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January 30, 2018


Good people  acting good can achieve much good.

flag close-up


I wasn’t going to write about the State of the Union speech tonight…   I wanted to keep my thoughts to myself,  and,  anyway,   I was afraid the entertainment-news media would make it all political and nasty.

But just a couple things —

Most memorable statement that I heard:    It’s not he, the president,  or the Congress that makes America great;  it is the Americans themselves who make America great.

I noticed right away  that as President Trump entered the room, he was warmly and enthusiastically received.   First time in my whole life   — and I’ve seen a lot of presidents!  — that I’ve seen such warmth.   I noticed how many men and women wanted to just put their hands on him, touching him, patting or stroking his arm, almost subconsciously.

That was interesting – and impressive.

The guests brought in by the president  were not just “token” guests but they were true exemplars of certain positive characteristics of the people of our country;  totally appropriate and inspiring choices.   We can stand behind each of them and the values they represent.

I’m not sure what specifically encouraged me so much, but, again,  I’m very proud to be an American.     I think our country is good.     It doesn’t matter that our Founding Fathers were not exactly Christian, we can debate that,  but they so constituted our country that we are free to be Christian,  or not,   and the vast majority of Americans today identify with Judeo-Christian values.

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD.”



This is not the time to watch all the negative chatter from radio and TV for a few days.


January 30, 2018

. . . .  doo-wup-duh-wup . . .

Music Notes Line

Anyone alive during 1960 with a radio  will certainly remember the dreamy, cuddly song called  “There’s a Moon Out Tonight . .. . . ”        Maybe in a car,  with your boyfriend’s arm around your shoulder,  or maybe with your arm around your girlfriend;  perfect night, the air warm, the night dark . . .

super moon

There’s a (moon out tonight) whoa-oh-oh ooh
Let’s go strollin’
There’s a (girl in my heart) whoa-oh-oh ooh
Whose heart I’ve stolen
There’s a moon out tonight (whoa-oh-oh ooh)
Let’s go strollin’ through the park (ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh)

Well.     No one can sing it like the Capris.   But  I’m  a little older now.  And maybe the words look a little corny if you’re not under their spell.

Things change.    But we still have the moon!

Tonight’s the Night  (and, no, not the teenager-in-love song by The Shirelles)  —    Tonight’s the night for an experience we can all enjoy,  the Super Blue Moon Eclipse!!

It will happen in  the wee hours of the morning,  January 31st, and here, across North America,  most will be able to see this event which hasn’t occurred since 1866.   Here’s where it will be:

super color map

Find your state.   And here’s what will be happening above your head:

super pathway

That’s the moon at various locations during the night.  That  “menacing” black shadow that is covering up more and more of the moon will result in the “Blood Moon”  part of the show, an hour or two before dawn.     That shadow is us!   The earth’s shadow moves constantly throughout space,  but sometimes it goes right over the pathway of the moon.

The deep rusty red is about as dark as a total eclipse of the moon gets because the sun is so bright, that some of its light bends around the earth,  reflects around the earth, and falls onto the moon.

super blue

A Blue Moon is the second full moon of the month, in those months.  That’s all – it never gets blue, unless you have a camera filter on.

If the moon might look a little brighter tomorrow, and especially tomorrow evening,  it’s because  the moon ranges from about 223,000 miles away to 239,000 miles away.    When the Full Moon is at its closest,  it’s called a Super Moon.   This super  Moon will be just about 74 miles short of the closest it could ever get,  but good enough to be called Super.

So,  now we have a Full Moon, a Blue Moon, a Super Moon,  and a total eclipse of the moon over our country!

Fun!      I hope a little wonder seeps into your soul.     You know, the Bible calls out amazement towards those who watch the natural events of the universe — and forget to think about the One who created it all!

Our next chance to see this triple lunar phenomena is —  New Year’s Eve,  2028 !!



Both on YouTube —    very hum-able little songs.

“There’s a Moon Out Tonight”  by the Capris

“Tonight’s the Night”  by theShirelles



January 30, 2018

No, I don’t mean the Minnesota team which is down-for-the-count this season.


“Viking” is a distinct culture, a heritage,   a way of life,  a  mindset.


I mean  “Viking”  like the kind of guys in my family:  Scandinavian,  tall, blond big guys — like this one in Sweden:

Viking down

Swedish citizen,  attacked and knocked down by  the so-called “New-Swedes.”    You know,  the ones that don’t look like Swedes?  Or act like Swedes?   The New-Swedes who openly declare they’re going to get rid of all the blond-haired white Swedish scum and take over the country.

You’ve probably read about the African invaders who are killing,  burning,  blowing up, stabbing,  and raping Swedish things and Swedish people, while being supported by Swedish taxes paid by Swedish people  — in the name of,  what?   Immigration?   Diversity?   Open  borders?

This is happening in Norway, Sweden,  Finland,  and Denmark –  all the Scandinavian countries.       More and more citizens are living in  discomfort and fear.   I have read more than once that people are asking  “Where is the Viking heritage?   Where are the Viking men to protect their families and their land?”

The blond man in the picture was beaten by a small group of Africans who have been relocated to Sweden.   Look at his knuckles.   I noticed they were uninjured.   Did he not defend himself?    Perhaps that’s unfair,  but that Viking is down.

The Vikings are “down,” now,  as are people of European heritage in many places.   Though maybe only temporarily.


This young woman is Laura Huhtasaari, and she’s running for president of Finland.  Her photo caught my attention because she has the same coloring as my children did when they were younger;    they have more of the dark gold of a Swede, but they started out with the “white” of a Finn.   But I’m glad I saw the photo, because then I  read the accompanying article.

She is doing well so far:  She is “trying to bring anti-immigration populist ideas back to mainstream Finnish politics and her campaign for the presidency has seen her reputation soar ahead of the first round of voting on Sunday,”   the article said.

“Finland First”   is the motto of her and her party.

Why can’t Finland be Finnish?    Shouldn’t the Finns decide?   Sweden be Swedish?    Shouldn’t the Swedes exist as Swedes?

For that matter,   I’d like to see the French be French (forever!),   and the Germans be German in their culture.   The Danes,  the Poles,  the Czechs,  the Italians,  even the Welsh,  the  Scots, the Irish and the English — all these unique  cultures have so much to offer mankind — we can’t let them disappear in a mad dash to make everyone   homogeneous: “tan”  citizens of a borderless unisex politically correct world, with no distinctions in religion,  language,  materialism,  manners and customs  . . . .

I don’t know how to end this.       Hurray for Miss Huhtasaari!    Hurray for the Swedes and Finns!  Hurray for ALL the cultures in the world!

