for the  m  o  s  l  e  m  invaders in the name of “migration”  or  immigration”  or some such term.   Christmas celebrations and decorations are disappearing –  by government mandate –  so as not to offend these invaders.   A town in Italy, the beautiful part of northern Italy, where lives about 87 people,  have been told they must accommodate almost 400  m  o  s  l  e  m   men.    Somehow.      That’s all right, they’re told;  the government is building barracks for these non-Italian young men  (of warrior age)  to live in.

In these and dozens of other cases that made the news recently,  there are always truly innocent victims.

So I was thinking of a snowball fight.    

snowball fight

 A snowball fight in which a small gang of mean kids throw hard snowballs at a young boy passing by.   I don’t know,  seems to me an ordinary Christian Man  would think first of protecting the young boy and running off the mean kids.   *

Wouldn’t you feel like going out and stopping the snowballs from hurting the young boy?

And what if the gang came back and started to throw snowballs at your house? 

cracked window

Snowball after snowball.  A window cracks.    Something gets dented.  And still they’re throwing snowballs at your house.   Seems to me a Man ** would stand up,  get outside,  and chase away those mean kids,  even if he had to take a few snowballs in the face himself    — at first.  

And yet, recently,  a pipe bomb got thrown into a rush hour crowd in New York City.   Snowball after snowball.   Creeping  Radio –cal  is  La  mists   terrorism.

Seems like the West has some serious snowball fighters taking aim at us:

snowball fighter

Many years ago I read reports of  about 37 known  is  la mists  terrorist training camps in remote areas within our borders, where they use buildings,  mock train and subway terminals,  and old schoolbuses  to train,  using various weapons . . .

So where are those weapons coming from?   Another serious issue.   Remember the bad old rum-slaves-money triangle of  American-British-Caribbean   colonial days?    Well, today we have the  arms-drugs-money wheel that whirls around and around  growing and enriching all involved.       

 airplane    You can look into the whole  “Men-a-Arkansas”   drugs for Iran-Contra Arms deal that mightily enriched certain banks.     There’s a triangle for you.    No one has as yet been prosecuted, (and many have been “Arkancided” and a big federal building that contained the documentary evidence was blown up in 1995 )   And the main problem these people have?  It’s  not ‘enough’ weapons to obtain,  not ‘enough’  drugs to move around,  but rather  too much cash money to  effectively launder.    Cash money takes up a lot of room!     Digital money laundering is full of holes and leaks and cyberattacks.

Was it not in the news two days ago that some  high-level aide  during the Barack-Hussein administration got caught money-laundering from his position in  that political party?  He was an IT consultant working for Debbie Wasserman-Schultz  while he  ran a “used car business”  for the purpose of laundering such dirty money.

(Did the entertainment-news media tell Americans about this, this week?)

Isn’t there any decent Man left to expose and oppose these things?   

Okay.  So we know there are serious issues going on that threaten the safety of our country and that threaten our whole system of governing ourselves.

During my “recovery” time I somehow stumbled across some  entertainment-news media programming excerpt in which people were remarking how on the very day of this last terrorist attack,  the entertainment-news media was going ballistic on President Trump drinking “12”  cans of Diet Coke per day while watching “6” or so hours of television every day . . . .

coke crazy

As one news outlet put it,  on the day of the New York pipe bomb attack,   CNN  et al.   reported that the   danger to our country  came from . . .   Diet Coke!

A day and a half long discussion on the consequences of drinking Diet Coke up to an including “dementia.”   Oh —  hmmmm!     There’s our proof  that he’s  . . . .    

Guess they can’t use that, though;  turned out to be a false story.  Just another snowball thrown against the American people.

I grew up in the city  — I grew up in Chicago, that is . . .


. . .   where the snowball fights were often mean.   We threw ice balls.   We aimed to maim – or at least run people out of our territory.     (You could throw a mean ice ball for your own ‘protection,’  you know.)

Oh, not me, usually.    Surely I didn’t participate in those kinds of fights.  But I observed, and thought about it,  and knew that everything I saw and did as a child was meant for my learning for later life,  where the issues really matter.     

