That would be MINUS 4  right now,  predicted to go down a  few more degrees yet tonight.      -7, then.


But I am absolutely not complaining after seeing ice water,  literally ice cold water carrying sheets of ice down Boston streets today.

I went out today, first time since New Year’s Eve now that I’m vertical again and on my feet.   It was cold and sunny,  but with a new fur-lined parka,  I didn’t even feel the cold when I went out for supplies.

Hurt to breathe in, though.   I forgot that that happens in below zero weather.

I understand most of America is sharing this same experience this week, each in our own way.   Hope your weather is interesting – but not too interesting.

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One Comment on “CAN’T COMPLAIN”

  1. D Jandron Says:

    You can complain but it will have no effect on the weather. Remember this is the effect of “global warming”. Another belief that the “progressives” announce to the world as well as the legislation of Barry Obama has finally taken the country along this economic historical rise!!!!!!!! Let them believe whatever they want. Glad to hear you/re up and taking nourishment.


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