The Global Socialists  (Progressives in America) would have us believe that if you are patriotic about your own  country,  you must be planning harm to others.   If you love your culture, you must hate those who are different from you.    If you like who you are, and you want to be just exactly who you really are,  then you must dislike others.

It doesn’t really work that way.

I say:  Hurray for YOU!



January 29, 2018


I thought this was going to be a humorous post,  but by the end, all I could manage is a kind of sardonic humor.   Not my favorite kind.

5 ha ha colors 70

You’ve probably heard this or seen this today —  although just a few hours later the article and accompanying video is becoming hard to find — but it’s always worth a second laugh.  Then again,  there’s an underlying serious issue.    The video exposes the thorough indoctrination of our young people,  our “next”  generation, to the point where in their minds  opinions are mixed together with fact so that there’s no distinction between their thinking and the real world.

Got that?   Many college students cannot distinguish between what has happened and what they believe has happened.

New York University students.


In general,  they’ve been  trained to hate President Trump.  Plenty of video and audio evidence for that   (and of course I don’t mean “mathematically 100% every single” college attendee).

So in a set-up kind of interview, a young man from Campus Reform went out to the campus to ask students what they thought of President Trump’s State of the Union speech.

You haven’t heard it yet?    Well,  the State of the Union speech hasn’t been given. That’s for tomorrow.   But these students must have heard it.

Here are some of their comments:

It was white racist at the very least.
Couldn’t bring myself to watch it because it was racist
His immigration stance,  very hateful, very offensive
“What did you think of it? (the speech)”   “It’s something  I wouldn’t have expected to happen in my lifetime!”
The speech was offensive, it was crazy,  but I wasn’t shocked by it because of what he’s done in the past.
Pretty ugly.
(Didn’t like it because of)   His rough nature, and the hate that he probably said
It’s the behavior of someone who doesn’t accept the accountability for their failures.
A leader of a country shouldn’t be acting like that no matter what party you’re in.
Hopefully everything that he outlined (in the speech) can be overturned by public opinion.
The interviewer alluded to Trump leading a  chant about building the wall, so people accused him of using the speech as a campaign event; the young man agreed, “Yeah, that’s ridiculous”
And this gem:   “He has the temperament of a three year old.”

So the college students who will some day lead our country,  make important decisions, solve the problems of their day,  and train the generation after them,   appear to be quite sure they saw the speech that will take place tomorrow, and they appear to have seen the speech through hate-colored lenses.

Indoctrinating students with Progressive bias goes on in colleges,  high schools,  and down into Middle Schools.

There’s a certain level of dishonesty in Progressive thinking.   I suppose that’s a good thing, because there is Truth too, and facts, and examples from history,  and the human intellect which can be trained to make logical analyses . . .  .

Seems like a good plan:  just hit them with the Truth.     But bias and prejudice is not found in the Intellect.   It’s in the Will.

There’s much work to be done.

From Lord Acton:  “All that’s needed for Evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”


Here’s the URL for the short video.  Take out the spaces:

https :// p0ByWdt5iF Q




January 29, 2018

I was raking old leaves this weekend, wearing a sweater . . .  but the Far North gives us surprises –

29 Deck at night snowfall 380

This was taken about 4:30 this morning. We were having such a beautiful snowfall  . . .  I kept going around to all the windows and taking pictures (as though we’d never had snow before!).     The deck lights added so many little patterns  –

29 Deck Lights 380


There are nine or so inches on my deck railing and bench right now.    I know a lot of people  must have wakened  up to this “surprise”;  no one seems to have heard any weather report predicting this much snow.

The whole world looks so different under all this snow.         See those two small parallel white lines against the tree trunk?   —

29 Vines in the snow

Those two parallel lines are big Poison Ivy vines that  had been growing  all the way up that tall tree, and then they were ripped off  in a big storm.    They let go of the tree and just fell off.    No one is too willing to go and get them out of the creek where they fell.

Usually you can’t see them too well just behind my pond  (which is all that white in the foreground)  and when everything is colored in  the same brown tones.   But snow outlines everything in a thick soft covering, accentuating some things, obscuring other things.

Schools are closed.  My class is canceled.   The snowplows will not come today, and neither will the mailman.

But then there’s the driveway to think about.       (Think:  good exercise)

29 Shoveling 370

Can’t get out on the roads to go (cross-country)  skiing anyway.     In fact,  looking at that snowbank at the end of the driveway,  I’ll be staying home for a while.    And when the snowplows come,  that snowbank is just going to get higher.

29 Driveway 370

There is a thin light snowfall right now,  but when we get a puff of wind,  the snow on the branches comes down in a cascade of tennis ball size chunks.

Now that I’m all snowed in,  I’m supposed to be enjoying the couch by a big window in my front room,, and reading and knitting . . .    but –

29 Front Window 380

Can’t keep my eyes off this scene.

I’m easily distracted.



January 28, 2018

Can’t wait to write this post!   I want it here in The Spruce Tunnel so I can look at it often.


What inspired me to post my “odd and interesting” photos is this experience at my local  health food store.  I was looking for some good meat:

O Meat is Lima Beans

I was pretty sure this was not a lima bean fail.

“Stop and smell the roses,”  hey?    “Stop and have some fun!”

I often wonder how much we miss because we can’t see down far enough into the world around us!

O Lan Looking down into Lan

I don’t fly, but I can walk around with my head in the clouds  if I’m not paying attention.

Grandson Cooper was here for Christmas.  We took out Son’s Tae Kwan Do gi, from long ago,   but the two,  uncle and nephew,  couldn’t figure out how to tie the belt properly.     Before you knew it,  seven-year-old Cooper just “googled” it on phone and computer:

O Looking up Gi 350

Within five minutes he was ready to teach  his uncle:

O Gi using YouTube

So here they are . . .  “Life Imitates Art,”   sometimes.

(I would love to see Son in a gi today;  but I won’t  tell him that.    But, maybe.  He’d look good in a gi, and Tae Kwan Do is healthy for you . . .)

How about a cute animal photo –  can you count the lions in the tree?

SANTA PAWS: PRIDE OF LIONS SCALE TINY ‘CHRISTMAS’ TREE IN TANZANIAN RESERVE. There are YouTube videos of this.   Worth looking up.     Some tourists in a nearby jeep noticed a lion jumping up into the tree to sun himself.  Soon after,   another one joined him.  And another,     And another . . .     I think there were eight,  maybe more,  in the end, all getting a little closer to the sun for their sunbath.    Interesting watching them try to balance on those small branches.

Speaking of “sun” – When is the sun not a sun?