A person should grow up and recognize snowballs for what they really are.  

Christmas is coming,  but so is a New Year in which we can think and discuss these “snowballs.”         (Burying myself in electronic gadget fun turned out not to be a very safe place to occupy my time.)

At least I won’t drink Diet coke.




.*  (This is a new thing.  In the days of Rome,  it was an astonishing thing to see how the new Christians protected the weak, the underdog,  the old, the crippled and lame and blind,  and the very, very young,and the orphans and the unwanted . . .  They wrote about Christians with amazement and disbelief.     This is a Christian thing, as evidenced by the civilization they built and the institutions and laws formed to protect the individual.)


**   I capitalize “Man” or “Men” in these usages to signify what we all know – common sense –  that both sexes can rise up and defend what needs to be defended.     So …  just a short explanation to anyone who has been trained to think by the feminists:  No,  the word “man”  nor the pronoun “he”  doesn’t  refer only to  males.     Stop hijacking proper English grammar rules.


December 14, 2017

Well,  this isn’t too much of a surprise:

Ruler table

I went out yesterday evening after I wrote about our little snowstorm, and stuck a ruler in my deck table.

Ruler Numbers 370

9 1/2 inches.   Just can’t believed the prediction for this storm passed me by.  Took me by surprise, didn’t see it coming.      Cars are moving on the streets now.

But here’s today’s little surprise:   I drove to my library this evening to return some books, and met a  little guy from the Arctic Circle –

Reinder face 370

And his friend –

Reindeer in cage 370


One line of my mother’s family came from Samiland; and one line of my dad’s family came from Lapland.  Both are regions of the world where reindeer like these are part of the families.    Not pets, really,  but food,  drink,  clothing, shelter, etc.

Nice to see them today.  Nice, pleasant little surprise.





December 13, 2017

(Got time for a    s   l  o   w       little snow story?)

There are 18 more days until 2018;  and this afternoon it was 19 degrees with 19 m.p.h. winds –  which makes it a lot colder.

Supposed to be Recorder practice day.  We were going to do Christmas songs.   Looked forward to that, but this got in the way:

A Snow Window 370

That’s the window looking out over my desk in my study, or library, whatever it’s called.

Weatherman said at one time this afternoon it was coming down an inch an hour.  Looks like about 8 inches on my deck railings.

A Sil Left Deck 370

That’s about four inches there, but  it kept on piling up.   The roads weren’t going to be very good, so all “electives” were canceled, including our music.

But snow that deep has to be taken off the driveway.   Shoveled.     My two across-the-street neighbors were already out there shoveling their own driveways.    I had a quiet afternoon while it got real pretty outside;    reading, dozing off ;    not moving around much, getting thoroughly chilled inside the house.

A Sil Shrub Ball 370


Then, time to take care of that driveway because snow-shoveling warms you up.  So does getting into my gigantic new snow parka,  which I put on over a turtleneck, blouse,  a big fuzzy sweater, tied all together with a long scarf .    Getting dressed like that takes some time and  warms you up too.

Then came the long thick over-the-knee socks and my high-tech winter hiking snow boots that I got from a store in the High Sierras.


Took some doing getting the inner and outer laces and buckles done up.  Those boots will put your feet into a slow bake,  but the time it takes to get them on is worth it if your feet would otherwise be walking through deep, cold snow in less high-tech footgear.

Found my big thick stiff ski gloves and got them finally pulled halfway up my arms  and tied in place.

Opened my front door to go out —

And saw that one of my neighbors had already shoveled my driveway!

All dressed up and no place to go.

Nothing to do out there!    Just had to close the door, come back in, and strip off all that  outer gear.

I owe someone a warm fresh-baked loaf of bread,  but I don’t know who.



Neighborliness in the Far North.







December 12, 2017

Nah, I just wrote the title that way because it’s the name of a song . . .   Really:  Do you believe in the supernatural?    That would be the name of this little story,  for you.

a rose

Is there really a supernatural, a God, a Heaven,  saints, a spiritual dimension alongside ours?

Think  about a “painting”  of a beautiful young pregnant Lady which was so well done and detailed that scientists who use a microscope can see the reflection of three or four men in the room looking at her — in the pupils of her eyes!!!



