Well, one of the greatest anyway.


I’ve seen very few football games this year, and I didn’t exactly “see”  the college football playoffs either —  but I did listen to it on the radio, and I’ll have to say that was one of the most exciting purely football-football games I’ve ever, uh, heard!

Add with a slightly frustrated wish to see Alabama win,  I almost relaxed and thought the game was over when they didn’t even score for the first half.   And then they caught up, it was tied —  and then!    A missed field goal at the end of the game from a kicker who isn’t expected to miss.   No win there.

So entering overtime,    Georgia quickly makes a field goal.   Game over?

Alabama has one more chance.   One more possession.   Do something, as I’ve been writing about all week.    Know the situation and do what needs to be done!

And . . .   no!     First Down and ten yards . . .   then something really, really bad happened, and it was Second Down and  26 to go.      26yards!

And a true-freshman quarterback,  substituted in during this game,  made a pass under pressure.

41 yards that ball sailed through the air!!!    Like a bullet,  into the hands of a true freshman receiver –  TOUCHDOWN ALABAMA —  CHAMPIONSHIP WIN ALABAMA!


I enjoyed that.

Enjoyed the coach’s comment too after the game:   Nick Saban said about his inexperienced,  unproven freshman quarterback, who just last year was sitting in his  high school classrooms —  ” If I knew he was going to try to throw a pass,  I would have stopped him,  but I couldn’t get out there in time!”

Bar Cross in middle


st francis  Dear St Francis de Borgia,

I haven’t stopped my learning —

You are still my model  . . .  but you  loved rough and tumble (foot)ball games too, once,  long ago,  far away in Spain,  for a while during your life. . . .

I’ve watched only 25% of football this year, compared to other years.






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