O NOT the sun

When an Optical Illusion a couple minutes before sunrise makes it appear as though the sun has already risen.  (That’s not the sun.)

Or  —   When is the sun not a sun?    — When it’s disguising itself as a giant eyeball!

O not when close to a sun dog

These are sun dogs in Antarctica, somewhere around high noon.

Sundogs are made of hexagonal ice crystals,  some laying flat to the observer, some perpendicular.

And speaking of ice –  I thought this was an interesting Ice Challenge for Louisiana during their recent ice storm:

IO Ice storm I - 12 Louisiana

Here’s a challenge for all of us.  How much will we be missed when we die?   How much will we be loved and respected?  How many will come to our funeral?

Maybe it will take us 104  years  —  as it did for this man:

O 104 yrds old funeral

Jerusalem, a couple months ago.   Beloved rabbi.     104 years old.  More than 500,000 people attending.

Tomorrow will be my turn at religious expression.    I will go into a church to assist at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass —   age-old,  two-millenia-old,  and unchanging.

But a large segment, large, large, large, is trying to change things:
O Dancers These are liturgical dancers at a Catholic”  liturgy —  the newly-written one.   One that is fifty or so years old,  not two millenia old.  I put this photo among the Oddities.

This  and so many “oddities” that have intruded into the Church are stretching the fabric of the Church so much that after all the immodesties,  after all the blasphemies, after all the “modernities”  and accommodations to current cultural “necessities”  —  that fabric itself is being destroyed for the majority of Catholics.

In another century, this photo would have been an oddity:  A church being destroyed to make room for the construction of a new mosque.

O Destroyng church to build a mosque

But it has become  commonplace.

Of course the actual Church will not be altogether destroyed,  “gates of Hell,” and all that.

But the time is fast approaching when a Catholic who holds to the original teachings of Jesus that came down to us through both written and oral tradition  will become a real Oddity.



.*    II Thessalonians 2:15 –  Therefore, brethren, stand fast, and hold the traditions which ye have been taught, whether by word, or our epistle.

That is, oral tradition,  taught by word of mouth, from generation to generation;  as well as what was written down in the letters and Gospels of the disciples and apostles.  The traditions of the Church and the words of the Bible correspond to each other, in harmony.

Who dares change the teaching?!




January 27, 2018

(A ‘private’  post just for the Spruce Tunnel   records – I want to remember this week.)

Finally.  Friday.  This week is over.    In the recurring rhythm of our weeks, this is the day we  remember and give extra consideration to the crucifixion of Jesus — so — so — so maybe I didn’t have it so bad.    Put all things in perspective —  but it took all my effort to regain some psychological health.

Alternating food with the week’s events, starting with Comfort Food:

codfish in milk

Codfish in milk.  Poached codfish.

Delicious and comforting and healthful, I hope, after a slight health scare — taken in stride, all will be well, I suppose  . . . .

A  couple boiling potatoes;    forbidden starch, but soothing:

Fri potatoes

Son was AWAY this week.   He is a good man.  He has good friends.  He was having good fun this week.    I’m a mother.     He was out of state.  That did NOT feel so good.

Friday’s fare came together for a most satisfying, comforting dish:

Fri fare

It’s astonishing how good this simple meal is.   All soft and creamy.

This is the second week into a new jigsaw puzzle.   (Thank you, my friend — I think.)   I’m at the stage where I’m quite sure they didn’t give me all the right pieces.

Puzzle 300

Stubborn as I am,  I spent fruitless hours on this puzzle –  but even worse, I had Internet news on in the background and I followed all the controversies of this past week.   Now I’m sorry I’m up to date on what the entertainment-news media has been talking about.  It’s been quite dismaying.

Shameful government shutdown stunt;  false assertions about immigration on one side, attempted clarifications from the other side;   dire predictions of  President Trump ruining world trade at Davos,  pride in our country and our president as the other side shows his enthusiastic reception;   endless controversies attempted  from one side, repeated attempts to put things in honest perspective from the other side  —

Sick straberry

Back and forth it went all week.  It’s enough to make a person believe that there’s really  Fake News out there.    It’s like that “fake” strawberry in my photo.

I bought several pints and quarts of berries to make juice this week.  I freeze the juice in little containers.  Part of my “medicine.”   (Hippocrates:  “Let  food be thy medicine.”)

Sick 2

But I’m not sure these strawberries qualify.   I’ve never seen pale cream-colored craters in strawberries before.     Really freaky.  Freak strawberries.  Fake strawberries.  Perhaps I will have to grow my own this summer.

This week was the first week of new classes for the year.   I had prepared pretty well,  but there’s always that uncertainty:   How will the classes go?  How will I do?  Will anyone come?    Can I meet expectations?     Couldn’t see what lies ahead  . . . .

Fog ahead

Fittingly,  my first day of class had me heading out into fog –  couldn’t see what lies ahead on the way in.

I kept a promise to myself, though.     Remember I said I’d wear the little tiny Precious Feet in honor of all our lost little ones in this country?

PIN Bab y feet

I wore them on my first day back to class,  little tiny golden feet, the size of a baby at ten weeks old, after conception.

But somehow it made me feel very sad.    True, the annual Right to Life march has not reversed Roe v Wade,  but it has  served to call attention  to and educate many  people on the value of human life at all ages.     And in many states, including my own,   abortion “clinics” have been shut down because of the coordinated efforts of such people.     In my own little city there are no  more surgical abortion clinics left.

But you can still get your baby killed by medicine.

So, again,  wearing the little pin made me feel very sad.

Temporary, I’m sure.  I’m not the kind of person to be affected by weeks like this – forever.

Psychological health.






January 20, 2018

(I’m admittedly a Luddite,  but not a Dodo.)

Okay, to prove I’m up-to-date  with  current American idiomatic phrases,  the following short post on numbers is, well – “That’s what I’m talking about…”   at least, that’s what I was talking about in the last post:

It was not thousands;    latest current tally is that 400,000  people marched in the Right to Life March yesterday, in Washington DC.         Quite a crowd! *

400,000  marchers –  to bring attention to the up to 59,000,000  who have been put to death in our country alone since 1973.

400,000 : 59,000,000   

Lots of people, but not a very good ratio,  don’t you think?




.*     Quite a crowd – quite a bit more than the obscene “march for leftist women”  going on there today.   (“Obscene” —  merely a description of the words in their shouts and posters.    Many words have to be bleeped out when the entertainment-news media gives them attention.)







January 20, 2018


So the saying goes:  “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to see it,  does it make a sound?”