How about the beautiful blue robe that Lady is wearing had been “painted” with stars on it, showing the accurate position of stars and constellations right above the location of that painting — almost five hundred years ago.



How about that “painting”  showing up in a place in Central America that just happened to contain all the icons and symbols and colors and elements of the pagan religion of the area – being trodden under foot by that Lady.

How about that “painting”  was done on some cactus plant fibers that crumble and disintegrate after ten or so years, at the most,  but somehow still fresh and new-looking after almost five centuries.

How about a bomb that  detonated in the building where this “painting”  is kept out in the open, no protection –  and the bomb blast broke windows and benches and walls around it,  but there was no damage at all to this portrait of the young pregnant Lady,  nor was there sign of scorching or smoke on it.

And how about a “painting”  that shows no sign of paint or vegetable dye or any other known way of putting color on fibers that today’s forensic scientists can discover, and yet the color looks fresh and new and seems to float somehow just above the cactus fibers.

That is supernatural.

Today is December 12th, the day the Church reminds us to think about this cactus fiber tilma  (like a poncho)  that belonged to Juan Diego in the 1530s who spoke with the young Lady in the portrait, and who told him to go to his bishop and tell him to build a chapel there where the young Lady appeared.

Of course this peasant man was not believed by the bishop!

But that winter day he went back to the place where he saw her a couple times, and was amazed to see roses growing on the hillside.   He took it as a sign . . .  he picked the abundant fresh and beautiful roses,  made a sort of pouch or apron out of the tilma he was wearing . . .  and carried the roses to the bishop.

“See?”   he was going to say.  “See –  these are roses blooming in the winter, out of season, so something special did really happen  –“

OLG and crescent

But the bishop and his assistants weren’t listening.  They were staring in awe at the tilma that Juan Diego had opened up for them, and what they saw was this beautiful picture of the young pregnant Lady, whom the church officials recognize as Our Lady,  the Virgin Mary, so beautiful, so well-portrayed,  so full of information about Church teaching and about the local Mexican culture.

And the amazed Church officials dropped to their knees, knowing who it was they were looking at.

True story?

Of course.

No doubts,  because you can travel down to Mexico City,  and you can view the actual tilma owned by Juan Diego with the wondrous image of Our Lady,  and displayed for almost five  hundred years.     It’s there.  It really exists.


If you’re a scientist of some sort, you can get permission to perform yet more tests  on it;  but you will not find any explanation for the portrait.

Or you can read books about some of the scientific findings on this miraculous tilma.

December 12th,  Our Lady of Guadalupe, a word that sounds almost identical to the early Mexican-Aztec language for “slayer of the  serpent god.”   The pagan winged serpent.  the one that will be once and for all finally crushed by the heel of Our Lady through her Son,  Jesus Christ, along with that crescent moon god symbol under her feet.    Hmmmm.




December 8, 2017

Not  24 hours ago I wrote about   Jerusalem,  King David’s capital city of Israel,  3,000 years ago, and the U.N.  vote to create Israel in the 20th century, with Jerusalem as its capital;   and then Bill Clinton’s Act to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Jerusalem:  “over there.”

I never thought it would have anything to do with me,  over here!

IC words

Today we must go to Mass to recognize (and to honor)  the Immaculate Conception of Mary –  because if we don’t, we will surely diminish its importance and eventually forget.  We humans are like that.

So, on my way,  leaving my house just in the nick of time, as usual,  and driving through our local Big Ten campus,  I saw a “disturbance up ahead.

Demo up ahead

Stop and go traffic.   (Just so you know, I took that photo when I was stopped.  Don’t scold me when you see me next.)   We crept up ahead ten feet at a time.

Demonstrations are fairly common among the college kids, though not like it was during the Sixties.  I wondered what this one was all about.  It was pretty cold out there, just over 30 degrees.

Demo flag

Well, so, it’s an arab-type flag up there.   Hamas?  Palestine?   Something like that,  because the signs said something about “occupation.”     One sign must have said  “Honk if you like —- “  (fill in the blank)  because there was one honk, and the crowd broke out in applause and cheers.