If the Right to Life March happened in 2018 and there was no one from the entertainment-news media (CBSABCNBCFOXCNNMSNBC,etc.etc)  to cover it,  did it really happen?  

A march for women’s rights:

Many hundreds of thousands (which was translated to the word “thousands”)  marched for women’s rights:

right to be born

Do we not have at least the right to be born?

I’m probably not the best one to ask how much coverage the Right to Life March got yesterday;  I simply won’t get my news information from television.  Nevertheless,  I do watch and read  quite a bit of current events, from this country and from others.  Every other year past I have easily found information about the annual Right to Life marches; but not this year.

Brief mention of “antiabortionists,” maybe.     And dishonestly stating “thousands.”

According to our history books,  a couple thousand years ago, when a women gave birth, within a day or so the infant was taken to the husband, laid at his feet,  and he decides, then, whether to keep that baby in his household or to reject the infant, which would then be discarded.  They say the dumps at the edges of Roman cities were filled with the carcasses of little babies, rejected by their fathers.

(Early on,  Christians got in trouble for roaming these dumps, rescuing any infants who were still alive.   Christians were know to have a different morality, one that placed value on all humans, no matter their condition.)

I’ve been an adult for “many decades” now;  there have been adults in my classes for many, many years.    Never, until the last twenty years,  have I seen so many good men and women who have never been married.

As this one man has noted:

one third missing

Can’t find a good date?  Can’t find someone you’d  trust with  the rest of your life?    Chances are fairly good that your Soul Mate was killed in the womb.

All the little babies — more than Stalin killed in his massacre of  millions; all the little girls and boys;  all the young men and women . . .  gone.

I think I will start a one-man campaign for coverage for those who went to Washington DC and protested their disappearance and the ongoing “disappearances” of so many new little babies.     As many others do,  I will wear outside on my clothes little baby feet:

baby feet

Well, not real baby feet . . . that’s for their mommy and daddy to love.


Precious feet

Little gold-colored feet of an unborn baby, so young that sometimes the mother isn’t really sure she’s pregnant!    But she is!    And the little baby exists!

You can find  these little feet by using a Search engine and typing in Precious Feet.

That will  my  news coverage.


Bar Cross in middle


For those of you who know God exists,  you can pray for the Right to Life marchers and workers;  those who stand and pray outside of those places that do away with little babies;   you can pray for the little babies;  you can pray for the babies who exist today but are as yet unborn;  you can pray for the physically damaged women who have had abortions;  you can pray for the psychological damage and horrors that go on in the minds of the men and women who would have been mothers and fathers.

And you can pray  God has mercy on our nation when He ultimately, inevitably rains down His justice on us.


January 17, 2018

(America,  between two weekends)


He can’t help it that he’s so small. 


Cuddle Up, Baby Boy

We should be cuddling him by now.

When I was in college,  I worked in a pediatrics ward in a nearby hospital.    Occasionally we received a premature baby, and although we didn’t have “modern” technology, we  did everything we could, including holding and cuddling and encouraging the little thing to breathe and drink.

One day they brought to me a baby who weighed one pound, eight ounces.  I held  him in my hands —  my one hand, really.   His little head fit in the palm of my hand.     The doctors said he wouldn’t live,  but I gently touched him, stroked him,  cuddled him with my fingers, massaged his cheek so he would suck on the specially-made baby bottle nipple.    Well, he did live and he was transferred out in a month or so.

I more than fell in love with him –  I fell in love with life;  with  the tenacity of a living child holding on to life;  I fell in love with the fragility of life.     He had been in the womb for less than six months – and he made it.

The baby in the photo above didn’t make it.  Didn’t even make it out of the womb.

We can’t help it that we start out so small.

cant help it that hes small

It’s the way Nature works.    It’s the way God works through what we call “nature.”    It is His providence that we start so small and protected.

Protected in our mothers’ wombs.

We are between two weekends that are very significant to American citizens.   Yes,  I know all about the “dark side” of “Dr.”  Martin Luther King –  those facts have been around long enough — but you know what?   His message has been around a long time too.  His message has endured, and I’m kind of an MLK kind of girl:   You look at the character of a man,  not at the color of his skin.

It’s just part of our country now,  unless you listen to the desperate fiction that comes out of the drama-dependent  entertainment-news media.   American everyday life isn’t like the furiously angry people you see on television.    And it doesn’t have to be that way in small pockets of inner urban areas.

Martin Luther King was a minister of a protestant church,  and most of his family still believe as he did and still try to get out his main message.     It’s okay to celebrate his life and his message,  as we did last weekend.

Now there’s another weekend coming up:

mlk babies in the womb

Alveda King bridges the time between these two weekends,  one honoring King and one honoring and advocating the safety of our unborn American citizens.

Is that being broadcast on the entertainment-news media televisions stations?

Because the March For Life people have a message too.

life love


Holding that tiny little baby boy confirmed my Love for Life.   I still get tears in my eyes just thinking about him – and all his tiny fellow-citizens waiting to be born.

God bless these people:

life3 poster



January 17, 2018

I don’t “wish upon a star”  anymore, but I did as a kid and thought it was fun.      And I no longer make a wish on  “Star Light, Star Bright,   very  first  star  I  see  tonight … ”

And I don’t see omens, good ones or bad ones, when I see a meteor flash across the sky,  but I try to look for them during every known meteor shower.

 But –  when it’s in my backyard  —

Meteor in back yard

That white line is just about what I saw in my backyard trees last night,  shortly after 8:00 p.m.     (For my friends who have looked out my back windows.)

I was talking, leisurely , on the phone, sitting in a chair, looking out the window into the dark snowy night.    While my friend was talking, I saw this flash,  a narrow bright rectangle of light that lasted about a second and left a”spot” in my eye, as though a flashbulb had gone off.

I didn’t interrupt my friend,  (maybe it was just a big chunk of snow falling from the tall trees?)    but shortly after   ( a minute or so?),  I did interrupt her and said,  Oh, my goodness, something just fell onto my deck!    She said,  Go and look!    I got up right away  to look for what had thumped, but told my friend I see no disturbance on the snow on the deck.   It all looked clean and, well, undisturbed.    We decided just that the “house must have shifted” — you know, it’s been pretty freezy cold around here.

Later that evening I found out that that bright short-lived streak was a meteor – big enough to be called a bolide,  and that thump I heard was a 2.0  earthquake, probably caused by the crashing of that meteor onto the earth, more than a hundred miles away.

It had a pathway from western Wisconsin to Pittsburgh, PA.

Ahhh,  when it happens in my own backyard,  then I feel lucky!!    Lucky to have seen it!

Spaceweather . com  has some more photos and a promise to follow up when more information becomes available.