Only one honk, kids, among many hundreds of cars.     Car stuck   in your traffic jam.

I got to church just in time,  breathing loudly after my run from the car, knelt down in the quiet church, and whooosh!   Mass began right then.   But it was a good Mass.

in case you don’t know what we are really celebrating today,  just think of the beautiful, powerful,  holy,  golden Ark of the Covenant.


Moses was told to have it built just so, with the fine-grained, precious acacia wood, totally covered in pure gold, and then holding the three signs of God-Most-High:  the mysterious “food from Heaven” called Manna which sustained the Israelites in their wilderness trek;    The stone tablets that contained the Ten Commandments, which is the Mind of God;  and then that staff of Aaron’s which came alive and budded, proving that God works through priests and Aaron was God’s chosen first priest.

Though the Presence of God inside was a powerful and mysterious  miracle,  the Ark  was also holy  and precious,  made just so, so as to be a worthy container, and  able to hold those three mighty signs of God’s Presence.

No   human on earth will ever be holy enough to stand in God’s presence – not until Heaven.   “See God and die,” as the Bible implies.   Instant annihilation.     But the Virgin Mary had to be able to hold within her the Son of God;  so she was created at the instant of her conception in such a state so as to be able to hold within her God in His Incarnation, taking on human nature to be able to reprise all the stages of our development . . . .


Mary was “saved,”  so to speak,  at the instant of her own conception.   Saved and made  holy, without original sin, well-prepared to give birth to her own Divine Savior.

Needs more than a few paragraphs in a blog to contemplate that.  More than a blog, more than one day,  more than a book or many books,  more than . . .  a lifetime, I guess.

So.    Good thing I “had to” go to Mass today.   I would have missed a lot, left to my own decisions.


Afterwards, I found my car, parked under a lovely late Fall capitol dome.

The whole little city is getting ready for Christmas and looks “lovely” too.  I drove around the front of the capitol building.


Pretty ride home.  Pleasant thoughts of Mary, the Immaculate Conception, to accompany me.

The demonstrators were no longer in front of campus,  but the grassy median area where they had been was covered in litter,   paper cups,  papers,  parts of posters . . . .    Not very “immaculate,”  but I suppose they went home happy,  thinking they could change 3,000 years of history.



That’s all for a couple days;  big Christmas party at my house tomorrow.





December 7, 2017

Very difficult to assess the state of the world when there is so much hyperbolic speech going on.   



Found somewhere on the Internet:   A young man, a product of the uneducation of American youth,  dumbing down a generation,   decided to take an exciting Selfie.  He got his cell phone ready,  he picked up a grenade he had found,  and then “dared himself” on camera to pull the pin.    He did.

He’s no longer in the land of the living.

When I was looking for a cartoon photo of a hand grenade,  I came across several of President Trump pulling the pin on a hand grenade referring to his China policy, North Korea,    Iran,  and now Jerusalem.

The Arab world is now proclaiming that President Trump has “pulled the pin” in his announcement that America will recognize Jerusalem,   Israel’s self-named and thousands-years-old capital city.     But   “who are we to judge” what city a nation may choose as its capital?

Well,  not former president Bill Clinton.  He’s the one who signed the bill proclaiming Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.     From a foreign newspaper  (Canada)  which    watches America closely and observes:    “In fact, it is official U.S. policy to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and has been for 22 years, thanks to an act signed into law by none other than Bill Clinton.”   (The Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995)


Clinton capital jerusalem

That foreign newspaper also observes that succeeding presidents have cooperated with that law,  so we can’t blame Bush 41 or 43,  the New World Order  dynasty.

Can’t blame the next person that occupied that office,  the Barack Hussein person who  is the pride and joy of Illinois:

Kenyan-born Obama all set for US Senate

He cooperated too.  Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

And not President Trump,  he is just in the line of those who cooperated with the law, all who voted successively to delay the move of our embassy to Jerusalem.

Until now.

We read in the foreign newspapers to watch for “disturbances”  on Friday of this week, during    m o s l e m   Friday prayers in mosques.

Has a “pin” been pulled?