Here’s a photo from our local news:

Fireball text

The “fireball” looks like a ball.




January 15, 2018

I’m not too fond of “modern poetry” – not at all.  But once in a while it says what needs to be  known.   Let me show you how to read Yeats.


So much happened this weekend  “out there,”   that I got tongue-tied.   Finger-Tied?  Keyboard-tied? 

All in all,  it created a Yeats kind of mentality.  William Butler Yeats.   A man whose heavy poetry seems to penetrate the human condition in the Twentieth Century   (which mentality we still labor under.)

So consider  (illustrations follow) :


The dews drop slowly and dreams gather:  unknown spears

Suddenly hurtle before my dream-awakened eyes

And then the clash of fallen horsemen and the cries

Of unknown perishing armies beat about my ears.


We who still labor by the cromlech on the shore

The grey cairn on the hill when day sinks drowned in dew

Being weary of the world’s empires, bow down to You,

Master of the still stars and of the flaming door.


Unknown spears:

“the clash of unknown spears suddenly hurtle”

(savage and primitive instruments of war)

Spears in war

And do we not use spears of all kinds to hurtle against our enemies?

Horses used in warfare –    “the clash of fallen horses”  —    fallen horses as the effort is lost    —


—   and yes, we use horses in warfare in these “modern” days.   ( See the 2018 movie  “12 Strong.“)

This is a cromlech, standing stones with a capstone laid across:


These have been built by humans since the days of the Ice Age, for whatever reason,  for whatever failing hope, all humans, all continents.

“Who still labor by the cromlech on the shore”:

crommlech by the sea

If we “still labor,”  we haven’t yet learned what we must.

Here is a cairn –     “The grey cairn on the hill when  day sinks”

Cairn on a hill

The building of a cairn must be an  ingrained behavior set into us humans from ancient times.  I say this because much to my astonishment,  when Daughter was engaged to be married  (to a “foreigner” — i.e., a brilliant young man from California!),  we took her young man for a trip way up to the Far Far North to show him the land of her grandparents.   In the winter!   Far away from his sunny California shores.

We went to a presque-type island jutting into Lake Superior,  where there were billion year old rock outcroppings that are fun to walk on.  Problem was, it was an extremely bitterly cold windy day.     The young man and I think Son and I (was Hubbie there?)     jumped out of the car (parked car)  and went to the shore.    The guys gathered rocks from here and there – and built a cairn!


cairn by the sea

What “instinct”  inspired the building of a cairn on an inhumanly cold day?   What meaning is there in marking your spot with a cairn?      What urge?

Is it a marker?       “Kilroy was here.”

“the grey cairn on a hill when the day sinks in dew being weary of the world’s empires . . .”

We construct  a cairn on  the world’s “hills” because it might last, longer, far longer, than the world’s empires.

And what is the American “Empire” accomplishing?    What is the Deep State that is seeking to overthrow the “Empire” accomplishing, in the long run?   How long will the results of our striving and ‘clashing”  exist?

And more and more clashing and striving as long as history lasts . . .

Yeats had it right:   the cairn (and the cromlech)   are a feeble human thrust into the universe, into eternity,  a paltry claim to be part of it all.    But when “the day sinks,” the day,  our day,  will inevitably “bow down” to the Creator of it all –  unknown Master as He may be to modern man.

It is only the Creator who is “the master of the still stars”



And we’d all better know what that “flaming door” is and why it’s there.




Read the poem again.

Yeats poetry is meant to be read out loud,   several times over;  you just won’t get “enough”  if you read it only once.


I think my fingers are freed now.  I can write some posts about what I was observing,  but it all seems so feeble, now,  like the building of a cairn on a hill,   the construction of a cromlech which will eventually collapse;  I would try not to  write only  about war horses, screaming as they fall,  and the weariness of it all.   There is meaning to be found  (I am not Yeats),  and there is an End to history.  


January 12, 2018


A rant, on my part:

(That’s a chicken in his hands.)    (New York City?) *


About that meeting yesterday in which President Trump was presented with an immigration proposal that everyone knew was the exact  opposite of what he wanted, no compromise on their part.    President Trump was impatient and angry at this obvious slap in the face.   Their  grandstanding.   Delay tactic.    Attempted attrition.


Then two anti-Trump people, who were not present at the meeting to hear anything, have reported to two anti-Trump “news” reporters who work for an anti-Trump newspaper their impression of what President Trump said.


som 3

Is that third degree hearsay?

Do you remember when the European report came out that the average, general IQ of people living in Somalia is 60?

Som 1

Somalia does not have a tradition of governing by a system of laws.  The only thing that is known in that country is rule by various Warlords.    It’s who you know and how well you can fight and dominate those who are not like you.

Plainly and fairly the President was questioning why a county must accept immigrants from countries that are so far away from Western European and American culture.

som 2

Because some countries are a real mess.    I would not use the words that came out of the mouths of those  anti-Trump people, but  truth is truth about Third World  countries where most of the people are victims.    Reality is reality.

Americans are not racist-  remember when we gave over a billion dollars to the victims of the earthquake in Haiti?   A Billion dollars.      A Billion  dollars to (mostly) Black people.

Oh, it didn’t get to the Haitian people –  nearly all of that money went to Mrs. Bill Clinton and her Clinton Foundation –  where it stayed.   The Haitian president is spitting mad whenever he hears her name.   I’m sure the Haitian people are wondering where their aid is too.

hai 4

Mrs. Bill Clinton has been heard using the “F” bomb frequently in her speaking. Derogatory, demeaning statements about people.    And all kinds of vile language when questioned about her actions,  like where the money for the Black people of Haiti went.

hai 3

Politics of Personal Destruction.    It’s not just a catchy phrase — it’s a policy of demeaning, dominating,  and destroying your political enemies.      Like the Warlords of Somalia.    The media is very helpful.     95% are rabidly anti-Trump.


It’s possible that the anti-Trump Sen. Durban  is too young to remember the language used by previous presidents (and certain first ladies).    But it is easy to find such vulgar language in many biographies of these former presidents (such as Kennedy,  Johnson,  Nixon, Clinton, and we  know about the  Barack-Hussein person even without a biography).


This woman needs help:

hai 1

She needs economic aid for her country.    Ask:  what is the purpose of a nation’s immigration policy?     Is there a nation?    Does a nation have a right to decide its own fate?  Its own characteristics?    Is this woman ready to add to the health of another nation?

The systems and cultures of some countries are not helpful to Western nations.   It has nothing to do with the color of the skin who live in those  cultures. — and most anti-Trumpers know that.