The Koran does not speak of Jerusalem.   They have no religious tradition there, based on their holy book.     The  m o s l e m s have no history  in Jerusalem or that part of the Middle East –  until they built a mosque in Jerusalem to prevent the building of a Christian church in that location  —    and until they discovered they could hold that part of Jerusalem as a kind of hostage to force the West to take land away from the territory that the U.N.  voted to give to Israel in 1948.    (That is called the “two-state” solution.)

The U.N.  voted yes to Israel.   The Arab world does not want to cooperate with that vote.

Israel says Jerusalem is their capital, as it had been thousands of years ago.   President Clinton signed the bill saying Yes to that.    President Trump says now is the time to begin a years-long process in moving our embassy to their capital city.

Who says President Trump has “pulled the pin”?

He is not the one holding “the pin.”


An update:   Now that morning is breaking in Europe and the Middle East, we do indeed see riots and demonstrations over this matter.    Hmmmmm.   Riots in Holland.  The Dutch are kicking in the windows and doors of Jewish shops?    The Dutch?

Oh, no.   It’s the  migrant invaders in Holland who are “disturbing the peace.”



December 7, 2017

Another data dump posting –  I must clean up all the waiting stories on my PC!

December 6th:

3 gold balls

Most in Christendom used to know what these three gold balls have to do with the date Dec. 6.        (So much information has been [deliberately]  withheld from modern people!)

Many centuries ago, a good Christian man was persecuted, pursued, beaten, and threatened,  but courageously held fast to his Christian faith.    He  eventually became  a bishop in the Church, wise and good and full of compassion.   Contemporary accounts tell of his saving of three unmarried girls of a very poor family who faced a future of being sold into slavery or prostitution, as was the custom of that pagan day when a family did not have enough money for their dowries.

st nick beloved bishop

As each came to marriageable age,  Bishop Nicholas of Myra in Lycia secretly tossed a bag of gold into the house of the three young women,  thereby making it possible for them to marry with a decent dowry.

The three gold balls which we find on the signs of pawn shops, then, remind us of the generosity and kindness of St. Nicholas,  whose Feast Day is December 6th.    And of caring and giving that arises naturally from the heart of true Christians.

True Christians.  True Christianity.

A slap in the face

There is another thing St. Nicholas is remembered for:  As always,  the Church has had to fight enemies without and enemies within.    Heresies and heretics have always risen up to dilute the teaching of the Church.

“So then, brothers and sisters, stand firm and hold fast to the teachings we passed on to you, whether by word of mouth or by letter.”   (written by St. Paul,  II Thessalonians 2:15)   “Whether by word of mouth”  (that would be oral traditions, not written down in the Bible);   “or by letter” (that would be words of the New Testament and other early letters and sermons).

What happens when an official of the Church does not “hold fast” to the teachings that are supposed to be handed down?

Well, when St. Nicholas confronted the stubborn heretic Bishop Arius who continued to teach heresy, even at the great Council of Nicaea,  he slapped Bishop Arius in the face –  in a public affirmation of the heretical teaching!

“Is the pope Catholic?”

Ha ha ha  ha not.     Used to be a joke because the answer was so obvious.   Today, not so much.    Everyone, Catholics,  Catholic   bishops,  leaders of other religions,   and some heads of states are asking publicly what’s wrong with the present pope?

This has happened before, with a pope or a group of bishops turning away from the teachings of the Church,  but it always produces confusion and dismay, turmoil, uncertainty;  more seriously, a loss of souls.

HImmerod Abbey

Himmerod Abbey, West Germany.   Scarcely can we create a huge building like this today.    We do not have the will – and perhaps no longer the knowledge.   After existing for 900 years,  it is now abandoned and most likely will be torn down.   Demolished.   Unused. Unneeded.      Loss of souls.

A symbol of the slow dissolution the Catholic Faith.

“When (I)  the Son of Man returns,  do you think He will find faith (left)   on Earth?”  asked by Jesus, recorded in Luke 18:8.


But we don’t get to define our own version of faith.

Everywhere in the Western World,  there are savage attacks against the symbols of Christian faith.     In Belgium,  the Red Cross can no longer use the symbol of the cross of Jesus.     Belgium’s  Red . . . , I guess.

in France, the statue of a modernist pope who helped deconstruct the traditional Catholic Faith may stand in its public place – but the cross now  has to be taken down.

Here’s a “before”  photo.

Cross No Pope Yes

But what’s happening internally among Catholics –  the Catholics-in Name-Only?    This is a most important question because sometimes in history it was only the lay people, ordinary Christians, who “held fast” to the traditional teachings handed down from the Apostles II Thessalonians 2:15 again.

Sometimes it is lay people who must wake up!,  stand up,  slap some faces (so to speak), and promote and demand  the spiritual and moral teachings that made the Western World great and strong:

decent m ovies

Ordinary people, demanding decent movies.   

Ordinary people,  We the People,  we the lay people,  people of faith –  people who know our culture was safe and stable when Christian principles aided government policies.    (Not merely a “movie”  issue.)

Church dissolution is very real and quite advanced today,  crime is rising;  greed, bribery, and deception run the economy;   crime, greed, bribery, deception, and lust seem to motivate our political leaders;   fear and distrust grow among people in general.  Cultural Marxism has demolished all the good points of our history, leaving us disoriented and weakened, without heroes and role models.

Church dissolution has consequences.

It also has a remedy –  us –  but as Jesus asked:    “When I come back,  will I find faith anymore?” 

Bar Cross in middle

Such is the uncertain State of the World without Christian faith.



December 6, 2017


Part of preparation for Advent is, of course,  cleaning up!  Getting rid of the old trash –   physical, spiritual, or digital.

I’ve got to get rid of all these half-written posts with their attendant numerous open Browsers and Tabs.     My computer is a mess!

So.    Music first.   Music and Unmusic.   

  Here are the Vienna Choirboys:

vienna on stage

A couple dozen of the most pure and sweet and musically accurate voices you will ever hear.      Yes:   “angelic.”

This was Son’s birthday present to me –  tickets to see the Vienna choirboys when they came to our area –  and he came with me!   Here’s what we saw:

vienna front stage

The boys are approximately age 8 to 12 years old.    They were talented and well-trained, and their  choirmaster was at the piano leading them in a variety of music, from classical to Christmas.

The “sound”  was melodious, harmonic,  pleasant,  engaging, and –  real.    Somewhere in all my files I have kept a scientific article describing the effect that live music has on a person, as opposed to recorded-and-replayed music, whether it be on  vinyl, on cassette,  or digital, some kind of MP3.

There are specific and beneficial changes to a person’s physiology that occur with live music that does not happen with recorded music, although there is enough benefit in good music to make it worth hearing, when you cannot hear or produce live music by yourself.

So-called “modern” music does not count.   The anti-rhythmic, inharmonious,  discordant, constant off-keyed, repetitious  cacophony that passes as  modern “music”  does not have the same beneficial physiological effect.  Indeed,  in the long run  it does harm to one’s spirit.

In pursuit of more good music,  I turned to YouTube and was delighted to discover two young pianists  – boys, really –  who were new to me.      First:

PIANO Michael Andreas Haringer

His hands!      His hands go blurry in the camera;  they are that fast!    Note his name:  Michael Andreas Häringer, shown here when he was 10 years old.   I watched him play Beethoven’s  Appassionata (Piano Concerto # 23)   when he was 8 years old.     He had a teddy bear set on the lower keys as he played.

All I could say is “Now I believe that there was a real Mozart, boy composer.   It can happen.”

Then I discovered Lucas Jussen, concert pianist.  he has a different technique, using the style of holding his fingers high off the keys, yet they are just as fast and brilliant.

lucas jussen

15 years old.   Piano prodigy.     He has a brother:

lucas and arthur

Lucas and Arthur.

Now my Preparation for Advent includes music,   practicing Christmas songs on recorder and piano and guitar.   Learning new classical pieces.       Taking out my Beethoven and feeling so . . .  inadequate!

But as GK Chesterton said:  “Anything worth doing is worth doing badly.”     Too late for me to ever be a prodigy in anything,  but I can do it, pretty badly sometimes!      I love real music,   and music stirs up the very soul.