But they’re on a roll.  The anti-Trump media will repeat their story over and over and over again . . .  until something else distracts them.

If you smear the president with charges of racism,  maybe you can weaken his position so much that he’ll back down and do what you want him to do about immigration.

Maybe some of those anti-Trumpers should visit some  New York City areas:

nwe york city apts

. *   Here’s an open market in an immigrant section of NYC.   I’m sure you know what those goats are going to be used for.

I remember hearing a few years ago a New York City policeman talking – a couple of them in that interview, actually.    They said there are apartment buildings they don’t like to go into because they can hear the bleating of goats and the chickens inside those apartments,  ready for sacrifice,  the smell of blood . . .   and there was nothing they could lawfully do about it.     Voodoo.  Santeria.

Not your average cheerful Methodist social justice warriors in those apartments.

Chain migration.    Whole families and extended families allowed to . . .  invade.


(And why does the United Nations think it can mandate that every Western nation must accept large numbers of people from anywhere?   What is their motive?   What does the United Nations have against European and American  nations? )  


We’re not talking about Legal Migration,  are we?      The anti-Trumpers seem to be confused on that part.    They’ll switch back and forth as they argue. Makes compromise on their part nearly impossible.

So the entertainment-news media has created some ammunition today.

And I’m ranting back at them.












January 10, 2018

Maybe this comes under the category of Think and Do that I’ve been writing about lately — analyze the situation truthfully, and then do something –  change things for the better, as you can,  in your own little sphere.

But first –  protect yourself?



As a Scandinavian I keep  watch on news coming out of Sweden  and  Finland  (not linguistically Scandinavian, I know.)

map sc

Right up north at the top where the yellow, orange, and purple lands meet  is where my ancestors came from,  both sides of my family.      One of my favorite commenters is a young man named PeterSweden . . .  that’s his YouTube name;  he’s easy to find.

peter sweden

He speaks English with the accent that  my grandparents had.     Kind of nice.   Check out his gondola ride up a Norwegian mountain – breathtaking!

He comments on the current events in Sweden, as he watches his poor country self-destruct as they are overwhelmed with m o s l e m  people largely from Africa, according to the Global-socialist directives.   The   “migrant-invaders”  have taken over large portions of Swedish towns now.     There are murders,  explosions,  brutal rapes happening all over in this formerly peaceful and safe country.  The police and firemen are outnumbered, threatened, and physically harmed.

Swedish women are told to not go out at night . . . .   In the interest of good taste I won’t even repeat some of the stories.

A few Swedes are asking where their “Viking” spirit is.     Where are the Viking men to protect their daughters and sisters and mothers and wives?

But today I’m reading something very odd.  Here are the headlines:


Why?  What’s coming?   And then follows an official statement:

“Because we have the security policy situation we have today, we say that we will make our planning at government level to face a security crisis for three months,” says Eva-Lena Fjällström, Deputy Director of the County Administrative Board in Västerbotten.

– Eftersom vi har det säkerhetspolitiska läge vi har idag så säger man att vi ska göra vår planering på myndighetsnivå för att klara en säkerhetspolitisk kris i tre månader, säger Eva-Lena Fjällström beredskapsdirektör på länsstyrelsen i Västerbotten.

“I think it’s important that you can manage yourself. Society has changed and is vulnerable and complex with many dependencies. It can easily be a disturbance so we have to manage ourselves, “says Eva-Lena Fjällström.

– Jag tycker att det är viktigt att man kan klara sig själv. Samhället har förändrats och är sårbart och komplext med många beroenden. Det kan lätt bli en störning så att vi tvingas klara oss själva, säger säger Eva-Lena Fjällström.

(From:  www . sv t. se/  etc  etc   etc)

“Three months” of disturbances?     “War,”  “crisis,”  and “civil unrest”  were mentioned.

Okay –  so, a little later in the bulletin,  it says that young people must face a changing world and they must learn how to take care of themselves without government help.  They must learn techniques for  personal survival.

They also explain that the “changing world”  has become divided sharply into left and right,  with dangerous consequences for the nation.

Yes, well –  this admonition  (warning?) is coming from a government which fosters cradle-to-grave dependencies;  that is,  Sweden is a radically socialist state which takes great amounts of taxes from the working people and distributes it around, including to foreigners who have settled there and contribute nothing to their care and upkeep, cradle-to-grave.

As Bernie Sanders would say:  “Free education for all!”

Secondly,   it is these revolutionaries/progressives/socialists  who have divided the world into “left” and “right”   which was appropriate, I guess, for the French Revolution,  but we are so used to hearing it that we don’t question anymore how severely those descriptions actually do divide a society  – irreversibly and eventually dangerously.

Now the Swedish government warns of the consequences of their own policies.   You can no longer depend  upon us . . .  and our Left-Right paradigm has produced a dangerous, sharply divided society.

From observation, from history,   Socialism always reaches its end.  Painfully.

Something big has changed in Sweden.


Is Sweden our Canary in the   Mine Shaft  Snowstorm?


Perhaps we have a little more time to observe what is happening there,  analyze what is happening in our country . . .  maybe  do something about it,  like put the brakes on government dependency,  of dividing  our friends into Left or Right politics,  and maybe demanding that people who cross our borders obey our laws.






January 9, 2018

Just want to alert you all to a really great movie that I saw today.  I don’t see many,  but I sure am glad I saw this one.


It is Darkest Hour,  a study of Winston Churchill in 1940 as he and the British government (and people)  came to terms with the very real threat presented by Hitler – who up to that time was seen by intellectuals  as an aid against Bolshevism.  At times it seemed that Winston Churchill was the only one who saw the threat clearly and knew that Britain had to fight – and was the last nation standing against Hitler which could do so.

But how to convince others of that?

Churchill himself had a long and not entirely successful public career.    He was known for his big failures and bad judgment.   On the other hand,  he showed exceptional courage and determination in many circumstances.   His speaking manner was brash, blunt, to the point,  painfully honest and uncompromising.   But he was right about Hitler and his qualities were very much needed at the time.

He also had a sense of humor,  the kind that takes you unawares and will knock the legs out from under you, metaphorically speaking.   I found that I agreed with his take on many things and his humorous, hyperbolic way of saying it.

wc apple

I agree,   for instance,  wholeheartedly with this statement of his.

I don’t know if your parents or grandparents or great-grandparents lived during these times and participated in  WWII and passed on any knowledge to you,    but I do know that we need to know about that generation and how they obtained the moral fortitude to recognize and defeat the enemy.

We, alive today,  need to know them and understand them!    This movie can contribute greatly to our knowledge of what it takes to live in this world.    We may need to have this knowledge to use as our guide and our model  when our times become undeniably dangerous.


God grant we never have to face such a serious threat –  but then again God doesn’t help a a nation that has deliberately turned away from Him.      A society made of a few good souls and a lot of bad souls will lose in the end,  but maybe a movie like this can teach us a thing or two — because the bombs fall on the good and bad alike.

On the way home from the movie I stopped by my little library and found this book:

wc book


It’s turning out to be a very good one, a very valuable one.   Yes, the character and personality and persistence of Winston Churchill really was a deciding factor leading his nation into the painful and costly pathway to victory.

The book itself explains the situation in more depth and fills out the characters that were seen in the movie.   Very satisfying to know these times more deeply.

So,  highly recommended:  Darkest Hour

Highly recommended;   The Churchill Factor

Highly recommended:    To look at reality,  to learn the truth,  to act according to the Truth.

Anything less is a Neville Chamberlain type of postponement of  inevitable disaster.   The world doesn’t fix itself by compromising .


January 9, 2018

Well, one of the greatest anyway.


I’ve seen very few football games this year, and I didn’t exactly “see”  the college football playoffs either —  but I did listen to it on the radio, and I’ll have to say that was one of the most exciting purely football-football games I’ve ever, uh, heard!

Add with a slightly frustrated wish to see Alabama win,  I almost relaxed and thought the game was over when they didn’t even score for the first half.   And then they caught up, it was tied —  and then!    A missed field goal at the end of the game from a kicker who isn’t expected to miss.   No win there.

So entering overtime,    Georgia quickly makes a field goal.   Game over?

Alabama has one more chance.   One more possession.   Do something, as I’ve been writing about all week.    Know the situation and do what needs to be done!

And . . .   no!     First Down and ten yards . . .   then something really, really bad happened, and it was Second Down and  26 to go.      26yards!

And a true-freshman quarterback,  substituted in during this game,  made a pass under pressure.

41 yards that ball sailed through the air!!!    Like a bullet,  into the hands of a true freshman receiver –  TOUCHDOWN ALABAMA —  CHAMPIONSHIP WIN ALABAMA!


I enjoyed that.

Enjoyed the coach’s comment too after the game:   Nick Saban said about his inexperienced,  unproven freshman quarterback, who just last year was sitting in his  high school classrooms —  ” If I knew he was going to try to throw a pass,  I would have stopped him,  but I couldn’t get out there in time!”

Bar Cross in middle


st francis  Dear St Francis de Borgia,

I haven’t stopped my learning —

You are still my model  . . .  but you  loved rough and tumble (foot)ball games too, once,  long ago,  far away in Spain,  for a while during your life. . . .

I’ve watched only 25% of football this year, compared to other years.







January 7, 2018


Well, yesterday’s post was a little complex – and serious.    I still mean every word – even all the words I didn’t write  so it wouldn’t become extraordinarily long.

holy family the

Feast of the Holy Family

I meant just to say,  “Look around you, look at the world around you – and although there is much to learn and study and analyze,  yet still in a small way,  each of us is called  to actually act upon what we know.

Today’s remembrance within  Christendom centers on the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, put before us as our model of family life.   Our sermon was about what makes up a family in general;  I would have wished to hear more about the qualities of the Holy Family, but that’s okay,  that was his choice,  and nothing stops me from finding out more writings about these qualities on my own.


st theres familyThe family of St. Therese of Lesieux –


But that’s my point from yesterday, I guess.   Find out something in society that is good, that makes life strong and stable, and since we can all acknowledge that we don’t have that commonly anymore,  find out what went wrong, and what  can be done about it.  That’s a doable task for each individual person.

Take “family,”  for instance,  the theme for this day.


her whole family

The entire family of St. Therese, mother on left, father on right.


I’ve had lots of decades of TV viewing under my belt.   (Lots!)    I can truly say with sorrow that I’ve witnessed the disintegration and degradation of TV families,  so until now we hardly know — or rather we hardly dare define what a family really is.  We must be “politically correct” and “inclusive”  — so “they” tell us.   *

But “they” are wrong.   I’ve witnessed the sorrow and regretful longing implicit in so many movies and television series of the past two decades . . .  almost as though the writers know they are missing something precious, and this society can never have it  back.

HOLY FAMILY and st therese

(I have this painting at home,  but this photo  is apparently from “Restored Tradition.”   It shows St. Therese visiting the Holy Family – to learn as well as to pay homage.   Of course, she is separated by many centuries from the Holy Family,  but there is truth here:  we can all “visit”  this model of family love,  and also learn.  But as she,  the visit must be on bended knee.)

It’s not just sadness among  young adults because their family was messed up.      There are serious and dangerous society implications too,  all reflected in our entertainment that seems rudderless, pointless,  and rather despairing.

How do we turn around the loss of Family?    Can we repair this mess we’ve made of family life?       We need a model.    What is the “real dollar bill”  and what is the counterfeit?   We need to know the difference, and we need to know what difference it makes.

Then in our small way, one person at a time,  make our family a good one, perhaps modeled after the Holy Family.



.*   This presentation of devolving family life is also seen in children’s books, especially their school “readers.”      My Grandson Cooper loves reading the Dick and Jane books of the 1950’s;  he finds them interesting and logical,  fun and safe.     By the time I was teaching school, “they” had taken away wholesome family life and substituted all the politically correct wrong ideas about what the word family could mean.

That generation of children grew up imitating the broken families that they had read about their schoolbooks.

Their children know “something” is wrong with the way their parents lived, lived apart,  broke up their families,  blended new groups together . . .

And their children’s children wish to do something about it.


January 6, 2018

“Or else then it will be too LATE!”     I’m not sure how helpful a memory generated by fear can be,  but those are the words that my father often spoke to me.    “Look at the situation; and act;  do your duty while you can or else  then it will be too late!

Yeah ,  little girl being taught (and taught well) by her big giant Marine Corps daddy with Viking fury blazing out of his deep blue eyes.

Sounds too tough?   Well, I got through my father’s parenting, and the older I got the more I was really, really glad I learned  some of   his lessons.     Every word was spoken out of love.

Do something about it!” 

“While you still can.”

gulag campfire

I am reminded of  Solzhenitsyn of the newly formed Soviet Union and his two friends crouching around a small fire in the freezing cold of a Siberian gulag,  discussing with regret that they should have seen this coming.  But they had done nothing but speak and write and discuss  political hypotheses,  as though the danger were not  real.

So what do all these dire  thoughts have to do with Epiphany today?