Alive!  Awake!   Ready to receive!

Of course, real music is part of Advent preparation!

Thanks to Son for starting it all!



December 6, 2017

We all experience it –  at least up here in the Far North –  that transition from Fall to Winter.  From morning to night – So beautiful!

I woke up one morning . . .  opened my eyes . . . and this is what I saw out of my window:

Morning Leaves

I wanted to close my eyes again  (as usual)  but the trees were so pretty, I had to get up to get my camera  just to hold on to what I was seeing.

Well, it was nice,  but “nice” comes with a price.  As always.

When I finally did get up, I confronted my front window and  realized there were more leaves.   I must unconsciously like leaves.

Leaves on curtains

Later in the day,  outside:

Daytime leaves

More leaves.  It’s  a problem this year.    We’re all trying to keep our lawns raked, but the leaves are stubbornly staying up on the trees this December, coming down a few at a time, enough to keep our lawns . . .  unraked.

Lawn and Leaves

It looked nice like that for one day.   Then it looked like under the rake, as though no one even owned a rake.

A lot of time spent on hard work,  only to have your work “disappear.”     You have to keep doing it!

Clip Advent 1     Advent:   Christ is coming – Winter is coming.    Work and preparation  for both.    Spiritual and physical preparation.

Son has helped to get me ready for the coming of winter,  here –

Woodpile 1

Handy right outside my front door;  and plenty of back-up –

Woodpile 2

Looks neat and ready,  right?    But it got that way with hard, physical work:  chainsaw; wedge and sledge hammer;  splitter thing; saw, maybe;  lots of lifting, dragging, carrying, hauling, and stacking.

(Gee –  do you think “feeding him”  was thanks enough?)

I want to make this about having an Advent Attitude,  but all I can show you is that preparation is worth it:

Woodpile burning

Chilly nights;  cozy fire.

One more set  of preparations.   Here’s that front window again.

Front window leaves

Advent becomes Christmas.     We’re slowly getting ready.     The manger scene is mostly empty,  but the blue-green light shows the way.

It’s there, a light in all of us,  waiting.

He comes.




NEW . . .

December 4, 2017


thinka nd do llue

Some of you may remember the old Think and Do workbooks that we had in school to help us learn how to read.      It was an excellent way to learn reading skills such as phonics,  spelling, and composition.      It taught us to take time with the details.


Well,  I think I’m having a “Write-and-Do”  problem –  I’ve been doing so much, I haven’t been able to slow down and write . . . .


Clip Advent 1   However, I cannot let the start of this New Year go by!   St. Augustine has praised God with the phrase:  “Ever Ancient, Ever New.”      Exclamation point, I think,  because as a grown man,  he was deeply astonished!  to discover the reality of God and of all His attributes as taught to Him by the Church, when Augustine lived, 1,600 or so years ago.

Ever Ancient, Ever New!       God-Most-high, Ancient of Days,   is also Ever New to every part of His creation, at every place, at every moment.    And we poor humans,    living in time and space,  must take God in each new day, each new year, and hence –  the cycles of the Liturgical Year,  which emphasizes God’s closeness and the necessity of a response from us.

Advent begins the Liturgical Year,  and so today was the first day of this new year.

For what purpose?      Advent is ad + vent;   that is, ad ( to, a movement towards)  and vent/ venire (  He comes,  He comes to,  He arrives).      God, Ancient of Days,  yet Ever New,  comes (again)  (and again and again….)   to each person, as prophesied  by the ancients,   as foretold by the great prophets,  in a threefold advent:

Always moving towards  each  human born, as individuals:

One time, moving towards us by His incarnation, taken on our human nature to teach and to act for us;

And in the future, sooner or later,   very soon or a little bit later,    to enter this world once again as Great King and Judge,  ending this world system, putting all things to rights.

Advent,  but a Threefold Advent.    Moving towards us;  unstoppable.

We have more than three thousand years of witness to this movement-towards-us, and much written down for us to read.

The first day of Advent –   time to start.     Time to learn the details.   But there may not be much time left!