WISE MEN Invis Blue 280

There are wonderful, important, life-and-death,  eternal lessons to learn from the actions of the “three” Wise Men from Persia: seeing a star,  knowing its meaning,  and traveling towards it.    The Spruce Tunnel has written about the religious significance on other Epiphanies.

This year there seems to be some urgency.

The Star heralded the birth of the Anointed One from God-Most-High  come to earth to save the people from their sin;     to bring blessing and aid to the humans who are so divinely loved.     For 2,500 years,  more or less,  scholars had been reading of this  promised  Christ — they didn’t know when,  but there would be signs that indicated His coming.   These Magi from Persia saw the Star –

–    and they  did something.

They studied their own times,   they studied the wisdom of the past,  they saw something new in the sky;  and they concluded that now was the time to act – to actually act, not to study it more,  to think about it more,  to be “happy” about it — but to act.    In so doing,  the eyes of these non-Jewish Magi beheld and accepted the Messiah that had come for Jews and Gentiles alike.

The Door has now opened to the whole world.

Wise men afar

Epiphany presents the Actions of God for us;   the actions of faith from us;   and a request for an act of commitment to the Christ-Child,  forever rejoicing in the Light of Life.

Has there ever been any century when the Forces of Darkness did not work through the hearts of men?    Our times, maybe?       Have we shown that we can save ourselves?  make the world a better place?   on our own, without the need for God in our everyday lives?

Of course there’s  a “fun ” side to Epiphany.  Wise Men with  gifts and “We Three Kings of Orient Are…”;   and it’s the Twelfth Day of Christmas;  and we get to put our Christmas decorations away . . . .   but let me show you what I just read today:

The Marquis de la Force in France,  late 18th century,   was a modern and successful man,  up-to-date with the latest in liberal thinking.  All the liberal philosophies that were forming made sense to him and to his society which was in the process of throwing off the old ways, and especially that superstitious enemy of the modern world, the Catholic Church.

And his lovely young daughter entered a Carmelite convent.

And his countrymen began a revolution that ended in regicide and the bloody overturning of his own society.

rev terror

The  philosophical wanderings and  political dallyings of de la Force and his trendy friends had led to bloodshed and chaos and changing alliances, so that soon no one was safe.

rev guill

This political party,  that political party,  in and out of favor,  no compass, no guide,  no restraint —  just “the politics of personal destruction  and rule by public opinion — and lives destroyed on the guillotine.

Including his own lovely young daughter,  who was one of the Carmelite nuns of Compeigne,  led one by one up the stairs to the block, under the blade.

com 2

The nuns sang sweetly as they waited,  the Veni Sancte Creator, I think,  and as it happened,   little Blanche de la Force’s voice was  the last one left singing before she was executed.

We know this from history:    the French blithely tossed away  the Catholic Church and  then lost their foundation of moral law and truth and justice.    What takes the place of the Church are the Forces of Darkness, ready to rip through the hearts of men.

Her father spoke these words:

“This outrage is intolerable!   Something ought to be done about it!   Religious people should see to  it.  I’m told that they still exist in sufficient numbers.   I hope they will increase.   These circles are indispensable for law and order.   Why don’t they do something!”   *

We don’t know much about what happened to the Marquis,  but, as the author of this little book says:  “Life took the initiative . . .  and as far as I can see,  the actual events were the logical consequences of his (political)  beliefs.”

So here at Epiphany  with the Wise Men,  and now,  and  there at the French Revolution with all its faith in a society without the Church,  and later at the Soviet Revolution,  with its determination to create a perfect society without God,   we can witness great ideas that influence mankind,  wise men who put the good ideas into action,  and others who just let the Forces of Darkness steer the events of this world.

There is a present meaning for us  in Epiphany.    With the Light it brings,   with the epiphany it creates in our minds,   I hope we can do something to head off the Darkness that is coming  —  or then it will be too late.


(I feel  like a little girl again.)

“This outrage is intolerable!   Something ought to be done about it!   Religious people should see to  it.”


.*  The Song of the Scaffold,  by Gertrud von la Port


January 5, 2018

Frosty windows today!

5 windows

I’ve  just emailed some of my Friday morning class,   reminding them we don’t have class today.    I ended by bidding them to enjoy the Cold Blast with cozy soft  clothes,  good books,   hot soups and tea and cocoa.

5 soup

But I noticed –  not only do these cups of hot liquids feel good to our hands,  but their sounds  are an anticipation of inner warmth — —   stirring the soup with a  hard metal spoon, scraping the bottom of the pan;

—  the light crinkle of paper surrounding the tea ,   5 tea bag 60

—  the opening of the  container of cocoa,  the swish and light clatter of a spoon around and around the cup   (I have a quiet house).

5 st cocoa str 50

Prolong those sounds and the enjoyment increases.


5 ha ha colors 70  Other sounds too:   All those expected,  overused words we use to express our astonishment that it could actually get this cold!   All those jokes:   “It’s so cold that . . . ”     Here’s a political joke:   “It’s so cold that Elizabeth Warren is now calling herself an Eskimo!”   

Okay,  maybe only 58% of our country would find that funny;  the other ‘half’  don’t seem to have a sense of humor about themselves.

5 birds

The peeps and chirps of the wild birds are sharper and shriller as they remind you to throw out more bird seed.

Then there’s the nail-popping sound when the air gets so cold that the roof contracts and pops those nails right out of the shingles.

5 nails 85

You’re laying there in bed all night hearing a Snap!   Pop!  and Roll!   as the nail is freed and rolls all the way down the roof.    Kind of fun.    (“It’s so cold that I’m losing the nails in my roof. ”  hmmmm)

And then there’s the sound we can all make, if we’re lucky enough to have snow:    You have to walk out to the mailbox and you’re all bundled up like in a cocoon and all you can hear is the Squeak!  Squeak!  Squeak!  of your boots making footprints in the super-frozen dry snow.

Tip:   For added fun,  take your walk to the mailbox when it’s dark.  Preferably by moonlight.

5 moonlight

(Just remember, you can’t breathe that super-cold air  into  your lungs or you’ll come up coughing and sputtering!)


5 cocoa 110 j






January 5, 2018


That would be MINUS 4  right now,  predicted to go down a  few more degrees yet tonight.      -7, then.


But I am absolutely not complaining after seeing ice water,  literally ice cold water carrying sheets of ice down Boston streets today.

I went out today, first time since New Year’s Eve now that I’m vertical again and on my feet.   It was cold and sunny,  but with a new fur-lined parka,  I didn’t even feel the cold when I went out for supplies.

Hurt to breathe in, though.   I forgot that that happens in below zero weather.

I understand most of America is sharing this same experience this week, each in our own way.   Hope your weather is interesting – but not too interesting.